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Dad: At the Beginning, The Empress Brought Her Daughter to the Door to Force Her Marriage

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Novel Summary

Lin Xuan traveled through the fantasy world, and unexpectedly met the powerful Empress Xuanbing overnight.

Four years later.

The Emperor Xuanbing, Donghuang Ziyou, brought her daughters to the door and forced her to get married.

Face the lovely daughters.

Lin Xuan was too excited, but at the same time panicked.

Fortunately, the pet daughter crazy magic system is online in time!

Ding! Increase the intimacy between you and your eldest daughter by 1 point, reward: Emperor Realm cultivation base!

Ding! You taught your second daughter to know a new word. Reward: Chaotic Eucharist!

Ding! You ran away the monster that scared the third daughter. Reward: Heaven-swallowing magical skill!

Ding! You and your fourth daughter bullied the demons together. Reward: Chaos Excalibur!

With a baby for three years, Lin Xuan has been invincible in the universe.

Donghuang Ziyou: “I didn’t expect you to be so good!”

Lin Xuan: “Bringing a baby, you and me are professional!”

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Alternate Title:奶爸:开局女帝带女儿上门逼婚
Author:Cloud Fire Suzaku
Weekly Rank:#1
Monthly Rank:#11
All Time Rank:#1208
Tags:Cheat, Childcare, Cute Children, Male Protagonist, Strong from the Start, System,
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43 Comments on “Dad: At the Beginning, The Empress Brought Her Daughter to the Door to Force Her Marriage
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  1. very repetitive and guessable. stay at home take care of children, do random stuff to get reward, someone want to kill children, he kill them first, something happen,he solve them after one or two guy try and fail,he talk people are in awe. he walk people are in awe. he breathe people are in awe. only his wife didnt know he is awesome the whole world know he is awesome.

  2. well i give up.. the story only have one plot.. mc and his daughters.. go on adventure.. meet enemies.. have someone who know him.. kill enemies.. repeat.. and this happen sooooo many time but mc wife never found out.. like one time mc destroy entire holy land in their teritory but mc wife never know about it.. its big thing.. how the fck she didnt know about it...................

  3. Bro I didn't know that even Minecraft has its own fiction novels 😂😂 this guy is transmigrated in the Minecraft world I'm just sharing it here . I still don't know if it's good or bad https://m.soxscc.org/book/WoDiShiJieZhiChengJiuChuangShiShen.html

  4. So basically the novel is about him and his daughter magically encountering all his kid's mother enemies (like really it looks like the whole world just want to attack her territory all the time) and solving them without her knowledge. He is almost and expert on everything but she still thinks he is a mortal she allways tries to make him Start cultivation so he can live longer but he never bothers to tell her about his cultivation for no reason. Also he is fixing and killing her enemies everywhere and everyone knows about it except the her like she is an empress but she knows almost nothing about her country. It gets tiring that for some reason someone outhere always wants to attack her empire like everyone is just chilling and in a short time as soon as the Mc appeared in the palace conspiracies and whatnot happens everywhere

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