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#31. The Group’s Favorite Cute Baby is One and a Half Years Old
647 views today 497 Readers 4 reviews Jun 21, 2024 at 12:54

One-and-a-half-year-old Sister Ying has a little secret. In fact, she is not the real daughter of the Liang family. Once an earthquake transported her to ancient times where there was no internet or electricity, she couldn't even afford a diaper. As soon as she came in, she heard her grandmother say that she was a loser and that she was afraid that her life would .... Show more »

Completed 4610 ch 4.8
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#32. Returning to ’90s, She Became Famous in Major Surgical Fields
628 views today 2219 Readers 140 reviews Jan 29, 2022 at 09:56
Adventure Romance Shoujo

Back in 1996, the eldest daughter of Oldman Xie’s Family, Xie Wanying, said that she wanted to be a surgeon, to which many people laughed at her . “ A Phoenix gives birth to a phoenix. And a dog gives birth to a dog. A truck driver’s daughter will be a doctor, when pigs learn how to climb trees. ” “I’m not just going to be a doctor, I’m going to be a c.... Show more »

Completed 457 ch 3.7
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#33. The Age of Rebirth: The Fake Daughter Relies on Cultivation To Become Bigger and Stronger
614 views today 465 Readers 6 reviews Jun 27, 2024 at 12:56

When Ji Yun woke up, she found that she was back to the age of 19, when her spiritual energy had not yet recovered. She had already seen through the true face of the Ji family and decided to return to her biological parents. Knowing that he had not yet taken action, the biological daughter of the Ji family came to the door. This is very wrong. Could it be that t.... Show more »

Completed 418 ch 4.0
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#34. The Space Doctor Became the Favorite of the Exiled Powerful Minister
600 views today 771 Readers 23 reviews May 05, 2024 at 12:52

[Space farming + miracle doctor koi + gourmet pet husband imperial examination + group pet healing] In his last life, he went from a poor scholar to a traitorous and powerful minister, and he suffered infamy throughout his life. Only Jiang Zhiluo knew that he was pure and upright, but he was misunderstood to protect her. After her death, Jiang Zhiluo traveled th.... Show more »

Completed 482 ch 4.5
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#35. Dressed As a Mother-in-law, She Leads the Whole Family To Turn Over
594 views today 427 Readers 17 reviews Jun 26, 2024 at 12:56

(Farming + cool writing + system + raising children + no CP) Jiang Ning traveled through time, skipped a man and became a mother, and she was still a bastard widow with five children, what? Is her eldest son married? She is already a mother-in-law! What to do if the family is surrounded by walls? It doesn't matter, let's repair the house first. What to do if .... Show more »

Ongoing 8441 ch 3.3
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#36. Heaven-devouring Dragon Emperor
588 views today 445 Readers 27 reviews Aug 26, 2020 at 09:49
Action Adventure Urban Life

Young Jiang Tian has a great aptitude, but because of bloodline problems, he turned into a laughing stock and was suppressed! At the most frustrating moment in life, fate suddenly reversed! Relying on the mysterious magic weapon left by his mother, Jiang Tian merged with the blood of the savage dragon to rise strongly and crush all geniuses! However, as he co.... Show more »

Ongoing 4076 ch 3.6
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#37. I Randomly Have a New Career Every Week
587 views today 964 Readers 113 reviews Oct 05, 2020 at 18:50
Urban Life

Experience the Didi driver and reward Pagani Zonda with one. Experience university teachers and reward ten buildings. Experience the charter company, reward one billion. Experience...

Ongoing 10703 ch 4.2
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#38. Inverse Sword God
565 views today 421 Readers 33 reviews Mar 11, 2020 at 18:40
Action Adventure Fantasy Martial Arts Xuanhuan

Lin Xuan, a young man, has his veins blocked and insulted. Occasionally have a mysterious sword, open the veins, practice divine skill, realize the supreme kendo, and evolve the sacred magic! One sword star is gone, one sword is shocked! One sword in hand, one crazy god!

Completed 457 ch 4.7
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#39. Farming In the Beast World: the Villain Zaizai is Super Clingy
557 views today 484 Readers 15 reviews Jun 05, 2024 at 12:58

[There are many females, young males, farming and raising cubs, spatial abilities] After a bomb hit the base, Si Yan was stunned. When she woke up, there were four cute villain snake cubs in front of her who would kill her in the future. In the original novel, her legs were broken by the fourth child, her arms were broken by the third child, her eyes were blinde.... Show more »

Ongoing 611 ch 4.8
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#40. The Whole Family Went Crazy Listening To My Thoughts, I Was Responsible For Feeding
534 views today 1078 Readers 34 reviews Mar 14, 2024 at 12:57

[Family reading skills + cannon fodder + group pet + boss wears books + pretends to be a pig and eats the tiger + cool article] Lu Chaochao went through the book. He was transformed into a cannon fodder who was drowned at birth and whose identity was taken over by the heroine. The heroine killed her relatives out of righteousness and reported that her adoptive moth.... Show more »