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Ongoing 941 ch 4.5
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#61. Scoring the Sacred Body of the Ancients from the Get-go
203 views today 1770 Readers 139 reviews Dec 11, 2020 at 16:50
Action Adventure Fantasy Xuanhuan

Jun Xiaoyao was transported to a mystical world and became the divine child of a Clan of the Ancients. He came to possess an invincible background, unparalleled talents and even a check-in system, enabling him to acquire an Accomplished Sacred Body of the Ancients at the very beginning of his new life. He acquired the Divine Elephant Overpowering Force, a six-star.... Show more »

Ongoing 576 ch 2.3
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#62. God-level Teacher Spike System
201 views today 374 Readers 19 reviews Apr 20, 2021 at 08:56
Urban Life

The mediocre teacher Jia Siwen has obtained the spike system and becomes a god-level teacher! The students led by them became the top students in the college entrance examination, won the mathematics Olympiad, and the international competition made our country famous! The following students are the most grateful and favorite teacher-Jia Siwen! I have a showdown: I .... Show more »

Ongoing 6875 ch 3.7
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#63. Extreme Pupil Teacher: Miss Peerless
195 views today 1330 Readers 39 reviews Mar 05, 2020 at 15:43
Fantasy Xuanhuan

The 24th-century supreme pupil teacher once crossed and became the genius lady who was abolished in the inferior small country town Guohoufu! Xiu was abolished, his eyes were blind, and his family status was taken away? Luo Qingtong slightly sneered with a pair of blood pupils: Come here! Sister teaches you to be human! A pair of blood pupils, proud in the wo.... Show more »

Ongoing 1608 ch 3.0
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#64. The Strongest Emperor of the Three Kingdoms
193 views today 803 Readers 34 reviews Apr 02, 2021 at 00:57
Historical Military

Du Yu is a rebirth. He has the memory of twenty years later. He first seized the Zhenguo Emperor's seal in the previous world, and then used the card bug to kill the level 100 world BOSS as soon as he entered the world of the Three Kingdoms. +The first kill reward is very explosive! Countless treasures, famous historical generals, historical military divisions, and .... Show more »

Completed 2480 ch 4.9
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#65. Rebirth Of A Noble Daughter: The Marquis Manor’s Abandoned Wife
190 views today 948 Readers 9 reviews Aug 17, 2020 at 09:54
Historical Josei Mature Psychological Romance

In her previous lifetime, her father fought for the country but was killed. Ten thousand arrows pierced him to death. Her elder sister protected her innocence and lost her life. But she produced perfume for him and collected the wealth of the world for him. Even more, her eldest brother was forced to death, so that her eldest brother was dismembered by five hors.... Show more »

Completed 561 ch 4.4
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#66. Li Han’s Little Farmer’s Wife from the Mountains
189 views today 642 Readers 7 reviews Apr 08, 2021 at 16:53
Historical Romance Shoujo

Traveling to the ancient countryside, with broken houses and walls, no parents, no money, no food in her hands, a large group of scumbags who want to take advantage of her, as well as a village idiot who wants to marry her. Shen Ruolan is depressed, Hey! What should I do if I am dealt a bad hand? This cold salad is definitely not done, you can only start from scratch..... Show more »

Completed 11835 ch 4.6
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#67. The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss
189 views today 1800 Readers 53 reviews Aug 20, 2019 at 12:37
Action Adventure Fantasy Josei Martial Arts Mature Romance Shoujo Xianxia

She, a renowned assassin of the 21st century, actually crossed over to become Su Manor’s most useless good-for-nothing Fourth Miss. He, Jin Empire’s imperial highness, was an emotionless overbearing demonic tyrant with unrivaled talent. Everyone knew that she was idiotic and good-for-nothing and bullied her as they pleased. But only he, the overbearing tyran.... Show more »

Completed 1878 ch 4.7
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#68. The Eye of Evolution
183 views today 705 Readers 20 reviews Mar 10, 2020 at 18:43
Fantasy Xuanhuan

Go out with a knife and rely on explosion! Web writer Bai Xiaowen was brought to a psionic age 100 years later by a magic eyeball. Soul subfiltration, mutant beasts raging, spirit monsters invading, and the digitalized earth is like a super-large game! I'm here, I see, I conquer! Bai Xiaowen opened his eyes and shouted the words of the strong, but only 130.... Show more »

Ongoing 3452 ch 3.9
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#69. The Special Forces King In The Mountain Village
182 views today 329 Readers 7 reviews Apr 12, 2021 at 00:56
Urban Life

He is the strongest soldier of the Chinese Special Forces, and the ultimate demon in the eyes of the enemy. Now he is disarmed and returned to the fields, returning to agriculture and forestry, hiding in remote mountain villages and enjoying a peaceful life. However, gold always shines, pure white and rich beauty wants to marry him, the president of Meiyan wants him .... Show more »

Ongoing 1618 ch 4.2
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#70. Start Ten Consecutive Draws and Then Invincible
182 views today 1580 Readers 65 reviews Nov 07, 2020 at 18:49
Action Adventure Fantasy Xuanhuan

Madman Chu traveled to the world of practice with the game plug-in, starting with ten lucky draws. Congratulations to the host for getting the legendary temperament, the legendary physique of nine orifices and the exquisite sword heart, the god-level supernatural insight eye, the god-level physique immortal body, and the legendary Yuren warrior... Since then, Ma.... Show more »