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Lin Huanhuan never expected that she could transmigrate by simply soaking in the bath!
So be it if she had transmigrated but what is up with tranmigrating into a beast world?!
There were handsome male beastmen everywhere wearing only an animal skin skirt, revealing their big long legs!
What? You also want me to give birth to your cubs?!
NONONO! Interracial love never yielded good results, extremely lovingly (quickly)¹ let me go!

¹TN: Pun on the words ‘extremely lovingly’ (ku ai). It has the same pronounciation as ‘quickly’ (kuai) but broken up into two words.

- Description from Novelupdates


Short Title:CBWBHM
Alternate Title:萌宠兽世:兽夫,么么哒!
Weekly Rank:#746
Monthly Rank:#981
All Time Rank:#690
Tags:Beasts, Cute Protagonist, Dense Protagonist, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Human-Nonhuman Relationship, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Polyandry, Reverse Harem, Special Abilities, System Administrator, Transported to Another World, Tribal Society, Werebeasts,
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10 Comments on “Cute Beast World: Beast Husband, Memeda!
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  1. It was fine so far but the story went downhill from me around halfway because they or rather daddy system teleported her to a entirely different continent (when she was in danger) that had new species like elves and dwarves and giants... Also daddy system is pretty inactive in giving task after halfway thru story... there used to be missions to give rewards in the beginning but nope no more. It's only there as plot armor and for item mall to buy more godlike items thru normal beastmen currency Like this journey had no purpose in the end besides gaining ally troops from the dragon continent and just to increase word count and more fluff moments. She miraculously happened upon "paper" from the elves and is using that paper to make books and create a library in her village... lol... The elf prince totally fell in love with her and becomes the king of elves but their spark just zap gone. And he's never mentioned again once she leaves the continent. They have an entire 100 chapters on their adventure together through that continent and how he became the elf king... She gets "acknowledge" by each "wisdom tree" in each continent but its never brought up again why that was necessary and what was the point of that. These two OP firebirds that are from Hell appears out of nowhere and becomes one of those villains that stay until the end. Noone knows where they came from and apparently her fourth husband a fire bird as well fought them long ago. The beastmen here are ranked by how many "stars" they have and 10 stars is the max before ascension. (yeah they added the possibility of ascension but says nothing about it nor mention if beastmen even wanna ascend - yes they want to get stronger to gain more stars but noone mentions wanting to ascend.) Okay, so I call bullsh*t on this star ranking system. The 4th ML the fire bird, he's introduced in like chapter 200 when all the birds move in with the rock mountain wolves. He's the elder of the bird tribe and it's NEVER mentioned what star rank he is and the strongest star introduced at that point was the 4 star (I think) 1st ML white tiger. Even to the end of the novel it's not mentioned, but somehow everyone can depend on him cause he can struggle fighting a 6 star beast but somehow was "suppressing" his ascension in order to chase after his wife (eluding he was at 10 stars for a while). Also he's like really old. Ancient old. from the first war or whatever. Anyways this ML is charming but in the plot he's used as a convenient muscleman to solve fights when the villains are "too strong" or save the FL by taking her and flying the skies The Space Ring... this thing is way to OP. No one else has this. No one. Whether they are rulers of Hell or the highest top brass (The almightly priest forgot what he's called). She can store anything as long as it's not alive in there and her husbands also share the same ring and space. Whenever she gets lost due to plot machanics. She pops a note in there to use like an emailing system to her husbands. She won't ever starved cause there's always food in there and money. She has all the material goods she will ever need. She get these space rings as a reward from the system when she only has two husbands so maybe around chapter 200/300ish. The learning ability - From the Dwarf continent she gets this nifty ancient gadget that transport her soul into the learning hall. And each door has a God of whatever behind it (she only uses 2 in this novel lol... forging and medicine) and whatever problem she had was conveniently solved. Oh btw, she got this gadget for at a rate of basically nothing. Since she was leaving the continent anyway to return to her home with her husbands and children she sells the right to the mine she owns there (lol she owns a rare mine after being there for like a month or two) and get a bunch of stuff besides the gadget. She somehow knows management and business skills as well??? She enforced a labor law system in the village they live in so refugees or outsiders can earn their keep at the village. This is also shown when she uses the dwarves as labor to build ballistas. Eventually ~halfway thru novel too, due to plot mechanics she can only get more beautiful, to the point where if any male saw her real face, they will want to r*pe her on the spot. Including the king of all beastmen. Also, if you have s*x with her your star level will gradually increase. Her blood and other stuff can 100% heal anything and upgrade your star level. It even got ridiculous to the point where one bowl of blood upgraded 7/8 star beasts (like 12 of them cause it was a squadron) to 10 star beasts So uhh 100 chapters in, there is a second life tryover fox woman who died once but got a second chance and is a villain. So... she's a c*ckroach villainess and stays for a long time but there's not much about why there was a need to have a second chance villainess around to begin with? She wasn't necessary well... to be exact that random ass backstory of a reincarnator element to the story. Oh, also her status slowly upgrades over time, from witch doctor, to high priest/wife of the leader of one of the ten major beastmen cities, then to #1 head honcho almightly priest. This world rules like England, with monarchy and religion or rather church side by side, so she's the head honcho of the church.... by ch600~ Okay last rant cause I think my simmering rage is making me recall all the bad things. There's this OP villain that just wipes out alot of warriors and FL was the only one who can see it because of course - plot mechanics. It's a mask that let's her see the invisible attacks of the enemy and of course her husbands have to protect her on the battlefield while listening to her expert war advice - cause she knows how to position solders too now. This villain is basically a bug that eats a beautiful beastwoman and takes her appearance (conveniently that second chance fox woman who finally dies). A random beast can have s*x with her to spawn hundreds or thousands of bugs within a short amount of time. They are really dangerous cause of the reproductive rate AND fighting capabilities. With the FL "expert" guidance they manage to kill these hundreds or thousands of baby wormy buggies and the mom bug is enraged and transforms into a moth like creature. Does critical damage but is harm in the process then flies away with a vengeful heart since all her children were murdered. Then.... nothing... she's never mentioned ever again even though the story specifically said her species is a DANGER to the ENTIRE BEASTMEN CONTIENT! LAST ONE) forgot to mention, there's a contract that happens when a woman and beastmen have s*x and they are forever bound to it. There's a high chance of dying if your female mate dies or if she decides to cancel the contract with her said male. So, FL knows how to make the "cure" for that contract that been around for eons and offers "divorces or marriage counseling" in her village/town. Hahahahaha like come on now. Also, this contract thing is very underused or mentioned ever again after the first half of the novel....

