In a month, I was late 18 times, left early 20 times, and the rest were absenteeism. Fang Xihan held Mo Ran's attendance sheet in his hand and smiled bitterly. He originally thought he could control her, but Mo Ran is like a fish in the eagle sea in the sky, and no one can restrain her.

"It's only three days in this month, and you've been late three times!" The more restrained, the more rebellious Mo Ran became. His short hair was colorful again, and he swaggered around in the company wearing "exotic clothes" every day. Fang Xihan dragged her into the office. , his tone was heavier, "...what else do you think you can do?!"

She used to be a bed partner, but now she is a lover. The identities are different, and the requirements are naturally different. When the two of them get along, it's not just limited to going to bed. Many things are changing subtly. Of course, Fang Xihan hopes that Mo Ran won't be in such a mess.

Perhaps Mo Ran was also aware of this change, but she felt that Fang Xihan had changed, and she and Fang Xihan seemed to have lost the "passion" they had before.

A resignation letter was thrown on the table, and Mo Ran said casually: "Of course I can't do anything like you, Mr. Fang, I'm leaving today..."

Work, work, work, I'm really fed up with this day-to-day life, it's really boring, Fang Xihan is so busy that he doesn't even have time to spend time with her.

Some people are destined to be unable to stabilize.

"Little Mo, where are you going..." Fang Xihan stared at Mo Ran, recalling the last time she left, she felt uneasy, as if the kite in her hand was about to be disconnected again.

"Go out for a walk, it's too boring here."

Mo Ran picked up the bag in a dashing manner, Fang Xihan got up and grabbed her hand, and changed her tone in worry, "Then I'll accompany you, where do you want to go?"

"I want to relax by myself..."

Fang Xihan took Mo Ran's hand instantly, and asked, "Do you think I'm bored and bored?" He asked the question that he had been worried about. Although she pursued temporary excitement, Fang Xihan wanted to stabilize her heart, but it was different. She was indulgent in her bones.

"No, don't think about it." Seeing her look lost, Mo Ran hugged her and comforted her: "I just want to find a life that suits me... The life I want is not here, do you understand?"

I don't know! The conjecture in his heart seemed to be confirmed by three points. Fang Xihan became more and more uneasy and pushed her away, "What do you mean... Mo Ran... Are you leaving me now to find the life you want."

"I don't, I just want to be alone for a while."

"Tell me, what's dissatisfying, what's unhappy, what's not good..." Even though he asked, Fang Xihan had a clear idea. Mo Ran loved freedom too much, and he pushed her too hard. Make her tired.

"I won't force you if you don't like work, it doesn't matter if you like to play, I can support you..."

"Who do you take me for?!" Mo Ran's face sank, obviously displeased. Her father said this to her, and now Fang Xihan is telling her the same, they are all right, he is a worthless person "Fang Xihan, you've changed."

There was only a heavy slamming of the door, and Fang Xihan felt so chilled that you had changed. They all said that whoever is serious will lose, which is the most appropriate way to describe their feelings. It's been almost two years since they met, and there's been a lot of noise and trouble, but when Fang Xihan saw that Moran was willing to come out for her, he was really moved... But Moran's heart always seemed to be Likes to be erratic.

"Little Mo, long time no see—" A blue car stopped beside Mo Ran, a head stuck out of the window, it was Song Fei. "Get in the car, I'll treat you to a drink!"

Mo Ran opened the door directly, sat in the co-pilot, and said frivolously, "Of course I won't refuse a beautiful invitation."

"You still talk like that."

A very stylish bar, the music is not loud but sultry, two people are sitting at the bar, you and I drink a cup.

"Not in a good mood?" Song Fei shook the glass, "Don't you think it's embarrassing if we don't say something?"

Then say something, Mo Ran asked her, "I said it's not right for you to be a good lady, why do you want to go outside and work hard by yourself, don't tell me it's just to experience life?"

