Twenty-three, sugar melon sticky.

Yanfang said, "It's the year after Laba." Sure enough, something happy happened.

The tumor in Wei Qian's lungs was eventually considered benign, and the operation was removed. After that, the uncle was born to be savage and astute. After all, Zhuge Liang was born weakly, and he was lying weakly on the hospital bed, still clutching Opportunity, I said bluntly: "I said nothing is all right, have I let go of my mouth? As for you guys, you jumped up and down ..."

Three fat faces with bleeding gums on his face.

Fortunately, at this moment, Wei Zhiyuan came in, holding a thermal bucket in his hand.

He greeted San Fat, put the insulation bucket aside, then squatted on the ground, and lifted up a sleeve of Wei Qian-the hand that Wei Qian was injured by the knife has been stitched-Wei Zhiyuan was out of his pocket He felt the string of wooden beads that he had ground for him, and tangled up.

谦 Wei Qian blinked and asked strangely, "How do you remember bringing it?"

Wei Zhiyuan said without raising his head: "You just had the anesthetic after the operation, and people asked for it when they were still confused. Do n’t remember? When you woke up, the first sentence was to ask people" my Where are the beads? "

Wei Qian's face was quite unstoppable, and he did not squeak.

Three fat smiled with folds coming out: "Hahahaha," What about my beads? "Why would you want that? I said, Qianer, do you want a red head rope? It is two feet long, and it ’s Chinese New Year. You buy it, dad has the money, I will give you a few extra inches, and I can still be a belt. "

Wei Qian couldn't get down in bed, so he had to use his eyes to express the somewhat complicated message, "I want to kill you."

"Oops, Dad," Sanfat patted his belly and said with a smile, "Stare at me, but I'm leaving. I don't like to look at your night maiden face. You two of that ... what, hey, me Don't bother. "

哪 Where is all this?

Wei Wei Qian: "Get out of here."

San fat laughed and went out, laughing.

谦 Wei Qian secretly went to see Wei Zhiyuan, only to find that Wei Zhiyuan was looking down at him, he suddenly coughed, and said a little awkwardly, "Well, what's wrong with your company?"

Wei Weiyuan: "No."

Wei Weiqian asked again, "Where is Xiaobao?"

Wei Zhiyuan: "I just had a phone conversation with me, and my throat was sobbing. I said it was a plane in the afternoon, and it will be there in the evening."

谦 Wei Qian is so poor this time, Wei Zhiyuan is sitting next to his bed: "What else to ask?"

Wei Qian was silent for a moment and reached out to him: "Come here."

Wei Zhiyuan took his hand and sat closer.

Wei Qian raised his hand and touched his head, and then moved slightly down. Because of the wound, his rough palms crossed Wei Zhiyuan's face. He said, "This time it's all right, don't lie to you, don't get angry. . "

Wei Weizhi closed his eyes and closed his eyes: "I don't."

"Let's go, you've been very stupid since then." Wei Qian laughed, "arguing with Xiaobao once, and didn't enter her house until she moved."

"You still remember." Wei Zhiyuan's eyes lit up suddenly, and there seemed to be two small lights in his pupils, jumping scorchingly, "What do you remember?"

"I remember a lot. You did n’t want to go to school when you were a kid. You jumped and yelled at me in front of the school, and bite me, but you broke one of your teeth, thinking you were dying, and you wrote the first part of your life. Great work. "Wei Qian said slowly," And Xiaobao, you two will be like a pair of cockfighting, from early to late, I don't know why. "

"I don't know why, anyway, I'm trying to cheer you up."

Wei Qian: "Nonsense, how happy are you two fighting?"

Wei Weiyuan leaned down and reached out and touched the corner of his mouth: "Who knows? Anyway, you are still laughing now."

Wei Qian awkwardly raised his involuntary corner of his mouth, and then he thought about it and complained, "But after a few years, when you grow up, you don't kiss me very much."

Xi Weizhiyuan looked at him meaningfully.

Wei Qian inexplicably asked, "What do you look at?"

"It's not because I don't want to kiss you, but I dare not kiss you." Wei Zhiyuan said, and found his wallet from his trouser pocket—his wallet had been stuck in his trouser pocket for a long time, and was made of hard jeans of various materials. It wears out very fast. So far, seven or eight have been changed, but after opening it, the photos in the photo folder will always be the same.

