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Dead Enemies, We Have a Face

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After Li Mu entered the beautiful new company
There is only one goal: to get rid of the single
As a flirt girl
Miss Li never thought that she would put her mortal enemy to bed…
It is a kind of story:
NO.1——The mortal enemy meets Ji’s love again and burns.
NO.2 – If you can’t fight back by force, you will be attacked.
NO.3——Love daily life with big long legs and small short legs.
Tips for jumping into the pit:
1. The main and deputy cp dual emotional lines, attack each other, pure sweet text pure sweet text! 1V1, HE.
Content tags: sweet text workplace urban love
Search keywords: Protagonist: Li Mu, Ai Xi ┃ Supporting roles: Mo Ran, Fang Xihan, Hu Xiaowan ┃ Others: Cohabitation daily, office, relaxed

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Short Title:DEWHF
Alternate Title:死对头,我们配一脸
Author:Clear soup with coriander
Weekly Rank:#5244
Monthly Rank:#3035
All Time Rank:#8722
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7 Comments on “Dead Enemies, We Have a Face
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  1. Nothing to do with the novel, but what is with the reviews being uploaded twice? It was an issue before but it seems more common in the newer novels.

  2. This novel just feels superficial. The MC for one has absolutely no reason to like the FL, the author just forces them together without any chemistry. And the interactions between the main cast just feels weird. All the characters just follow stereotypes, like virtuous wife, iceberg president, royal sister, green tea et cetera. This novel feels like walking through 3 feet of mud, just dragging on until you reach the end. Don't read this if you have any standards...

  3. Hello. Seeing that you can make a review so fast, I just want to recommend this to you and hear your thoughts about this novel. Only if it's okay. https://m.shubaow.net/258/258398/

  4. Link doesn't work. If you give the title in English/Chinese would would prove helpful. Do you perhaps know why there haven't been any updates for nearly a week?

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