TBBT4A apartment.

"Sheldon, are you okay?"

When Amy saw her boyfriend who had been feeding and training for five years and had not started eating, she was said to have fainted on the spot, she was worried.

"Don't worry, he's fainted protectively, he's fine."

Adam leaned over and laughed.

"It's okay? Is this okay?"

Amy was angry and recognized Adam's professional judgment in her heart, so she stood up and pointed directly at Little Mary: "Girl, don't be too arrogant, I don't allow you to bully my boyfriend!"

"Am I bullying him?"

Little Mary looked at the furious Amy in surprise: "I haven't done it yet."

"Don't bully the weak, we have the ability to single out!"

Amy's girlfriend power began to explode.

"Forget it, Amy."

Adam kindly reminded: "Mary is also good to Sheldon, think about it, if this kind of low-level mistake was not seen by Mary at a glance.

After it was published, it was a long time since so many calculations were found to be problematic.

At that time, Sheldon's embarrassment was not only between our group of friends, but was embarrassed to the whole world. "

"Yeah, forget it, what kind of Jin is called to a child."

Petunia agreed.

"Why, are you scared?"

Amy ignored them and looked straight at Mary.

"Dad, does she have a heart attack?"

Mary ignored Amy, but looked at Adam.

"I do not have!"

Amy exclaimed, "Dare you go heads-up?"


Mary scowled, and glanced at Amy displeasedly: "The way of the test is up to you, I will accompany you!"


Adam looked worriedly at his serious daughter.

"Dad, I know."

Mary nodded.


Amy was overjoyed: "I'm going to make preparations. The first one is called smashing a coin."

With that said, I went to get the paper cup.

"Adam, why don't you stop it."

Petunia complained.

"It's all like this, how can I stop it."

Adam smiled wryly.

He knew his daughter's temper, and once it came up, he didn't dare to provoke it.

"You forgot Amy's temper?"

Petunia touched her cheek and whispered: "My face still hurts so far. Are you afraid that Amy will lose her eyes and beat Mary?"

The year before last, California Institute of Technology gave Shelton's vacant parking space to Howard, who was an astronaut, which caused a flurry of contradictions.

Although Sheldon did not drive, he always regarded the parking space as his own and did not allow Howard to park.

For this reason, the fruit went to work in the parking space, and Howard also sat in the special seat of Shelton.

Both parties were very unhappy.

Originally this was limited to two old friends.

But now they are all famous.

As girlfriends and wives, Amy and Bernadette were talking about the boring confrontation between their boyfriend and her husband.

Amy accompanied Sheldon in the middle of the night to lock her car in the parking space.

Bernadette directly called the tow truck and towed the car away.

Amy was furious and came to confront Bernadette and asked Howard to pay for the trailer and apologize. Bernadette didn't let it go and said with a smile that it was not Howard did it, but she did it.

The ridicule contained in the whispered words completely broke Amy's defenses, swiping her handbag and smashing it on Bernadette.

Unfortunately, their best friend, Petunia, was sticking there, so high, that she perfectly blocked Bernadette, and the handbag was directly smashed into Petunia's face.

What made Penny more annoyed and fresh in her memory was that the handbag was full of coins.

That's really cruel!

Of course, Penny had forgiven Amy long ago, but she has a new understanding of Amy's character.

That is, in the state of anxious eyes, Amy is very impulsive and dangerous.

And now looking at Mary's crushing IQ advantage over Shelton, Penny feels inexplicably that Amy is unlikely to succeed.

If you don't keep the balance, you will lose in the end, and then something unpleasant happens on the impulse.

"Mary is well-measured and won't hurt Amy."

Adam comforted.


Petunia was speechless.

Is this the same as what she said?

"Let's play smashing coins!"

Amy had already got the paper cup and explained the rules: "Whoever smashes the coin into the paper cup 10 times first wins!"

"This is good."

Petunia smiled immediately.

Because she used to play this game with Amy, whoever loses and who drinks, then she discovered that Amy played this game with great success.

And Amy also said that she was lonely and had no friends since she was a child, so she could only play games that can be played without friends, so she played well.

