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#81. The Big Boss System Behind the Scenes of Naruto
379 views today 2235 Readers 68 reviews Oct 03, 2020 at 15:48
Action Adventure Fan-Fiction

My name is Uchihagen, adopted by my uncle, and I have a cousin who looks like a dragon every day, called Uchiha Madara. There is another cousin who sees me upset every day, but he dare not say it because he can't beat me, called Uchiha Senna. There is also a very cheating system called the "big boss system behind the scenes" every day to instigate me to unify th.... Show more »

Completed 614 ch 2.1
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#82. Ten Billion Shenhao From Sign-in
378 views today 1272 Readers 29 reviews Feb 04, 2023 at 18:58
Urban Life

"Today's sign-in +1 is not used, please start today's sign-in!" "Sign in successfully, get 10 billion cash, which has been transferred to the bank account, please check." Ding, 10000000.00 yuan has been credited to your bank card. "The treasure chest has not been opened today, do you want to open the treasure chest?" "Successfully open the treasure chest, get a lu.... Show more »

Completed 2980 ch 3.4
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#83. One-click Training System Instantly Millions
377 views today 6073 Readers 157 reviews Sep 17, 2020 at 15:54
Action Adventure Fantasy Martial Arts Xuanhuan

"Ding! The first function is activated, and automatic training is turned on. The training speed is equal to the super evil!" "Ding! The function upgrades, the training speed doubles, the function upgrades, the training speed doubles!" "Ding! The second function is activated, turn on automatic martial arts..." "Ding! The third function is activated..." Is it d.... Show more »

Completed 4905 ch 4.5
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#84. Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao
365 views today 2441 Readers 41 reviews May 13, 2019 at 11:14
Action Fantasy Harem Martial Arts Xuanhuan

An ultimate warrior, the one and only Alchemy Emperor, Ling Han, died in his quest to achieve godhood. Ten thousands years later, he, with the ‘Invincible Heaven Scroll’, was reborn in the body of a young man with the same name. From then on, winds and clouds moved as he set himself against the uncountable geniuses of this new era. His path of becoming a legend ha.... Show more »

Completed 2040 ch 4.5
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#85. Farming in the Mountains: Max Level Jiaojiao Is Three Years Old
364 views today 1813 Readers 37 reviews Aug 25, 2022 at 09:58

In his last life, Xue Yan had been a powerful minister all his life. When he returned to seven years old, he didn't want to be any more. In the same way, he has all the power in the world, but his family cannot end well. Unexpectedly, his father suddenly picked up a baby girl, saying that he had raised him and would be his daughter-in-law. The daughter-in-law is all.... Show more »

Ongoing 3206 ch 3.7
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#86. Raising My Children With My Personal Spatial Ability
364 views today 1968 Readers 21 reviews Feb 06, 2022 at 09:57

When she woke up, An Jiuyue dressed as an abandoned woman in the mountains with two oil bottles, and a blood hole fell on her head. There is only a handful of rice left in the rice sack; every day I dig wild vegetables to wrap my belly; the child is so hungry that he is skinny; this is not enough, there is actually a very good woman who tricks her into selling her so.... Show more »

Completed 3464 ch 4.6
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#87. Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School
360 views today 5831 Readers 154 reviews Sep 28, 2019 at 01:00
Action Comedy Drama Fantasy Josei Romance Supernatural

She was originally a puppet of her family. Pursued by the police for being a business spy and hitman, she was betrayed and fell into the sea. When she opened her eyes again, she had turned into an ordinary high school student. Because of a disgraceful birth, she had been crowded out by her relatives. Because of inferiority complex and antisocial behavior, she was b.... Show more »

Ongoing 1507 ch 3.4
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#88. Open the Journal: I Drove a Helicopter
355 views today 2216 Readers 68 reviews Oct 11, 2021 at 12:57
Harem Urban Life

At the beginning of the freshman year, Lin Chen unexpectedly won the golden finger, completed the system designated tasks, and received super rich rewards! The starting task is to drive the helicopter to report to the school, making the whole school a sensation! "Congratulations to the host for completing the helicopter registration mission, shocking the whole schoo.... Show more »

Ongoing 4664 ch 4.4
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#89. War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens
351 views today 1387 Readers 48 reviews Feb 15, 2020 at 00:33
Action Adventure Harem Martial Arts Xuanhuan

Earth’s top weapon specialist’s soul crossed over to an alternate world, merged with Rebirth Martial Emperor’s memories, cultivating Nine Dragons War Sovereign Technique, sweeping through all opposition with invincible might! Able to refine medicine, capable of crafting weapons, and knows the art of inscription…. Being skilled in all professions is the w.... Show more »

Completed 770 ch 2.0
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#90. Shenhao: The Opening Lottery Rewards Tens of Billions of Enterprises
350 views today 747 Readers 36 reviews Feb 07, 2023 at 12:57
Urban Life

Lin Fan was abandoned by his girlfriend, and accidentally got a god-level lottery system, and has since reached the pinnacle of his life. "Ding, congratulations to the host for drawing the Chufeng Group worth 20 billion!" "Ding, congratulations to the host for drawing a top manor worth two billion!" "Ding, congratulations to the host for drawing 300 million Huaxia .... Show more »