Song Fei lowered her head and smiled for a while before answering: "Mo Ran, you're not used to me like this, how should I put it... I want to prove myself, you must know that being called a rich second generation is not something to be honored, I I don't want to live in the shadow of others all the time, it's that simple."

"Me too."

"Are you trying to talk to me?" Song Fei laughed even harder, and she almost fell on the table and couldn't get up, "Mo Ran was in a bad mood in the past, shouldn't it be... drunk? It seems that Fang Xihan is serious. It's more capable than me, better at teaching than me, and I'll serve her... Mo Ran, you can just let it go tonight, and I'll treat you to my site. "

Only then did Mo Ran know that this bar was opened by Song Fei, and when he asked about it, he found out that she has a stake in several popular bars in City A. Before seeing Song Fei flying and domineering, Mo Ran couldn't stand it, but this time, she was completely convinced.

"Why, are you interested in running a bar?" Facing Mo Ran, who was full of studious spirit, Song Fei was really not used to it. Before teaching her business skills, her left ear always went in and the right ear came out. Now, she seems to be a scumbag. Become a scholar.

"A little interested..." Mo Ran asked tentatively, "Are you still short of people? I just lost my job today."

"Miss Mo is not joking, right?"

"Really, I really want to learn."

Mo Ran agreed with Song Fei's words. He didn't want to always live under the shadow of others, and he didn't want Fang Xihan to feel that she was useless. Why should Fang Xihan come to support her? Yes, everything was to prove that Mo Ran began to compete with himself.

Unexpectedly, he and Song Fei unexpectedly cooperated, and they have unprecedented resonance in the way of thinking and management policy.

"Song Fei, can you lend me some money? I want to open a bar by myself..." Mo Ran didn't hold out much hope, after all, her relationship with Song Fei was not enough to support a huge financial transaction.

But Song Fei agreed unexpectedly quickly, "Okay, how much do you want?"

"Are you so relieved to lend it to me?"

"Of course I don't worry! But no matter how bad it is, there is still Dong Mo. If you dare to run away with money, I will ask your father for money!" After a while, Song Fei found that Mo Ran was not suitable for the rules and regulations. Going to work is more suitable for starting a business. "Mo Ran, in fact, I think you are a very thoughtful person, but you just haven't found a path that suits you."


Looking for the store to see the venue, contacting the decoration company, all kinds of miscellaneous things came up together, and there was a day when he became a workaholic, so that every day he came home later than Fang Xihan.

More tired than going to work, Mo Ran fell asleep on the bed after taking a shower at night. Fang Xihan didn't even take a look at herself. Fang Xihan thought she was just crazy with friends outside.

"Little Mo..." Fang Xihan lay down beside Mo Ran.

"Hmm." Mo Ran hummed in a half-sleep state, and felt that he was being pressed down on his body, and a soft tongue pried open his teeth and poked in.

He closed his eyes and kissed her back a few times, and then Mo Ran fell asleep again.

Fang Xihan was still lying on top of Mo Ran, holding her face and kissing her frantically, but he could no longer evoke the passion he had before.

"Another day...I don't want to..." Mo Ran buried her head in the pillow, not letting Fang Xihan continue, she was too tired.

After a long time, Fang Xihan said, "Do you want to break up?"

"...Stop talking, go to sleep." Mo Ran turned around and hugged Fang Xihan, burying his head in front of her chest.

Although she was held by Mo Ran, Fang Xihan had no sense of security. She comforted herself that Mo Ran was just too tired to play today, that's why she did this.

Although he was tired, his life became more focused, and Moran's mood began to improve gradually. When he woke up the next day, Fang Xihan was still sleeping with his eyes closed. Thinking of how neglected her these days, he felt a little sorry, so he leaned over to post. She kissed her lips, looked at her eyebrows and whispered, "I'll make up for you after I've been busy for a while..."

