The third June; the third summer; three years, neither long nor short. Li Mu and Ai Xi finally put on wedding dresses for each other and become each other's most beautiful brides.

Married first love. Under the bright sunshine, Li Mu felt like a daydream, no, it was reality, but it was sweeter than any dream.

After meeting Ai Xi, Li Mu has always felt that he is very lucky. Along the way, this feeling has become stronger and stronger. He loves his lover, supports his friends, and understands his family. The wedding is small, but it includes everything. All her happiness.

Holding his father's arm, accompanied by the romantic and solemn music, they walked from both ends of the red carpet, getting closer and closer, Li Mu vaguely saw the smile under Ai Xi's veil, and was moved to tears.

"It's good to see them like this..." Ma Li saw Li Mu's anxious and foolish look, and the tears couldn't stop falling. Marrying a daughter would still be sad, but she was also relieved that Li Mu's elm head finally grew up. have their own responsibilities, have their own happiness.

He Qi was infected by the atmosphere at the scene, and tears also shed. When Ai Xi brought Li Mu home as her girlfriend, although she could not accept it for a while, He Qi did not have a strong attitude to oppose it to the end. She intervened forcibly before. Ai Xi's two relationships didn't necessarily have any good results, but in exchange for her daughter's few years of unhappiness. So she gave Li Mu a chance. At first, she thought it was absurd for two women to be together, but time will prove everything. They are destined to be bound together, so let everything take its course.

Proposal is very simple, not romantic at all, at least Li Mu thinks so, she and Ai Xi are not very romantic, unlike Mo Ran and Fang Xihan who can show their affection in a fancy way.

It was Christmas last year, and the entire planning department was dizzy due to overtime get off work. They didn't get off work until ten o'clock. They were walking on the street holding hands and saw the dazzling Christmas trees.

"So, where's my Christmas present?" Ai Xi opened her left palm towards Li Mu.

Behind her charming smile, on the giant LED screen of the jewelry store, an advertisement for a diamond ring "Forever, Only Love Eternal" is playing. It was at this moment that Li Mu really wanted to marry her, and felt that her slender fingers were still worse what…

Why is it not romantic? Because this is a marriage proposal without warning, no roses, no candlelight dinner, not even kneeling on one knee. Li Mu put his right hand on Ai Xi's left hand, dragged her straight into the jewelry store, chose the latest diamond ring, took Ai Xi's left hand, and put it on her middle finger, the shiny and delicate diamond ring and Her fair, slender fingers fit perfectly.

"Swipe the card." Li Mu pushed the credit card to the stunned salesman, and it was rare for him to be free and easy!

Finally, the card was maxed out.

"Will such a Christmas present be too expensive?" Ai Xi raised her left hand wearing a diamond ring, moved it to Li Mu, tilted her head and asked her with a smile, suspected of knowingly asking.

Li Mu took her hand and clasped his fingers together, "It's not expensive... If you wear this, you will have to call me a wife for the rest of your life. I can clearly calculate the account."

"Okay, you didn't ask me for my opinion!" Ai Xi grabbed Li Mu's face and taught her "self-assertion".

Li Mu is simply rotten wood that cannot be carved, "Ah? Do you have any opinions on marrying me!"

"No problem." Ai Xi quickly pecked Li Mu's face.

Later, when Li Mu and Hu Xiaowan Moran talked about their "marriage proposal", Hu Xiaowan and Moran agreed that they were speechless, one had no brains and the other had no taste. The two were truly a match made in heaven.

"Miss Li Mu, are you willing to marry Miss Ai Xi? No matter whether you are rich or poor, whether you are healthy or sick, or whether you are in good or bad times in life, when the other party needs you most, you can never leave and never leave."

Li Mu had been strongly opposed to letting Hu Banxian be the emcee before, because she was afraid that she would laugh when she saw Hu Banxian recite the oath seriously. . .

But Hu Xiaowan said that she has rich experience and eloquence, and more importantly, she is the number one hero in bringing Li Mu and Ai Xi together. Sparks all the way?

Li Mu thought she would laugh, but she didn't. She just smiled and gave Ai Xi the most sincere promise. A lifetime promise turned into the simplest three words: "I do."

"I would."

When exchanging wedding rings, Ai Xi whispered in Li Mu's tone, "I put it on, but I'm going to be my wife for the rest of my life..."

"Wife wife wife wife..."

The two whispered in a low voice, with happy smiles on their faces, and the atmosphere of the scene became more and more sweet.

"The two newlyweds can kiss!"

Kissing in front of so many people, Li Mu even twisted twice, but Ai Xi took the initiative to hug her waist, bowed his head and kissed her lips first, Li Mu raised his head and wrapped his hands around Ai Xi's neck, gently responded.

The warm applause that sounded in his ears was the best blessing, but at the same time, Li Mu's face was red, and after the kiss, she blushed and hugged Ai Xi's waist and fell into her arms.

Ai Xi's eyes curled with laughter, hugging the shy Li Mu, kissing her cheek and saying she was stupid.

