"My hands are like this... I'm still laughing." Ai Xi complained while feeding her, "Do you think it didn't hurt enough to fall?"

"Wife, you are so kind to me!"

Either the mouth is poisonous or the flesh is numb, Li Mu has never been normal, Ai Xi let out a helpless smile, even if there are more troubles in the company, when you get home, you can see Li Mu's heartless appearance, it's really good Happiness is very satisfying. Ai Xi is often infected by Li Mu's smile. After staying with people who love to laugh for a long time, she will also become fond of laughing, so sometimes it is not uncommon to see them giggling at each other.

In the kitchen, Ma Li was absently sorting out the tableware, but her attention was focused on the two in the restaurant, and she glanced at each other from time to time. Ai Xi was feeding Li Mu the soup, so careful that she had to blow each mouthful several times to make sure it wasn't hot. It was only sent to Li Mu's mouth. From Li Mu and Ai Xi, Li Ma seemed to see what she looked like when she was young and in love. The same is true. The two could not wait to stick together every minute and every second. They like to say nasty things and do nasty things.

Seeing Li Mu and Ai Xi at the dining table, you and I were tired of each sentence, but Li Mu couldn't bear to bother. After all, Li Mu hadn't smiled with a straight face for a long time. heart.

After feeding dinner and fruit, watching her daughter enjoy the treatment of the empress dowager, Li's mother began to feel sorry for other people's daughters. Ai Xi has not had a moment's rest since she got off work. "Xiao Ai, take a rest, don't worry about her."

Coming out, Li Mu was injured and the company worked overtime, all kinds of pressures put Ai Xi looking a lot more haggard than usual, "Auntie, it's okay, I'm not tired."

Li Mu was so happy that he was about to applaud. It could be seen that Ma Li was accepting Ai Xi bit by bit.

Ma Li poked Li Mu's head, "...Go take a shower."

OMG, the most difficult part of the day has come again. Li Mu refused to see that Li Ma wanted to help her take a bath!

"Mom, I'm so old... I'm so... I'm so sorry, I'll wash it myself."

"Wash it yourself...I almost got my arm wet yesterday, you think I'd like to wash it for you!"

"I...I'll be a little more careful today."

"Auntie, I can help Xiaomu wash it."

This time, Li Mu was obedient, lowered his head and whispered "um" in a covert manner.

Li's mother was going to be furious on the spot, saying that she married her daughter-in-law and forgot her mother, but she hadn't promised the two of them to be together, so Li Mu couldn't find Bei. If Ai Xi really came into Li's house, Li Mu would still know that he What's your last name? ! Li Ma used the tenth-level lion's roar skill, and complained about her strength: "Then she will help you wash it."

Li Mu doesn't speak, she tacitly agrees to not speak. She wants to say that on the issue of bathing, there is an essential difference between mother and wife, okay! It's a beautiful dream for my wife to take a bath, and my mother to take a bath... an absolute nightmare!

Ai Xi went to the bathroom to put hot water, Li Mu went to the bedroom to find pajamas, and then under the watchful eyes of Li's mother, she tiptoed into the bathroom. Ai Xi was bending over to try the water temperature in the bathtub, and Li Mu gently pushed The door is closed and locked.

The perfect curve from the waist to the buttocks when she bends over, Li Mu's heart is beating wildly, and he hates his arms, so that now... a lot of things he wants to do, he can't do.

"The water is ready." Ai Xi heard the movement behind her, straightened up and turned to Li Mu, "Take off your clothes..."

In an instant, Li Mu's head was a little hot. In order to change clothes, she was wearing a super fat T-shirt. It is not difficult to undress with one hand, but Li Mu is not left-handed, so the whole process seems a bit bumpy...

"Be careful, I'll come..." Ai Xi took a step forward, grabbed the hem of Li Mu's clothes, and pushed it up carefully, "Raise your hand..."

Ai Xi's breath brushed Li Mu's cheeks from time to time, and he didn't realize how big a temptation this was for Li Mu. At the same time, Li Mu didn't know that he was only wearing a black bra and his chest was up and down. What a torment it was for Ai Xi.

Even if you do something many times, you won't get tired of it. Just like Li Mu's body, although she has seen and touched it many times, when she is exposed in front of him without an inch, she will still feel a lot, and her heart will still speed up.

Especially in the few days that she was separated from Li Mu, she was afraid of being alone. Instead of going home and staying in an empty room every night, she was more willing to work overtime endlessly... Fortunately, Li Mu would call her every night. , teasing her to coax her and say that she misses her, the more nauseous the words make her feel more secure.

Only then did Ai Xi know that it would be so hard to leave alone...

"Axi, did you miss me?" Li Mu was naked and looked thinner, but his right arm in plaster looked a bit funny.

Li Mu's question hit Ai Xi's heart all of a sudden, and Ai Xi said indifferently, "Meet every day... Okay, take a shower."

I think, even though we meet every day, I still think, looking at her photos while on the phone, thinking about how I and her have been in the past year, how lucky we are from meeting each other, Ai Xi is more and more determined, no matter what she is No matter how difficult it is with Li Mu, she will not give up.

Li Mu stepped into the bathtub carefully, and then sat down slowly, his injured arm held up stiffly, feeling uncomfortable all over.

"You lift it up, don't touch the water."

To be honest, Li Mu was still a little embarrassed. It was a shameful thing for such a big man to let others help him take a bath... What's more, every time Ai Xi's fingers touched her skin, she would think of... those on the bed. Then, looking at Ai Xi's indifferent expression, is it really because he is too eager and dissatisfied? Also, every time I roll the bed, I take the initiative... I try my best to do all kinds of gestures and gestures, so that I can slowly arouse Ai Xi's desire.

Li Mu tried his best to restrain his "impure" thoughts.

Starting from the neck, Ai Xi gently rubbed Li Mu's body, her skin was fair and tender, and when the hot water was slightly stimulated, it began to turn red, her shoulders were frighteningly thin, and Ai Xi felt a little distressed, "Is it true? I didn't eat well, I lost weight..."

"Wait for you to fatten me."

The next position was a bit awkward. Ai Xi wiped the shower gel under Li Mu's collarbone back and forth. She looked down and saw a pair of small peaks that were looming in the water. Li Mu's chest was indeed plump compared to a year ago. a lot.

Aixi paused for a few seconds, but she still moved her hand down. It was very soft and had a distinctly different touch than other parts.


Li Mu couldn't hold back and sighed softly. It was a very sensitive area, not to mention being touched like this by a loved one, but it's shameful to make such a sound, but in front of Ai Xi, he couldn't help but be "shameful" When she got up, it was just like the heroine of the little pornographic films she had seen.

Listening to Li Mu's low voice, Ai Xi also felt that she couldn't bear it any longer. Her palms covered Li Mu's soft mass, and her hand movements had broken away from the most primitive simplicity.

"Well...Axi..." Li Mu wanted to speak, but he couldn't stop panting, "...don't...don't touch there again...um..."

"Xiaomu, don't move out again, okay? I miss you so much...I don't want to be alone..." Ai Xi approached Li Mu, her forehead pressed against her head, and the warm water vapor lingered between the two, making them both double-headed. Hot cheeks.

Ai Xi's soft whisper made Li Mu infatuated, how could she be willing to make her so worried, Li Mu turned his head and pressed his forehead against hers, using the same ambiguous tone: "Don't chase me away again, I can't bear you... "

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