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Completed 186 ch 4.3
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#71. I Took the Male Lead Script After Disguising As a Man
2.6K views today 260 Readers 3 reviews Jun 23, 2022 at 15:56
Gender Bender Romance School Life

Tang Li got into a book and became the cannon fodder male supporting role of women disguised as men in the book.​​ Although the male protagonist of the original book was a powerful business genius in City A, but now he is still a poor and unloved little pity. Because of the lack of love in the early years and the cold eyes, he developed a cold and paranoid charact.... Show more »

Ongoing 1818 ch 4.3
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#72. Scoring the Sacred Body of the Ancients from the Get-go
2.5K views today 3820 Readers 234 reviews Dec 11, 2020 at 16:50
Action Adventure Fantasy Xuanhuan

Jun Xiaoyao was transported to a mystical world and became the divine child of a Clan of the Ancients. He came to possess an invincible background, unparalleled talents and even a check-in system, enabling him to acquire an Accomplished Sacred Body of the Ancients at the very beginning of his new life. He acquired the Divine Elephant Overpowering Force, a six-star.... Show more »

Ongoing 2345 ch 2.7
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#73. Movie World I Am King
2.5K views today 1650 Readers 114 reviews Feb 03, 2022 at 12:57
Action Adventure Fan-Fiction Harem

Iron Man: I have a steel suit, and my IQ is super high. Zhou Ye: I slept with your wife... Spider-Man: I am genetically mutated and can walk on the ground between tall buildings. Zhou Ye: I slept with your girlfriend... Hulk: After I transform, I have a lot of strength, and I can jump high and jerk off. Zhou Ye: I slept with your girlfriend... Captain America: Afte.... Show more »

Ongoing 5781 ch 3.7
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#74. Everlasting Dragon Emperor
2.5K views today 803 Readers 39 reviews Jun 23, 2020 at 20:29
Action Adventure Fantasy Xuanhuan

After being betrayed by the people he once loved, Lu Ming experienced the cold reality of the cultivation world. However, as chance would have it, he obtained the inheritance of a supreme expert who once suffered the same fate as him. Henceforth, the world shall tremble at the birth of the Everlasting Dragon Emperor whose legends will resound through eternity.

Ongoing 192 ch 4.7
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#75. Quick Transmigration: After Villain Reaches Full Level
2.4K views today 321 Readers 7 reviews Jun 22, 2022 at 09:57
Comedy Fantasy Mature Romance Sci-fi Supernatural

Hua Wu has been a villain in the Space-Time Alliance for many years, laying a foundation for the success of countless protagonists. Seeing that she was about to save enough points for retirement, she was forced to continue working as a guarantor to pay off her debts because her bad friends owed huge amounts of points and ran away. Work is work, but no one told her th.... Show more »

Ongoing 3843 ch 4.3
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#76. God Emperor
2.4K views today 1029 Readers 59 reviews Jan 03, 2020 at 12:32
Action Adventure Fantasy Harem Martial Arts Xuanhuan

Zhang Ruo Chen was the sole male heir of one of the nine emperors of the Kunlun Field. Ruo Chen’s father was known to all as the “Enlightened Emperor”, however Ruo Chen didn’t just leech off his status as emperor’s son. He proved himself to be a dragon amongst men, possessing a heaven defying body, and managing to cultivate to Greater Perfection within the Y.... Show more »

Ongoing 861 ch 3.0
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#77. Douluo: Capture the Goddess Zhu Zhuqing at the Beginning
2.4K views today 1375 Readers 60 reviews Apr 29, 2022 at 06:57
Fan-Fiction Harem

Lu Feng traveled through the world of Douluo, and began to think that he was bound to the wrong system, that he could not become a soul master, and could only increase his wealth. But after obtaining the ultimate rewards such as the second awakening, the Dragon God Soul Bone suit, etc., he awakened the super god-level martial arts and inherited the Dragon God bloodli.... Show more »

Ongoing 255 ch 2.6
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#78. The Grey Wizard of Hogwarts
2.4K views today 361 Readers 15 reviews Jun 22, 2022 at 00:58
Comedy Fan-Fiction Fantasy

"I've gone through a lot of hardships and hardships to sit in the bright classrooms of Hogwarts." Anton's eyes were blurred, as if he recalled something bad. "So, Dean Snape, how could I go to Forbidden Forest to kill spiders in the middle of the night? This is a groundless accusation!" Anton grabbed the collar of the magic robe tightly to avoid revealing the blood.... Show more »

Completed 1436 ch 4.7
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#79. Full-time Artist
2.4K views today 2254 Readers 175 reviews Jan 14, 2021 at 12:56
Urban Life

"Music, film, painting, calligraphy, sculpture, literature..." "You know everything?" "Know a little." "Any point?" "Well, it means billion points." With the system, relying on art to conquer the world and become the uncrowned king worshipped by people from all walks of life.

Completed 715 ch 4.5
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#80. The Little Fairy Who Was Reborn As a School Grass Boss
2.4K views today 1378 Readers 51 reviews May 20, 2022 at 09:57

The rich and powerful Qin family, Qin Shao, is handsome and evil, incomparably arrogant, but he is the only one who cares for his little fairy. Song Xiyue, "When my husband was young, he couldn't get enough to eat and wear warm clothes. I would make money and be good to him." Everyone: "You are talking about Qin Shao from the top-tier wealthy Qin family?" "When my .... Show more »