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Completed 5187 ch 4.1
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#91. The Female Cannon Fodder Is Highly Poisonous
1.4K views today 594 Readers 33 reviews Dec 01, 2021 at 09:56
Romance Sci-fi

System: Big Brother, our aim is to realize the last wish of an innocent female partner who died tragically and cannon fodder! Ruan Tang: I know System: But you are taking the invincible boss route of meeting the gods and killing the gods and the demons! ! ! Ruan Tang: Didn't the female match stand up? Cannon fodder didn't rebel into a god? System: …you are the m.... Show more »

Completed 2786 ch 3.9
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#92. I’m Picking Up Pieces in PUBG
1.4K views today 1007 Readers 238 reviews Sep 07, 2020 at 00:50

Jiang Siming suddenly discovered that the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds he played was different from others'! He can find fragments of various colors in the game, and after synthesis, they can be turned into abilities, attributes, talents, money, antiques, even medicines, exercises, and so on! Relying on constantly picking up pieces in the game, Jiang Siming com.... Show more »

Ongoing 822 ch 4.4
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#93. Hogwarts: I Am Such a Model Wizard
1.4K views today 536 Readers 14 reviews Apr 07, 2024 at 00:58

One sunny afternoon, Kyle finally received the admission notice he had longed for and came to Hogwarts, a prestigious school with thousands of years of history. Here, Kyle lived a very fulfilling life. In addition to studying every day, he would also use his spare time to plant vegetables and flowers, or go to a dark underground chamber to provide psychological coun.... Show more »

Completed 3561 ch 2.7
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#94. Top Shenhao
1.3K views today 267 Readers 37 reviews Jan 16, 2021 at 16:58
Urban Life

The girlfriend suspected that Lin Yun was poor and ran away with the rich second generation. Suddenly a grandfather, the richest man, came to recognize Lin Yun. "Why did you come to recognize me now? I just starved to death. Outside of death, I will never recognize you!" "Ding, the bank card has reached 100 million!" "Well, it smells..." After becoming ric.... Show more »

Ongoing 2520 ch 4.9
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#95. The Poison Doctor Mad Concubine is a Bit Tugged
1.3K views today 993 Readers 59 reviews Sep 29, 2021 at 09:55

She, the only descendant of Chinese ancient martial arts, a stunning ghost hand genius doctor, once passed through into the Ye family waste lady. Open your eyes again, the sky and the earth are surging! What? Born waste? Disaster star? Very good, she will soon let them see what is born waste, what is a star of misfortune. He is the evil emperor respected by thousand.... Show more »

Completed 5182 ch 3.7
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#96. Rebirth Doctor Girl: Young Army, Please Let It Go!
1.3K views today 618 Readers 35 reviews Jul 16, 2021 at 09:56

[Rebirth, one-on-one pet article] In previous life, relatives were cold-eyed, father died tragically, boyfriend cheated, rebirth 14 years old To be reborn, she wants to change her fate against the sky, treat snobbish relatives, step on the white lotus, throw scumbags, and fight scumbags. Fengshui medicine, space supernatural powers, recognizing ancestors and return.... Show more »

Completed 1159 ch 4.8
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#97. I Became the Villain’s Own Daughter
1.3K views today 1157 Readers 242 reviews Dec 08, 2020 at 16:58
Romance Slice of Life Supernatural

The villain, Lu Junhan, is so treacherous and cunning that he has done all sorts of bad things, and there is nobody in Hai Cheng who is not afraid of him. But in the end, he died tragically at the male lead’s hands, becoming the biggest joke in the Hai Cheng circle! To change this tragic outcome, the little Koi princess was reincarnated and became Lu Li, the d.... Show more »

Ongoing 415 ch 3.3
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#98. Starting with the Succubus Nun, I Can Edit the Character Entries.
1.3K views today 253 Readers 7 reviews Jun 04, 2024 at 00:57

Su Xuan accidentally qualified for a mysterious game. In the game, he needs to play the role of a guild leader, recruiting adventurers from other worlds to complete various commissioned tasks together. His initial adventurer was just an ordinary trainee nun, but he unexpectedly found that he could edit entries for the adventurers he recruited. [Nun] + [Succubus].... Show more »

Completed 1569 ch 4.0
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#99. Rebirth of an Ugly Girl Turned Around
1.3K views today 503 Readers 38 reviews Apr 13, 2022 at 09:56

(Ability + Appreciation Treasure + Sweet Pet + One Child and Two Treasures + Shuang Pet Text ) Qiao Yi'an was reborn and returned to the night twelve years ago when he was drugged and rolled with a strange man. In her last life, she was called Tiansha Lone Star by her mother, who punished her six relatives! He was set on fire by his fiancé and his face was destroy.... Show more »

Completed 1102 ch 4.3
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#100. The Legitimate Daughter of the Prosperous Medical Fragrance Will Not Marry
1.3K views today 539 Readers 9 reviews Apr 18, 2024 at 12:56

In that life, Fan Qingyao was the daughter of a famous family, the successor of a miraculous doctor, and her medical skills were superb. But she poisoned the traitor Zhongliang, considered the thief his father, and threatened her relatives to seek power and seize the throne for him. The whole family of my grandfather died without any body parts, and my brother was bu.... Show more »