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Daily Life of the Canary Pet Master

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Ou Renjin likes keeping beautiful young men because he likes watching the drama.

Watching them be arrogant and conceited; watching them be obsequious and sycophantic; watching them have ulterior motives and fight with each other, seeing all the evil side of human nature.

Until, he picks up a poor little guy.

The poor little guy is ignorant and helpless, treating Ou Renjin as his whole world, spending all his salary to buy him gifts, standing in front of him in times of danger without hesitation, even…

…saying to him in the calmest and lightest of tones after knowing that their heart matching is successful, “I am very grateful that you have been hiding it from me, but I have long been ready to give my heart to you.”

* * *

036 was born as a test subject, without parents or friends.

As the only successful “petri dish of renewable organs”, he had every organ in his body cut out and transplanted to the rich and powerful countless times.

After getting used to the pain, he met the most special person in the world.

This person was so good that he wanted to cut out his own heart immediately.

- Description from Novelupdates


Short Title:DLCPM
Alternate Title:金丝雀宠主日常
Weekly Rank:#5779
Monthly Rank:#5789
All Time Rank:#8236
Tags:Celebrities, Character Growth, Charismatic Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Hard-Working Protagonist, Human Experimentation, Loyal Subordinates, Misunderstandings, Modern Day, Mysterious Past, Naive Protagonist, Near-Death Experience, Past Trauma, Protagonist Falls in Love First, Secrets, Showbiz, Special Abilities, Strong Love Interests, Tragic Past, Transmigration, Wealthy Characters,
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13 Comments on “Daily Life of the Canary Pet Master
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  1. Any knows a novel in which uke is a English teacher and when he went to bar he met a starlet who was forced to be a canary by his agent who he went in his place to explain to ml who wanted to try to be a sugar daddy to not do such illegal thing but by mistake ml thought he was that starlet and slept with him and as both of them enjoyed it they continued their one night stand and mc is the teacher of ml's sister

  2. SPOILER ALERT! Ada beberapa bagian yang akan membuatmu terharu dan menangis pilu tapi tenang yidak ada adegan tragis dan dramatis. Si MC punya kekuatan kayak wolverin, jika bagian tubuhnya di potong itu bisa tumbuh lagi. Nah si ML itu punya penyakit jantung. Ya taulah arahnya kemana. Seperti wolverin, si MC itu tikus percobaan, sepanjang hidupnya di laboratorium. Setiap hari dia dibedah diambil organ dalamnya. Si MC ini dari dunia pararel lalu tiba² aja dia pindah ke universe si ML yang mana peradaban manusia gk secanggih universe MC. Jangan tanya kenapa bisa pindah, nggak di ada penjelasan masuk akal. Wkwk Nah di temgah menuju akhir beberapa orang tahu rahasia si MC karena ya si MC sendiri yang bicorin. Wkwk Tapi syukurlah skenario rahasia di ketahui publik trus di jadikan tikus percobaan lagi tidak terjadi. Banyak adegan mengahrukan itu nggak melulu sedih ya. Pokoknya ada aja yg bikin terharu.

  3. Dang there was a new novel on here where the mc was studying abroad for like 6-8years and when he finally gets dragged back he refuses to take over he just sets up a cafe because he was interested in coffee and then he’s suprissed because this foreigner followed him back from Italy and then I get to the end of the description and I’m like wait?!?! Is this detective Conan ?!? I look at the tags and it was a detective Conan fanfiction I was very confused and I might have dreamed it up because the upcoming novels section went blank and there haven’t been any new novels updated…. I was going back through old novels to find one I had read before so maybe that’s where I saw it ?

  4. No sé si mi comentario anterior fue publicado o no, ya que no lo veo, pero estoy seguro de que hablas de I Really Don’t Want To Inherit the Winery

  5. In some cases, you just need to refresh the page or close out of it and get back into it again. I am guessing some people are experiencing this as well.

  6. I haven't read it but it seems to be "I Really Don’t Want To Inherit the Winery", the novel summary is what you explained. It has a shonen-ai subplot tag, and no tag of yaoi or shonen ai in genre, so you can't find it there.

  7. I haven't read it but it seems to be "I Really Don’t Want To Inherit the Winery", the novel summary is what you explained. It has a shonen-ai SUBPLOT tag, and no genre tag of yaoi or shonen ai. It may have made it harder to find.

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