  2. As an american reader, im enjoying this, but someone who actually speaks fluent english needs to translate this, or at the very least, edit it to be readable. I have much difficulty understanding many things, and often i have guess what you mean. Now i will list a few clear issues with the english translation. 1. The gender pronouns of the characters frequently change from male to female 2.the usage of the word Daughter in law here is wrong in practically every sentence it is used in. 3. The names of the characters change significantly throughout the story, and it is at times very confusing, especially since slow/slowly is NOT a recognizable name to any american, but actually an insult aka "bullying" 4. The attempt to censor bad words is more annoying than it is useful, i came here to read a smutty reverse harem, not have you "mosaic" me. Which reminds me 5. Mosaic is a form of art, in which small pieces of clay are used to make pictures like a tiny tiled floor. I have so many more complaints with the incompetence of the translator, but i will let you solve this problem, hopefully someone who understands english fluently fixes this so i can read it again clearly

  3. No se el nombre del autor si es hombre o mujer pero e leido vastante novela de sociedad tribal para darme cuenta que los autores chinos hombres escriben al protagonista como para que sea virgen hasta la muerte pero las autoras chinas mujeres al primer capitulo ya hacen a la protagonista tener sexo al empesar la novela y un haren de 20 hombres superdotados que la adoran con locura como en esta novela

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