That photo was too old, the corners were worn out, and it was re-adhesive with tape. It was a flat-headed, but eye-catching young man, wearing a school uniform, standing in front of the camera, carrying his hands on his back. Like Lizheng, he stood upright, like a stiff mallet, without a smile on his face, tight and tight, with a gloomy look, as if he was deeply hostile to the entire world.

"Who is this silly boy? How does it look like a young criminal?" Wei Qian failed to respond at first, then he squinted and looked for a long time, and finally laboriously recognized himself who was nearly 20 years ago, and suddenly the whole Everyone is Spartan. "Where did you find these two photos? Wei Xiaoyuan, you have too much insight, so you can't pick a good one? You carry this all day with ... this face "I'm stupid" is written brightly, aren't you afraid that others will see the joke? "

Wei Zhiyuan: "Give it back to me. Don't insult my dream lover."

"No, confiscated, I want to destroy the corpse." Wei Qian turned back and stuffed the old photo under the pillow, so as not to let his dark history continue to swagger across the market.

Wei Weiyuan looked at him helplessly.

行 "Okay, big deal, I'll lose you one." Wei Qian thought for a while, remembering that he didn't take much pictures at all. He reached for his mobile phone from Wei Zhiyuan's pants pocket, and called up the camera function he had just started playing recently.

What kind of picture do you take?

Wei Qian thought for a while, struggling in the hospital bed to remember.

"What are you doing? Don't mess around," Wei Zhiyuan immediately held him down, "carefully twisted the drip needle."

Wei Qian tilted his head slightly, followed by Wei Zhiyuan ’s movements, and slightly moved his hand with a little bit of his hand. It looked like holding Wei Zhiyuan ’s hand to hold his hand, and his lips were gently on the back of Wei Zhiyuan ’s hand. Touched the ground.

Click "click".

Wei Zhiyuan's hand shook like an electric shock.

After a while, Wei Zhiyuan stared blankly at his mobile phone screen. The man's side face was pale with a peculiar disease, and his lowered eyebrows became darker and heavier. He seemed to be holding a stain in the morning light. The dewy flower was more pity for its delicate, fragile and moving, and kissed it with a touch, then put it firmly back on the branch steadily ... the corner of his mouth was a little helpless, helpless smile meaning.

He has trampled on his feet the destiny that he has been chasing after him countless times, and even the fate of "destiny" doesn't seem to dare to provoke him now. He was invincible, but was defeated in the swaying fragrance of this "flower" alone.

Wei Weiyuan felt that this lonely and regret-free road had finally come to an end.

I wonder if it has been too exhausting to accompany in the hospital these days, or something else. After a while, Wei Zhiyuan couldn't help falling asleep on the bedside.

高 When he was snoring, the monk Xiong Xiong came handsome.

He was dressed as an alternative monk, and swaggered in the hospital, and was surrounded by doctors and nurses, other patients and their families. He held a string of beads in his hand and walked while walking, seeing who was the chief and who Avoiding anyone, the footsteps seemed very slow, but they ignored the others' opinions.

At this time, an inpatient doctor caught up with him: "Master! Hey, that master!"

Old bear: "Amitabha."

Dr. Xuan looked at him up and down, and asked indefinitely, "Are you also here to visit the doctor?"

The old bear **** said sacredly, "Yes, there is a layman who has just emerged from the sea of ​​suffering, and I come to see him."

The doctor's face changed, and then he lowered his voice: "Oh, the one who sent the morgue in the afternoon? That's not enough. Our hospital is strictly managed. The morgue can't let in casually."

Old bear: "..."

He feels that it is indeed the end of the French era, and even sacred medical workers can be so superficial.

"Amitabha." The old bear sighed and explained patiently, "The lay man, unfortunately, he is still a living creature."

"Ah, that's sorrowful ... No, no, I didn't mean that." The doctor saw him face like constipation, and then saw the fruit basket on his hand, quickly put his glasses on his face, righteously Say, "Actually, I want to tell you that the special elegant dresses and trousers of ordinary ladies are best not to be worn in hospitals-oh, I will say that you can sweep the floor, We are all patients. There are many germs and viruses on the ground. They are swept into clothes and harmful to the health of you and your family. "

Immediately, the more realistic doctor realized that telling the monk "family" was not appropriate, and added: "Going back is harmful to your health and the health of your second and second elder brothers."

