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Ongoing 1111 ch 4.1
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#1. I Found an Apocalyptic World
96K views today 571 Readers 17 reviews 20 hours ago
Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi

Liu Mingyu picked up an apocalyptic world, and from this moment, his world has undergone earth-shaking changes. Gold, diamonds, antiques, science and technology resources are here. Backed by an apocalyptic world, a super technology group turned out.

Ongoing 801 ch 3.0
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#2. Heavens Gift Pack: Start with One Punch Man
59.2K views today 640 Readers 38 reviews Nov 24, 2020 at 12:51
Action Adventure Fan-Fiction Fantasy

Lin Bei travels through the world of One Punch Man, carrying the heavenly gift pack system with him. Zombie man: Why are you immortal? Are you also a guinea pig for the House of Evolution? Naruto Uzumaki: Nine Tails are obviously the plug-in my dad left for me, why do you have it too? Beast Kaido: Impossible, I am obviously the last true dragon in this world!

Ongoing 1045 ch 4.0
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#3. Above the King of Pirates
35K views today 517 Readers 30 reviews Nov 23, 2020 at 00:54
Action Adventure Fan-Fiction Fantasy

Legion of Saints, Legion of Giants, Legion of Reaper, Legion of Ninja... World government, navy, Qiwuhai, four emperors... Take turns in battle, all come on stage. The Tianlong people on the red earth continent are supreme and domineering. In the underground caves extending in all directions in the red earth continent, steam trains roared past, piercing th.... Show more »

Completed 2316 ch 4.5
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#4. The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce
34.3K views today 695 Readers 20 reviews Nov 14, 2020 at 06:51
Fantasy Romance

In her previous life, she was robbed of her identity, her status, her appearance and her reputation! She was reborn, transformed into a tyrannical tyrant, the almighty queen of the entertainment industry, tearing the white lotus with her hands, and being a scumbag again!

Ongoing 1058 ch 3.8
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#5. The Adventures of My All-Rounder Wife
31.6K views today 304 Readers 4 reviews Nov 24, 2020 at 04:52
Drama Romance

[Shuangqiang and Shuangjie petting each other's horses, handsome men and women pulling horses] Hearing that Mo's wife is a ignorant little overlord, all walks of life secretly watch jokes. Learning garbage? Lu Mian threw out the college entrance examination transcript of the science champion. No talent? Lu Mian played the piano with one hand and painted with .... Show more »

Ongoing 531 ch 1.7
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#6. One Piece World has No Savior
27.6K views today 110 Readers 13 reviews 12 hours ago
Action Adventure Fan-Fiction Fantasy

This is the story of a male protagonist who has no power to bind the chickens in the world of pirates armed with the weapons of language to the thoughts of the pirates. The male protagonist has no power to bind the chicken because of the modern human body! There is no power to bind a chicken! There is no power to bind a chicken!

Completed 816 ch 2.8
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#7. Harry Potter: Super Magic God
26.2K views today 274 Readers 25 reviews Nov 25, 2020 at 08:49
Action Adventure Fan-Fiction Fantasy Supernatural Xuanhuan

Reborn back to the 1980s, George thought he would be super genius, movie tycoon, financial giant, king of Hollywood, fashion giant, national husband, this series of supreme titles in his glorious life as a traveler. . Unexpectedly, during the enlightenment education, what his grandmother told him was not Grimm's fairy tales, but became the history of the magic worl.... Show more »

Ongoing 319 ch 4.4
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#8. My Royal Beasts Are All Mythical
23K views today 621 Readers 20 reviews Nov 23, 2020 at 06:55
Action Adventure Fantasy Martial Arts Xuanhuan

Twenty thousand yuan daily [Lingming Stone Monkey] + [Nine Turns Xuanmu Qi] + [Earth Shark Transformation Fruit] + [Colorful Lingyun] = Lingming God Monkey King [Lingming God Monkey King] + [Zhenhai God Iron] + …… = Qitian God Monkey King [Qitianshen Monkey King] + …… = Pantianshen Ape In the era of the nation's beasts, Ye Xuan brought a super favo.... Show more »

Ongoing 1070 ch 3.4
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#9. Metropolis Super Zoo
20.5K views today 665 Readers 34 reviews Nov 22, 2020 at 00:52
Urban Life

When the zoo was about to declare bankruptcy, Lin Fan's phone automatically downloaded a game software. [The animal is hatching, please be patient...] "Fuck, what is this, a golden sacred animal grass mud horse?" "Wait, that monkey, do you know alcoholism in a day?" "And you, you are a crocodile, can you stop jumping like a frog? I would not throw it toget.... Show more »

Ongoing 997 ch 4.4
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#10. Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss
20.4K views today 1106 Readers 46 reviews Oct 18, 2020 at 21:50
Drama Romance

The wealthy Lu family made a joke that the daughter who had been raising for more than ten years turned out to be a fake! The real daughter returns, everyone is waiting to see the jokes of the fake daughter! I want to see how this fake daughter, accustomed to being a rich lady, goes to a poor home, how to survive! Huo Yao, who has just passed through, said th.... Show more »