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Daily Life of Jiang Liuniang

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When others pass through, they are either all-powerful or proud of their lives, but when it was her turn, Jiang Liuer turned into a calamity.

The declining family, the unassuming father, the nerdy sister, and the black-bellied boy who popped out of nowhere… all of them are her calamity.

Jiang Liu did not hesitate, twisted Jie into a fortune with his chubby hands, and lived happily ever after.

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Short Title:DLJL
Alternate Title:姜六娘发家日常
Author:Antarctic Blue
Weekly Rank:#1201
Monthly Rank:#2000
All Time Rank:#6211
Tags:Ancient Times, Clever Protagonist, Devoted Love Interests, Familial Love, Female Protagonist, Late Romance, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Power Couple, Rebirth,
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  1. Hi does any one know mc is interstellar world she gorn the world after her death she bounded by the system can you plz tell me the name of the novel

  2. Near 400 chapters and this is very good, no mary sue, no goldfinger, no crazy plots. This novel has many MC's, the female MC that is a transmigator, her father and her brother, why? Because she starts with 6 years old and by logic she can't just save the whole family with a small trick (something that happens all the time in other novels kek) and the author uses a very logic view to this novel: "Before she crossed over, she read the passages of the time-travel article. Those female protagonists who wash pigs and intestines, raise chickens and ducks can earn money to support their families. Most of the places they traveled through were poor places with little food and clothing; The capital, with a population of one million and a developed economy, is full of delicious food and fun. It is impossible to make a lot of money by eating fresh food." So you won't see faceslap very chapter, crazy and forced martial arts, and kids saving the day with absurd ways, a mary sue MC, a broken goldfinger and this novel tittle is very close to the content.

  3. The romance starts pretty much immediately when the FL is six years old and the ML is eight years old. I am aware that Chinese authors love the toddler romance stuff, but since i know of the "Westmarck Effect" where Chinese Child Marriages are the star example, it always feels like i am reading a story where illnesses are caused by "miasma" and not by bacteria/viruses, where thunder and lightning are caused by Zeus throwing a tantrum, where cotton comes from sheep that grow out of the ground, where reading tea leaves can tell you the future, where the North Island of New Zealand is a giant fish caught by demi-god, where the Sun & the Universe revolve around the Earth.

  4. or reading a story where people are happy/grateful to be slaves and that slaves are more loyal & trustworthy than employees. The slave owner is doing them a favour by being their master.

  5. Ah, sí. Es un choque cultural bastante grande para nosotros, los occidentales. Toda esa cuestión de las virtudes de la mujer al aceptar a 5 o 6 concubinas... O el odio acérrimo a los hijos "ilegítimos" que obviamente no eligieron esa condición. La obsesión con la descendencia, que las niñas sean tratadas como seres humanos de segunda categoría.

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