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Ongoing 2109 ch 4.6
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#31. Full-level Boss Dressed As a Peasant Girl
8.5K views today 894 Readers 7 reviews Aug 23, 2022 at 09:57

Shu Yu has passed through the book, and has become a poor cannon fodder who was implicated by the dead female supporting role and only appeared twice and was finally exiled for thousands of miles. After finding that he could not change the result, Shu Yu decided to eat, drink, lie down and wait. Who knew that the exile had not yet come, but she was suddenly told tha.... Show more »

Ongoing 1040 ch 4.6
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#32. Douluo Dalu 5 Rebirth of Tang San
8.5K views today 934 Readers 141 reviews May 29, 2021 at 12:57
Fantasy Xuanhuan

A generation of god king was reborn in the magical world of Falan. He was surprised to find that everything here is so wonderful, and he was lucky to find his wife's reincarnation. However, she has no memory of her previous life, and she is a passerby when she meets again. Can a generation of god king be reborn in this world that is not friendly to mankind, can he re.... Show more »

Completed 10637 ch 4.8
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#33. Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife: Genius Doctor Unscrupulous Consort
8.1K views today 4610 Readers 160 reviews Sep 18, 2019 at 23:17
Action Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy Josei Martial Arts Mystery Romance Xuanhuan

She was the head of a powerful, medicine-orientated aristocratic family. Crossing through a millennium, she ended up in the body of the General Household’s “trash” young miss, whose engagement with the Crown Prince was just broken as she suffered under everybody’s taunts! In the drafting feast, she was re-engaged by the Emperor to marry the famous disabl.... Show more »

Hiatus 1150 ch 3.8
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#34. Fantasy: This Dead House is Suddenly Invincible
7.9K views today 1271 Readers 48 reviews Feb 03, 2022 at 18:56
Comedy Fantasy Harem Xuanhuan

"Ding, the host has opened the invincible realm! As long as the host is invincible in the realm!" As a dead man, Chen Changan traveled through the fantasy world and faced countless monsters and ghosts from the outside world. Chen Changan decided not to leave his invincible realm before becoming an immortal. I was bored in my spare time, and occasionally cultivated a.... Show more »

Ongoing 2909 ch 3.6
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#35. I Randomly Have a New Career Every Week
7.7K views today 2697 Readers 103 reviews Oct 05, 2020 at 18:50
Urban Life

Experience the Didi driver and reward Pagani Zonda with one. Experience university teachers and reward ten buildings. Experience the charter company, reward one billion. Experience...

Ongoing 5517 ch 4.1
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#36. Supreme God Emperor
7.5K views today 1537 Readers 51 reviews Oct 26, 2020 at 18:48
Action Adventure Fantasy Martial Arts Romance Xuanhuan

Thousands of worlds, the strong are like forests. A generation of fairy king Muyun, reborn into a bullied bastard, vowed to stir the situation and return to the top. Who will compete in the boundless universe? The heavens and the world, my lord ups and downs! In this life, Mu Yun is destined to control the world and fight through the sky!

Ongoing 700 ch 2.8
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#37. I Became Invincible After Sweeping The Floor For 70 Years
7.4K views today 875 Readers 29 reviews Sep 11, 2022 at 12:57
Fantasy Xuanhuan

Qin Chen crossed into Taiyi Holy Land as a sweeper, and at the age of sixteen awakened the system. As long as he signed in at different places, he could get different rewards. Sign in at the Land of Emperor Ruins and get the world's No. 1 Chaos Holy Body and the Chaos Emperor Sutra! Sign in to seal the magic land and get the quasi-emperor soldiers! Sign in at the R.... Show more »

Completed 772 ch 2.6
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#38. American Comic Survival Guide
7.2K views today 459 Readers 37 reviews Sep 18, 2022 at 18:57
Comedy Fan-Fiction Sci-fi

Goofy can't get out of the Marvel world, and only death can force him to quit. But the stupid system does not allow Gao Fei to die for no reason, only Gao Fei is allowed to sacrifice heroically for justice! So in the Marvel world, there is an undead monster that provokes the villain everywhere! "Loki, you are too weak!" "Chitarui, shoot at me!" "Dormammu, I'm her.... Show more »

Ongoing 5182 ch 4.4
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#39. Valkyrie Domination
7.2K views today 1044 Readers 39 reviews Sep 06, 2020 at 15:56
Action Adventure Fantasy Martial Arts Xuanhuan

The legendary Qin Chen from the Tianwu Continent accidentally fell into the Martial Domain because of his friend's betrayal. Three hundred years later, he was reincarnated on an illegitimate son of the royal palace who had been bullied. He used his previous life accomplishments, concentrating on his skills, refining the pill, and rising against the sky, rising .... Show more »

Ongoing 683 ch 3.2
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#40. The Ninja War is Too Dangerous, Run Away and Become a Pirate
7.2K views today 919 Readers 40 reviews Sep 02, 2022 at 06:58

Soul Piercing Konoha, born as a civilian, will go to the battlefield of the Third Ninja World War tomorrow. Just graduated from "Ninja School", Yangtai, who only knows three body techniques and a D-level hemostasis technique, looked at the full of energy, and finally made up his mind - "The battlefield is too dangerous, I'd better go to other worlds to hide. !"