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Name: [Art Tavel (Zhuang Zhou)]

Occupation: [Demon Warlock]

Class: [1]

Bloodline: [Abyss (0.03%), Human (94.97%), Darkness (5%)]

The descendants of the Tavel family, the bloodline of demon warlocks that had declined, had another “dark” bloodline after the arrival of Zhuang Zhou.

With this bloodline, he can summon monsters from the dark world.

The first thing he thought of was not to drive the summons to help fight, but to wonder if the equipment of the dark world would explode after the summons died?

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:DDW
Alternate Title:暗黑恶魔术士
Author:Come and go in a dream
Weekly Rank:#7787
Monthly Rank:#6269
All Time Rank:#5867
Tags:Aristocracy, Betrayal, Bloodline, Bloodlines, Cautious Protagonist, Cheats, Cunning Protagonist, Dark, Demons, Elves, European Ambience, Evil Gods, Gangs, Gods, Loyal Subordinates, Male Protagonist, Mature Protagonist, Medieval, Monsters, Pirates, Ruthless Protagonist, Schemes And Conspiracies, Secret Organizations, Summoner, System, Teachers, Warlock,
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29 Comments on “Dark Demon Warlock
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  1. I think I have identified a new poison. Is one a character in a supernatural, fantasy, or sci-fi work of fiction has powers that are too diverse and spread across so large of a spectrum that it he has too much to keep track of and makes his use of abilities very uncreative. It creates very stale storytelling and makes it feel like everything is always going to be stuck in the beginning because instead of strengthening what he already has he just gets another power or ability. Let me know any name ideas for this poison

  2. Poison of False Progression - The author gives a bunch of useless and/or underutilized skills to give a false sense of progress, when in fact he is just trying to deceive the reader.

  3. Terminal Poison. Progresses in stages, doesn’t kill you or inconveniences you when you’re in it’s early stages but as you progress into the later stages you’ll slowly die. Doesn’t seem like much but’ll hurt so much after you get to it’s late stages. You’ll feel the intense urge to ragequit from these stale chapters but you’ll continuously convince yourself to keep reading so as to not waste all that time. Eventually you’ll die from it…

  4. One problem is the ridiculous amount of loot mc gets. There are so many each chapter that you basically forget most of them. You also don't understand how much stronger mc is after he wears the equipment.

  5. Reading further into the novel, its somewhat good but there is no wizarding that happens. Mc is barely strong. His enemies are always the top level bosses even when he is beginner trash. So it's always plot armour which comes into play. This feels more like a slice of life, comedy type of novel with very little action. MC is also very dumb. Instead of specialising and increasing skill levels he spreads out his skill points into almost everything. This leads to him having so many different types but very weak skills. He never uses more than half of his abilities.

  6. What i hated the most about novel is when the protagonist already get tag by powerful being in the early chapter. I think this plotline is overused and making mereka sick

  7. The alternative being a tragically inept imbecile, where the story needs lots of world and character building - partly since new age readers got no imagination, yet wants instant gratifications - and then complaints it's too long; but given instant gratification, complaints that it's too short. Readers majority's fault

  8. Okay, we will use your argument about the instant gratifications, i totally agree about your opinion but i will just add a little things, in order to be very Satisfy the reader the author need to follow the trend and make a quick money. A novel like that won't be popular for the majority of people. What i'm trying to say is that a novel that is not to slow or fast paced is the perfect novel to enjoy according my experience. So it is not the readers fault neither the author it's just life

  9. And my opinion about the powerful being tagging the author is true, this plot is overused and not required to make the plot moving.

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