Petunia wanted to come. As long as Amy wins, the grumpy Amy won't show up.

It would be great if it didn't hurt your kindness.

"I want a coin too."

Mary glanced at Amy.


Amy nodded and handed Mary one, and then tossed the coin on the table. The coin bounced and went directly into the paper cup. Amy clenched a fist and shouted, "Yes!"

"It's amazing!"

Leonard and the others also looked at Amy differently.



Mary picked up her coin, weighed it, and then threw it on the table. The coin bounced with a bang, but instead of hitting the paper cup, it fell to the ground.

"Haha, don't be discouraged, there is still a chance."

Amy laughed.

"Mary is a novice, you always play this, do you need to be so happy?"

Bernadette couldn't help but said.

"Do you want to practice alone?"

Amy stared at Bernadette.

"Come again!"

Mary's expression remained unchanged.


Seeing this, Amy smashed another coin, the coin flicked, and accurately entered the paper cup again: "Yes! Twice!"


Seeing this, Petunia was a little worried about whether Mary could stand it.

Amy looked a little more excited than usual.

This attitude is a bit eye-catching.

"It's not over yet, any bets are not lost."

Adam smiled.

Mary took the coin and threw it on the table. The coin flicked, and it flicked into the paper cup accurately.


Petunia applauded and praised: "Mary, great!"

"Okay, twice for me and once for you."

Amy was a little surprised, but unmoved, because she hit a lot of shots, and Mary made a mistake the first time, so even if Mary hits all the shots later, her advantage is still in her, she has the chance to win.

"Come again!"

When she said that, she smashed the coin in her hand.

And Mary moved when she moved, and also smashed the coin in her hand.

Then the two coins flew toward the paper cup after they bounced up. Mary's coin hit Amy's coin and bounced Amy's coin away, but Mary's coin still fell into the paper cup.


"What did I see!"

"This is impossible!"

Everyone was stunned, and Amy even shouted out Cao Aman's classic quotes.

"Mary, how did you do it?"

Leonard asked incredulously.

"This is simple math."

Mary gave Leonard a strange look, then looked at Adam: "Dad, didn't you say that only Aunt Petunia and Uncle Howard have insufficient IQ?"


Howard and Petunia twitched.

"Adam, this is how you told Mary about us?"

Petunia gritted her teeth.


Adam coughed slightly: "I just said that neither you nor Howard have a doctorate. There is no other meaning. Don't get me wrong."


Mary explained to Adam: "Dad did say that. It seems that I misunderstood. I thought that only people without a doctorate would have a lower IQ."


Leonard and the many doctors just felt kindly choked.

Fortunately, they have been secretly trained by Sheldon for many years. Coupled with Mary's appearance, no one would hate it except Amy, who has the same frequency as Sheldon, so they had to smile one by one.

"Mary, how did you do it?"

Petunia saw that the doctors had been connoted and felt much better, so she smiled and said, "Don't talk about the specific mathematical calculation process, this is obviously not a simple mathematical calculation!"


Leonard nodded and said: "If the data is sufficient, mathematical calculations may not be difficult, but in this case, how do you get accurate data and then perform calculations? The key is even if the calculations are accurate, how can you accurately achieve it?"

"It's very simple."

Mary is still puzzled: "The data is there, you can see it at a glance, and it's easier to realize the calculation results.

Isn’t what we are playing now is accurate calculation and accurate realization? Otherwise, what do you think we are doing? Simply drop a coin? "


This time, even Amy, the initiator of the game, was stunned.

What does she mean?

She seemed to be able to compare this with Mary only because she was more sure of playing this when she was a child.

"I don't believe it!"

Although Amy was surprised at Mary's incredibleness, she really didn't believe that Mary could do this every time, so her fighting spirit rekindled: "Come again!"

With that, she smashed the coin again.

Mary followed close behind.

What shocked Amy was that this time, it was still Mary's coin that bounced off her coin and easily fell into the paper cup.

3:2, with a hundred shots, she has the advantage, and she who holds the winning ticket, it seems that she is about to lose!