Lao Xiong was speechless for a moment, so he had to thank Ji Shou, at the same time, he felt that Wei Qian must be blessed by the Buddha and could survive in such a dangerous medical environment.

An old doctor with a mask passed by and said to the young resident doctor who reprimanded him: "Xiao Liu, you are also a little humanoid, so much nonsense? Without a little prestige, how can the patient trust you in the future?"

Dr. Xiao Xiaoli hippie smiled over and shrugged his shoulders and said, "Teacher, I'm hanging from the pot, he is a living creature, we both have a common language, what are we talking about?"

四个 The words "Purdu sentient beings" gave the old bear a footstep, then he shook his head and laughed, and walked to the ward.

他 When he pushed open the door of Wei Qian's ward, the old bear stunned at the door first.

He saw Wei Zhiyuan lying on the bedside of Wei Qian and sleeping soundly, most of his face was buried in his own arms, only a little exposed, and the corner of his mouth seemed to be smiling.

Wei Qian also has various pipes in his body, and there is a young man looking at a magazine one by one, sometimes looking down at a young man who sleeps quietly, his eyes are soft beyond words.

Wei Qian's gaze inadvertently swept the door and saw the old bear. He immediately raised his index finger to his lips and made a quiet gesture to him.

The old bear walked in lightly, put the fruit basket aside, and felt that he was blinded by the pair of dogs and men. In order to express his dissatisfaction, he pulled out a banana from the gift. The ground is peeled and eaten.

Wei Zhiyuan did not have the habit of sleeping during the day. He was so exhausted that he took a nap, and he lay for twenty minutes. The old bear used this short twenty minutes to wipe out half of the fruit basket. I woke up in my voice, thinking for a moment that there was a rat in the ward.

As soon as he opened his eyes, Wei Qian finally spoke.

"The bear is handsome," Wei Qian said, "are you here for my picnic?"

Lao Xiong said without a word: "Anyway, it is not convenient for you to eat these things at one and a half. It should be broken in two days. I'll fix it for you and not waste things."

谦 Wei Qianpi smiled and said, "That's really thankful-what the **** did you do? It's impossible to come to see me on a special trip, right?"

"You donor, how bitter and mean, you do n’t even have to be arrogant, and you are always willing to think of others," said Xiong Xiu, who was tempted, and then spread his hands in two hands. "The poor monk is here to visit the doctor, by the way. Good old days. "

Wei Qian gave him a skeptical glance: "Weasel gives the chicken a New Year?"

"Amitabha," the old bear was silent for a while. "Sometimes it ’s really difficult for a poor monk to understand the kind of the donor ... you often attack yourself without any difference. It's too much of an equal treatment."

I probably lay for too long. Wei Qian felt the wound a little hurt. He frowned slightly and moved slightly. Wei Zhiyuan came over immediately and shoved a pillow behind him: "Be careful."

谦 Wei Qian nodded, and then turned to the old bear: "I want money now, half-life, which one do you plan to discuss with me? Don't go around, just say."

"Amitabha, how can you talk to this monk with monks? Is it true that you should talk about Brother Kong Fang? It hurts your feelings!" Lao Xiong lowered his head, and put a pitying figure on five people and six people. As soon as he lifted his persimmon face, he showed a thief-like smile like Garfield, and held out five fingers to Wei Qian, "You are enough to sponsor me."

Wei Qian was very angry: "I knew you could not come to see me!"

Lao Xiong said with a smile: "Don't be angry, donor, you haven't recovered from the serious illness. You have to keep your strength and calm down."

Wei Qian: "It's impossible. I have several projects at hand in the early stages. The capital chain is stretched out. I'm going to sell myself now. How can I make money?"

Lao Xiong: "It's only half a million. It's not as good as the blink of an eye. The interest rate is too high. Don't you just pull a hair and don't pull it out?"

"500,000? Easy to handle." Wei Qian tilted his head back: "Xiao Yuan, is there any change? Give him ten yuan. There is a lottery ticket seller at the door. Let him say to the Buddha, one hundred and eight million. The prizes are resolved. "

Lao Xiong: "This donor who only wore a white shirt for a lifetime, is your name Poor Sour? You have really come out to a certain degree."

Wei Qian: "Lao Tzu has driven a broken car of one hundred thousand dollars so far, you asked me to ask for a threshold of 500,000 donations? Tell me, where is the door?"

