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Daily Dog ​​food with Super Sweet Green Plum

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[The 700,000-word old book is guaranteed, and the old author makes a pit]
[The only childhood sweetheart text in the whole station] [Single heroine sweet pet, the story is daily] [Diabetes patients be careful]
Ye Chen is dead.
At the moment when his soul was withdrawn from his body, he would never forget the crying heart-piercing girl.
The girl who shaved his head with him when he was sick!
The girl who is ready to confess to him!
Everything flashed through my mind like a movie clip.
If life could be repeated again, he vowed to protect the people in front of him.
Perhaps because of his obsession, he was reborn.
And bind the almighty sign-in system!
Sign in every day, as long as you get enough admiration points, you can draw a lottery!
“Ding! Congrats to the host, for being admired by Gu Nianxi, the admiration value is +3!”
“Ding! Congrats to the host, the lucky draw!”
“Ding! Congratulations to the host, the super learning ability was selected in the lottery!”
The open life has only just begun!
This article is a single heroine, full text…

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Short Title:DDSSGP
Alternate Title:和超甜青梅的狗粮日常
Author:rabbit eating elbow
Weekly Rank:#5353
Monthly Rank:#5511
All Time Rank:#4548
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Black Belly, Cold Protagonist, Cute Protagonist, Early Romance, Male Protagonist, Rebirth, System,
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  1. In those days, having a motorcycle at home was considered relatively conditional. Buying this one had to hang a whip to celebrate. ---- the year is 2005 right? On that year, isnt it common to have motorcycle for a medium family? At least here was.. (???)

  2. It's nothing big, but it's still quite a big spending for the medium income family. Depending on situation, you might spend 1-3 years to save for something like this. Also, if I remember correctly, this was time when anti-pollution policies were already in place (like additional taxes or something), so have to add it too.

  3. it's one of the good novels where the protagonist is loyal to his lover, and also why do most people only focus on the beginning of this novel?

  4. Because it's disgusting, flirting that almost like brainwashing 9 years old girl. What the author shouldn't do is force the girl to kiss the MC because he said kissing is okay to the naive child while he actually enjoy it as an adult. And what do you meant by beginning? It's already 50+ chapters but he still a child! If the author did time skip then you're right to ask

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