"It looks like I want to get married..." Fang Xihan looked at Mo Ran, and there was something in his words.

"Then end, I didn't stop you."

Fang always thought: bastard! You are proposing!

Mo Ran has always advocated not getting married. If Fang Zong wanted to be "proposed", he would have to wait for a long time.

After a busy wedding day, Li Mu and Ai Xi both lay on the bed to rest, shoulder to shoulder.

"Wife, we're married..." Li Mu didn't seem to come back to his senses.

Ai Xi turned over and brushed Li Mu's hair on her side, revealing her beautiful face, and slowly stroking her smooth skin with the back of her hands, "Yes, how could I marry you?"

Li Mu took her hand and kissed her, "I also wondered how much I hated you back then. In high school, you were arrogant and paralyzed, but so many people praised you, I really don't understand what they are. Vision... Later, when I came to work at AG and found out that you were my boss, I had the urge to leave, and I said how can you torture people like this?!"

"I'm so useless, so what do you like about me?"

"I don't know... Is it because I'm too lonely?"

Li Mu was somewhat taken aback, and Ai Xi twisted her ears and asked, "Can't you say one good thing?!"

"There is, there is! Director Ai has a very long chest and long thighs!"

Li Mu ushered in a "beating".

When did you fall in love with Ai Xi? Li Mu thought about it, but it's not wrong to say it's because of loneliness. He was so lonely that he even wanted to take care of his "dead enemy". He always thought that Ai Xi was very cute when she was swollen and fat, and she always thought that the devil turned into a little woman. At times lovable, and without knowing it, Ai Xi's attention was drawn to the past.

There have been bickering and disputes. Being with her will be very happy, which makes Li Mu feel like it; staying with her is no longer lonely, which makes Li Mu feel love.

If you have to find a critical point of love, when Ai Xi hugs her for the first time, it is the beginning of her heart; when she kisses Ai Xi's lips for the first time, it is destined to be the end of her fall.

"Axi, what about you, what do you like about me?" Li Mu used his fingers to play with Ai Xi's hair.

"I like this..." Ai Xi stretched out her arms to hug Li Mu and rubbed her head into her shoulder, "It feels flat and stable."

Li Mu kissed Ai Xi's smooth forehead, "I love you."

"Well~" Ai Xi closed her eyes and kissed Li Mu's chin, the smile on the corner of her mouth never dissipated, "I love you."

At the end of the year, Li Mu quit her job at AG and founded her own advertising studio. Li Mu felt that many ideas and ideas should not be drowned out. She wanted a development platform of her own. For Ai Xi and for herself, she wants to become better, and she is not willing to be just a little clerk who laughs and gets along.

In this way, Li Mu became a small boss. Ai Xi was still in AG. When the studio was first established, she was very busy. When Ai Xi came home from get off work, she would prepare meals and deliver them to Li Mu, and then accompany her to work overtime.

Li Mu, who was used to being lazy, was probably the most difficult day for her. Fortunately, Ai Xi supported her unconditionally and accompanies her.

Later, the operation of the studio matured, and Li Mu made a lot of noise. Ai Xi was also working hard towards the goal of the vice president of AG. She was very tired every day, but she was very fulfilling and happy in the company of each other.

In the sixth summer together, Li Mu and Ai Xi had their own home in City A. Li Mu is no longer the silly little wood he used to be. Although he occasionally acts a little stupid, he has also transformed into a mature royal sister. Looking at her family, Mr. Ai, she has become a queen.

Mo Ran and Fang Xihan devoted themselves to running MEET, which was very popular. With Mr. Fang's business acumen, the MEET brand soon spread all over the country. Last year, they registered and got married abroad. They got married while traveling. They didn't hold the wedding with much fanfare. Now the two of them are playing around the world. They show their love on the Internet every day.

Hu Xiaowan was not idle either. She gave birth to twins, still twins, and she was three years old now, and her temperament was half-immortal. When the child was first born, Hu Xiaowan complained every day that the milk powder was too expensive. Later, when she received a portion of the money for the full moon wine, Banxian stopped complaining again. These two little brats are really happy. There are four godmothers alone. , and they are all generous, and it will be a blessing to get a red envelope in the new year.

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"Don't peek." Ai Xi covered Li Mu's eyes with both hands from behind and took her into the new house.

I still live on the 27th floor. The room is designed according to the common preferences of Li Mu and Ai Xi. It has a fresh European pastoral style and a large garden-style balcony, which is what Li Mu has always wanted.

Li Mu was too busy, and Ai Xi was always in charge of the decoration.

"Is it alright now?" In fact, Li Mu had seen the 3D renderings beforehand, so I don't know what Ai Xishen wanted to do so mysteriously~

Ai Xi let go.

Flowers, shadows and vines are especially beautiful in the sunset.

"A present for our third wedding anniversary, do you like it?"

Li Mu wrapped Ai Xi's waist and pressed her to the iron railing on the balcony. The lingering kiss at sunset, little by little, was the dullest happiness.

The wind blew their hair messy and smiled at each other.

Meeting you fulfilled all my fantasies about life.

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