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Novel Summary

There is a very strange restaurant in the City of Sin.

Elves and dwarves must share a table, orcs are strangely well behaved, dragons are only welcomed on the small square in front of the restaurant, and the demons must bring their own stool.

This strange restaurant with their strange rules continuous to attract a long line of customers.

“This place serves the best food! The chef of this restaurant is a genius!” Some of the guests in the restaurant left glowing reviews. But these guests have a word of warning for other guests, “No matter what you do, never, never attempt to kidnap the boss or try to ‘eat and run’. You will die.”

A cute little girl stood near the door, and demanded in her tiny voice, “You have eaten the food, now pay up, or I will beat you to death.” The five-meter tall dragon suddenly felt a chill running up its spine.

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Short Title:DFWR
Original Title:奶爸的异界餐厅
Author:Qing Yu Jiang Hu
Type:Web Novel
Genre:Comedy, Fantasy, Slice of Life
Weekly Rank:#18
Monthly Rank:#16
All Time Rank:#5
Tags:Chefs, Childcare, Cooking, Cute Children, Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant Complete, Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant Ending, Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant English, Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant MTL, Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant RAW, Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant Spoilers, Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant Wiki, Doting Parents, Dwarfs, Elves, Fantasy World, Heartwarming, Male Protagonist, Orcs, Restaurant, Single Parent, Sword And Magic, System Administrator, Transmigration, Transported to Another World,

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