It's not that she and Fang Xihan have never quarreled, but in all fairness, Mo Ran never thought of breaking up, otherwise she wouldn't take the initiative to come out of the closet, and her father's legs were all discounted.

Mo Ran is still mysterious every day, leaving early and returning late, or even staying home all night. Fang Xihan felt that her indulgence towards Mo Ran was too much, but every time he got angry and mentioned the breakup, Mo Ran would hug her and kiss her, and then said, "I want to get rid of me, but there is no way".

But the routine doesn't take much, and he sneered: "Mo Ran, what do you mean, let's break up, so you don't have to secretly find a woman!"

Mo Ran generously agreed this time: "If you want to divide it, divide it."

OK! I used to coax a little, but now I don't even bother to coax. .

"You!" With a snap, Mo Ran received another slap in the face, Fang Xi was furious: "You're really looking for a woman behind my back! You bastard!"

After losing the prize, Mo Ran covered her face, "Do you want to be so hard..." Endure, some things must be paid for, who made her take a fancy to such a violent woman from the beginning and commit her own sins.

When he thought of Mo Ran's days, the dragon was looking for a woman with his back behind his back, Fang Xihan couldn't wait to find someone to remove Mo Ran's arms and legs!

As soon as Mo Ran left the house, he rushed to the bar full of roses. Today was Fang Xihan's birthday, and Mo Ran just wanted to give her a surprise. Who would have thought that her wicked mother-in-law would be so vicious when she fanned people! To be fanned down by her like this, it would have to be disfigured.

About an hour later, Mo Ran started to call Fang Xihan. She miscalculated this step. Fang Xihan didn't answer her call at all, so she called Li Mu immediately.

But Li Mu was a little... busy, the phone rang again and again, Li Mu and Ai Xi were both taking a shower in the bathroom, how could I hear them, not to mention that they were still...

"Um...Axi...I can't take it anymore...Uh...we..." Li Mu was about to cry and beg for mercy. It was really scary when Ai Xi's interest came. How did you say that? If it doesn't make a sound, it's already a blockbuster!

"Too soon...ah...I...I want to go to bed..."

"It's too late to regret now..." Ai Xi pushed Li Mu against the wall of the bathroom from behind, leaning against her back, kissing the sensitive area on the back of her neck, enjoying the lingering of her fingertips. "Comfortable?"

Li Mu was covered in sweat from being tossed, exciting and pleasant. Ai Xi was so shy that she let it go, so she simply called out: "Well~ it's comfortable...Axi needs to work harder..."

The "protracted war" between Li Mu and Ai Xi couldn't be over at once. Mo Ran made five calls from Li Mu and no one answered, so he directly transferred the target and called Hu Xiaowan.

Hu Xiaowan listened to Mo Ran talking a lot, and finally rolled her eyes and complained: "How boring you are!"

"If you don't help me, I'll break up!"

"I started helping you pick girls when I was in junior high school. It's been more than ten years now, and I'm still helping you pick girls. Come on, I owe you in my last life!"

Under Mo Ran's coercion and temptation, Hu Xiaowan called Fang Xihan with her husband's mobile phone. This time, she answered it. Time for Xihan to speak.

"Hey, Mr. Fang? I'm Xiao Wan, it's not good, it's not good! She was drinking and got into trouble, and she even touched others. It seems that she kicked an old injury and broke her leg... I'm with my husband now. If you can’t make it out of town, Mr. Fang…” Hu Xiaowan spoke at one go, her tone was right, although she spoke in a hurry, the time, place and characters were clearly explained, and the logic was tight, as if it really happened.

Although Fang Xi had the urge to remove her leg, but now that Mo Ran's leg is really broken, it's heartbreaking! She was going to rush over immediately, but on the other hand, she thought... Mo Ran has nothing worth paying for her like this. She Fang Xihan would only make others cry, but Mo Ran made her cry a few times... She didn't want to count.

Finally, go.