"It's impossible! Come again!"

Amy is unwilling to accept this result.

But then, no matter how she moves, Mary can hit with precision.

Even she deliberately missed it and didn't lie to Mary, Mary's coin directly didn't touch her coin that was destined to fly out.

It turns out that what Mary said is true.

The final result is fixed at 10:2!

"Mary won."

Bernadette applauded.

Adam is also proud of his daughter.

"Is it better?"

Mary looked at Amy.

"I lost the coin."

Amy's expression is ugly and said: "But is there any ability to blow a paper ball with me?"


Mary nodded: "I can do it."


Amy was also completely aroused to win and lose. She didn't believe that her IQ was really worse than Mary, and she played the skills she spent countless hours polished when she was a child. She didn't believe that one couldn't win a little girl.

"We stand on both sides of the table, stand opposite each other, blow the paper ball towards each other with our mouths, a total of 10 chances, blowing to the ground counts as 0, whoever blows the farthest distance wins!"

Amy made a paper ball casually, and then began to explain the rules.


Mary agreed and walked across from Amy.

"I'll come first!"

Amy leaned over and gave a strong blow, blowing the paper ball towards Mary, and stopped when she was close to the edge of Mary's table.

Leonard took a ruler and measured: "1.89 meters!"

Mary blew gently.

Leonard took a ruler and measured: "1.75 meters!"

the second time.

Amy is confident again, blowing 1.91 meters!

And Mary is 1.99 meters!

The paper ball was close to the edge of the table and almost fell, but it didn't.


Seeing the scene when smashing the coin again, Amy yelled unwillingly.

"What's so strange?"

Mary looked at her strangely: "This is no essential difference from the previous coin smashing. It is still a matter of accurate calculation and accurate realization."

"Almost most competitive games are not like this."

Howard complained.


Mary nodded: "So there is nothing new, the result is the same."

"You guys are better than playing table tennis?"

Petunia saw that Amy was eager to lose, and quickly proposed: "As long as you can catch 10 **** from Amy, even if you win!"


Amy's eyes lit up.

Playing table tennis is also her strong point, although because she practiced by herself, she can only serve but not receive.

But no one can catch her serve yet.

Although playing table tennis is also a competitive sport with precise calculations, it is different from just hitting coins and blowing paper **** in that she can use a lot of effort to play table tennis.

Even if Mary can calculate accurately, but this time Mary will not have the speed and strength to realize the calculation and catch her ball.

"forget it."

Mary shook her head: "You can't even play table tennis."

"I can't? Dare to practice?"

Amy is not convinced.

"All right."

Seeing this, Mary did not stop.

Everyone drove to the nearest Howard's house, where there is a ping pong table.

Amy stood there confidently, looking at Little Mary, who had just passed the table, and finally smiled, without saying a word, making a strong serve.

Very powerful!

The speed is extremely fast!

She didn't believe Mary could catch it.

But the reality is often not as expected. Mary hit back with a backhand and sent a strong and fast ball. It flew back at a stronger and faster speed. After the ball was ejected, it was hit hard and after the serve, it was ignored. Amy face.

"Are you coming?"

Mary is a small person, holding a racket at the moment but exuding the aura of a big devil.

"I'm training a monkey with you! Do you dare to compare?"

Amy roared, touching her sore face.


Mary has never been afraid since she was born~www.mtlnovel.com~ Amy rubbed her smashed face, and took everyone to her apartment, where there lived the experimental monkey she couldn't handle now.

The experimental monkey smoked and drank in her apartment, urinated and defecate at will, teasing her in various ways.

She, the old beast master, was going crazy, she didn't believe that Mary could handle it.

"that's it!"

In the apartment, Amy pointed around and saw the monkey who was not only not afraid, but also grinning and making faces.

"To shut up!"

Seeing the monkey arguing in panic, Mary snorted.

The monkey, who was not afraid of everything, immediately squatted obediently, lowering his eyebrows and pleasing his eyes, as if he really understood what Mary said.

The old animal master Amy even found this unruly monkey shivering a little.