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Come back from rebirth and walk across the wilderness.

Chen Xing’s life creed has always been very simple, that is…

Daguai upgrade to tease girls, grab money, food, and territory.

Don’t be vulgar, this is the dream of all men.

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Short Title:DW
Alternate Title:数据废土
Author:Brilliant Wolf
Weekly Rank:#595
Monthly Rank:#182
All Time Rank:#3338
Tags:Apocalypse, Firearms, Futuristic Setting, Game Elements, Harem, Male Protagonist, Post-apocalyptic, Rape, Rape Victim Becomes Lover, Ruthless Protagonist, Second Chance, Transmigration, Weak Protagonist,
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30 Comments on “Data Wasteland
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  1. The story such a damn abuser, the author is psycho. Around chapter 800 every girl like Ye sisters and Aliyah abandoned MC because in drunken state he confess to Su girl (a small warbler) that she is his first love. Ye girl abandoned MC and having relationship with Aliyah as Lacey instruction. While in drunken state, Su Girl tried to help MC but MC in a confused state that he refuse her. He even tried to rape her against his will, while in reality Su Girl tried to save him from Black Death Continent. MC refuse to believe every women in his life so he also refuse to believe the Su Girl. Finally MC act of rape failed because his room being barged by Su Girl Husband, after that Su Girl suicide from building. MC is fucking retard, and the author is mpre retard to abuse the readers in such way. The author even decide to tell the reader that all of that is for MC happiness. Go Fuck Yourself and find some happiness you damned retard Author.

  2. This damned author, MC even sleep with Trillis for "justified" reason to save his life. While in reality he doesn't even care about Su Girl that already dead.

  3. Poor MC, his talent and chance are not up to the standard of relic. He found a Tree of Life's seed in a world fragment, but his resonance with the seed is nothing in comparison to his maid, Yue Canglan. So his genius maid got powerful Yuling with 21 godessess fighter from the tree of life, moreover it can even birth new fighter to replenish the dead one. While our MC here only got army of goblin as his Yuling, a cunning, weak and almost neglible compared to other genius people. Sometime this novel too realistic in giving MC weak as fuck talent. He almost died when he want to upgrade his power with his weak talent. Everyone else easily got power, the difference between genius and below average talent really made you frustrated. He almost died several times, but till chapter 640 his power still Quasi Lord.

  4. The MC isn't even hesitated to send a pair of ex-noble mother and daughter to his Business partner to confirm his relationship with him. While the mother and daughter have suffer so much before from being humiliated in public for three days and being forced to be sell their body because their family (aristrocat) lose from aristrocat family struggle. ... Here the story. "Mrs. Claire, Mayor Ambisi drank too much tonight, and you need your mother and daughter to take care of it." Hearing Chen Xing's words, Ambici showed ecstasy, but the next second, he returned to normal, as if nothing had happened. Mrs. Claire stayed for a while, then looked back at the eldest daughter, who also looked dull. "If it's inconvenient, then forget it." Chen Xing said lightly, his voice not warm, but it made his spine chill. Mrs. Claire closed her eyes, took a deep breath, lifted her skirt and curtseyed, "Master Ambisi, if you don't dislike it, please come to the house for a while..." "Well, how embarrassed it is." Ambisi rubbed his hands, his eyes lighted up, but his mouth was refusing.

  5. The aristrocat in this world really damned, Mc Bidding a maid girl in an auction and win by large gap of money. But the aristrocat young master kidnapped the maid on the way home and the next morning what left is mutilated body.

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