It's a bar that hasn't opened yet. It's dark inside, and there's no sign of any disputes. The door isn't locked. Fang Xihan pushed the door in...

It was full of red roses. The flickering candlelight dispelled the darkness in the room. There were probably hundreds of them. The red wine in the goblet was crystal clear, very romantic and warm. He hugged her affectionately behind him, and said in the same affectionate tone, "Honey, happy birthday."

Fang Xihan didn't come back to his senses for a long time.

Mo Ran turned over her body, "Mr. Fang, busy person, have you forgotten your birthday?"

Fang Xihan ruthlessly kicked Mo Ran's injured leg, "You lied to me?"

Another kick, "Don't you want to break up!"

Kick again, "Isn't the leg broken!"

She wanted to kick again, but cried. For so many years, no one cared about her birthday. She thought that Mo Ran had forgotten it, and she felt sad for a while.

"It's just a joke, you're still crying..." Mr. Fang, a strong woman crying, was even more distressing, Mo Ran felt that he was joking a bit too much this time, and no matter what, he shouldn't talk about breaking up, "and I don't like other women after you've been in bed, Mr. Fang's skills are so good, I can't bear it..."

It was difficult for Mo Ran to say something serious, but she still tried her best, "I was in a bad mood some time ago, I'm sorry..."

Seeing that Fang Xihan didn't respond, Mo Ran added, "I love you."

After speaking, Mo Ran was about to kiss her, Fang Xihan stretched out his hand to cover her lips, and lived with her for so long, he wouldn't get carried away just because of a couple of rhetoric, "Then you don't have to stay for two months. Going to work... where the **** did you go?"

Mo Ran took her hand away and said helplessly, "You just want your wife to go out and fool around? Did you see this bar? This is my birthday present to you... You can give it a name, and I will take care of it in the future. Work hard, earn money and support you, Mr. Fang, so don't be angry, okay?"

Mo Ran was so good at selling, how could Mr. Fang resist, and hugged her, "Are you... are you busy with this every day?"

"You can start a business with a name. Didn't you say that I don't know anything, I will learn it little by little... Do I look like that kind of useless person?! Fang Xihan, I want to take care of me you…"

Fang Xihan thought that he said something out of nowhere, but it has been remembered by Mo Ran to this day, and also, how could Mo Ran be so strong and allow others to call her useless, and how much blow she had inadvertently caused her to let her two Months have changed so much.


"Don't say I'm sorry..." Mo Ran whispered to her lips, and then kissed her. The lights and shadows staggered and the night was gentle, lips and tongues teased each other to please each other, and the deep kiss became more and more inseparable.

"It's so tiring to go to work—" Fang Xihan lay on Mo Ran's shoulder and took a bite on her neck, "Baby, hurry up and make money, I'm still waiting for you to take care of me."

"Are you tired? Let's relax now, the sofa here is very soft and I picked it myself..." Mo Ran continued to cover her red lips, slowly moved his hand to her back, and unzipped the skirt, bit by bit fade away.

After tossing and turning, the two slender bodies were intertwined. The two of them were leaning on the sofa. The tip of their nose was full of the scent of roses. Mo Ran took a glass of red wine, "Do you want to drink it?"

"Well—" Fang Xihan responded lazily, and after Mo Ran took a sip, she couldn't wait to move her lips over, sucked Mo Ran's thin lips, and shared the sweetness together. However, tonight's time is as mellow as this glass of red wine.

"Have you thought of a name? Boss lady~"

"MEET, how's it going?"

"So artistic, why?"


"I don't understand what you're saying~"

Fang Xi smiled and pressed Mo Ran down, kissed the corner of her eye, "I hope that every time we go to bed in the future, it will be as good as the first time."

Cool early autumn.

Li Mu went home with Ai Xi with an uneasy heart. Regardless of the outcome, they made an appointment to hold a wedding next summer.

The time is set by Li Mu, who said she likes summer.

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