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Completed 1362 ch 4.7
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#51. The Almighty Girl Is Spoiled by the Boss
2.5K views today 3873 Readers 122 reviews Jan 14, 2021 at 00:53
Romance Urban Life

[Face slap and cool text + sweet pets without abuse + 1V1 double clean] Before rebirth, she was abandoned by her parents and used and killed by sister Bailian. After rebirth, she kicked the scum and abused the best. Internet crazy spread Qin Sheng was covered. Raise? A group of computer lunatics: "We hacked Keyboard Man's computer." Number one director:.... Show more »

Ongoing 1232 ch 3.7
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#52. There is Room For a Beautiful Daughter-in-law In the Rebirth Era
2.4K views today 1605 Readers 21 reviews May 30, 2023 at 06:58

Yu Xinyan was a tragedy in her previous life. She grew up well, studied well, and should have a bright future, but was used by her adoptive parents to pay off her debts. It's okay to marry a second-married man, but she was also used by a scumbag to become a hen that doesn't lay eggs, and she was blinded, cursed, and bullied by her stepson and stepdaughter for most of.... Show more »

Completed 10637 ch 4.8
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#53. Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife: Genius Doctor Unscrupulous Consort
2.4K views today 5593 Readers 165 reviews Sep 18, 2019 at 23:17
Action Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy Josei Martial Arts Mystery Romance Xuanhuan

She was the head of a powerful, medicine-orientated aristocratic family. Crossing through a millennium, she ended up in the body of the General Household’s “trash” young miss, whose engagement with the Crown Prince was just broken as she suffered under everybody’s taunts! In the drafting feast, she was re-engaged by the Emperor to marry the famous disabl.... Show more »

Completed 1025 ch 3.9
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#54. Soccer Card System
2.4K views today 1002 Readers 40 reviews Nov 27, 2020 at 12:51

Going back to 2008, Gao Bo became the head coach of Luton Town who was deducted 30 points at the beginning of the season. At the beginning of the season, 30 points were deducted. It is almost a team that is considered to be relegated. Gao Bo used his football knowledge and football card system that he had more than ten years more than others. Under the circumst.... Show more »

Completed 5517 ch 4.1
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#55. Supreme God Emperor
2.3K views today 1870 Readers 58 reviews Oct 26, 2020 at 18:48
Action Adventure Fantasy Martial Arts Romance Xuanhuan

Thousands of worlds, the strong are like forests. A generation of fairy king Muyun, reborn into a bullied bastard, vowed to stir the situation and return to the top. Who will compete in the boundless universe? The heavens and the world, my lord ups and downs! In this life, Mu Yun is destined to control the world and fight through the sky!

Completed 2954 ch 4.5
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#56. God Level Demon
2.3K views today 4143 Readers 185 reviews Aug 07, 2019 at 13:35
Action Adventure Comedy Harem Martial Arts School Life Sci-fi Xuanhuan

“Shameless Xia Ping, not only did you steal my martial arts manual and medicinal pills, you even took my fiancée! We’re not finished!” “He’s the embarrassment of the Martial Way and a parasite of the human race. A complete scumbag.” “There’s nothing that he won’t do. Not only would he not help an old person cross the road, he would even steal .... Show more »

Ongoing 1059 ch 4.0
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#57. Cultivation Starts From Simplifying the Exercises
2.3K views today 2351 Readers 62 reviews Nov 17, 2022 at 12:58
Fantasy Xuanhuan

"The simplification of the extreme mountain breathing method... the simplification is successful... the extreme mountain breathing method → ​​breathing!" Chen Fei took a deep breath. "Extreme mountain breathing method +1 experience." "..."

Completed 1159 ch 4.8
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#58. I Became the Villain’s Own Daughter
2.3K views today 4791 Readers 239 reviews Dec 08, 2020 at 16:58
Romance Slice of Life Supernatural

The villain, Lu Junhan, is so treacherous and cunning that he has done all sorts of bad things, and there is nobody in Hai Cheng who is not afraid of him. But in the end, he died tragically at the male lead’s hands, becoming the biggest joke in the Hai Cheng circle! To change this tragic outcome, the little Koi princess was reincarnated and became Lu Li, the d.... Show more »

Ongoing 403 ch 4.1
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#59. After Being an Improper Control Group as an Abandoned Wealthy Wife, She Effortlessly Came Out on Top
2.3K views today 1026 Readers 19 reviews Sep 12, 2023 at 06:57

Meng Chuyuan was recognized as an abandoned wife in wealthy circles. Her husband was away from home all year round, and her brother-in-law and mother-in-law were each more bad-tempered than the last. Others laughed at her for living a disgraceful life, but only Meng Chuyuan knew how comfortable and comfortable she lived. There is endless money to spend, and there is.... Show more »

Completed 4149 ch 4.3
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#60. God Emperor
2.2K views today 1510 Readers 73 reviews Jan 03, 2020 at 12:32
Action Adventure Fantasy Harem Martial Arts Xuanhuan

Zhang Ruo Chen was the sole male heir of one of the nine emperors of the Kunlun Field. Ruo Chen’s father was known to all as the “Enlightened Emperor”, however Ruo Chen didn’t just leech off his status as emperor’s son. He proved himself to be a dragon amongst men, possessing a heaven defying body, and managing to cultivate to Greater Perfection within the Y.... Show more »