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Dark Game, Draw the Talent of Almighty Power at the Beginning

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Novel Summary

A huge disaster [Dark Game] sweeping across the multiverse has come.

When all the players in the game die, the entire civilization will be destroyed together.

Zhang Feng took the last artifact of mankind and was reborn from the future before the beginning of the dark game.

First of all, the first step is to start the game with a life of 100 years, and extract the SSS-level talent [Almighty Power].

The journey to the gods begins here!

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:DGDTAPB
Alternate Title:黑暗游戏,开局抽取全能之力天赋
Author:Sentimental sky
Weekly Rank:#1091
Monthly Rank:#2556
All Time Rank:#5337
Tags:Accelerated Growth, Clan Building, Discrimination, Fantasy, Game Elements, Level System, Magic, Male Protagonist, Multiple Transported Individuals, Nationalism, Racism, Second Chance, Skill Books, Summoning Magic, Talent, World Hopping,
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