Lao Xiong has no expression, and still maintains his own speaking speed. He said to Wei Qian, "I didn't let you donate a threshold, and I didn't ask you to pay for the Buddha statue. This time, several social non-profit organizations took the lead. What they do, they have their own website and Weibo, and now they are quite well-known. All the money you paid for sponsorship can be used as advertising fees to promote corporate brands. Is it cheap enough? "

Wei Qian looked up and down the old bear, and sincerely asked, "Senior, please give me a call. Is the company's image so bad that it needs a monk to endorse it?"

Lao Xiong: "Anyway you can't pay for it?"

Wei Wei Qian: "I just have no money anyway."

Wei Zhiyuan had to separate two people with a glass of warm water: "Okay, let's break the meeting, come, let's truce first, Brother Xiong drink a glass of water."

The old bear stood up and drank it. He smashed it and said, "I'll finish with you. You must have to pay for this money. This thing is like this-a lot of people on the Internet have talked about child trafficking The non-profit organization I said is specifically for social welfare activities. They are now going to take the lead and do something in response to these phenomena ... "

"Isn't that you arguing for seedlings?" Wei Qian said, "It's a matter of policemen to beat and abduct, what are you going to do? Public welfare, I think it's almost trouble."

"Owner, you are all down, just accumulate morality." Lao Xiong continued to explain, "We are not kidnapping, but we want to pack up something similar to the Internet social platform, to the parents who have lost the child and to the unknown Children of their own origin are connected using this network. The police find the abducted child and will also post information on it to find the child's guardian. In short, it is to help find the child who has been trafficked. Do you understand? "

Wei Qian was silent, and his eyes fell on Wei Zhiyuan.

Lao Xiongzhi looked at him with certainty, and sure enough, after a while, Wei Qian said, "Xiao Yuan, go home and get my checkbook ... well, in the name of the company, I'll go out in private."

He then added: "The budget of half a million is too tight. You write him five million and sign it for me."

Lao Xiong: "Shan 哉 Shan 哉-then you need additional sponsorship ..."

"Yes." Wei Qian promised, "You ask them to give me a contract as soon as possible. I will be the chief financial officer. In addition to the annual external audit, we must accept the internal audit of our company to ensure that funds are not abused. Follow-up sponsorships. No need to look for others. "

Wei Zhiyuan paused for a while: "Brother, actually ..."

He wanted to say that he didn't really care about his childhood anymore. He didn't have any special interest in his biological parents. It was good to meet him, but he couldn't fall down. He was staring at it with a smile, and thought he was so dismantled. Taiwan is not good.

I was stuck for a while, then he whispered, "In fact, I have you enough."

Lao Xiong's eyes, nose, nose and mouth, read the Buddha's name, quite treasure.

"Um." Wei Qian's voice was lighter, "Go."

Lao Xiong and Wei Zhiyuan walked out of the ward together.

Wei Zhiyuan: "Brother Xiong, don't you treat me so kindly?"

The old bear smiled, "Hey, now you have hard wings and the whole world can fly over. He has a rare chance to do something for you. I am perfecting him-hey, yes, I will preach next week, do you come? Come?"

"Preaching the Scriptures? You?" Wei Zhiyuan showed a weird expression on his face.

"What happened to me?" The old bear glared at him.

"Why have you been so active lately?" Wei Zhiyuan asked strangely. He vaguely remembered that when he first went to the old bear ’s zen room, the old bear was planning the quiet and depression of the ancient Buddha's life. Degree yourself? "

The old bear held a wooden bead between his fingers and made a crisp sound during the collision.

"This can't be you." After a while, he said, "It has been floating on the river for a long time, there are always one or two of you who are so okay to play and throw yourself in the river, taking one will have the second, and it will be more crowded. , There is no distinction between the Mahayana and Mahayana. "

Wei Weiyuan is thoughtful.

Lao Xiong raised his hand and patted his shoulder: "Don't think about it, Red Dust is just right, nothing can be done if nothing is done ... I'm gone."

Wei Weiyuan watched his generous back walk towards the bus station, and mixed feelings.

At this moment, the old bear suddenly turned around and shouted at him: "Boy, you go and get a check! Don't be dazed, it's easy to get a big money is an iron cock, is it easy for a poor monk to turn back? When it ’s over, it ’s bad food. For money, you have to hit the iron while it is hot! ”

For a while everyone looked around, and the old bear was proud of himself, as if he could not feel it at all.

Wei Weiyuan was not as thick-skinned as he had to run away.

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