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Cultivator Returns to the City

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Eighty years ago, Yin Xiu embarked on a journey to the far shore of the starry sky to surpass his limit and pursue the highest realm.
Eighty years later, Yin Xiu realized that his cultivation was stuck on a bottleneck. His heart was with a knot that he needed to untie. Hence, he returned to Earth from the Realm of Cultivation!
However, 80 years had already passed, and earth-shaking changes had already taken place on Earth…

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Short Title:CRTTC
Alternate Title:修真归来在都市
Author:Mo Lu Xing
Weekly Rank:#1283
Monthly Rank:#1268
All Time Rank:#600
Tags:Alchemy, Arrogant Characters, Artifact Crafting, Beautiful Female Lead, Business Management, Businessmen, Calm Protagonist, Clever Protagonist, College/University, Crafting, Cultivation, Determined Protagonist, Ghosts, Handsome Male Lead, Hard-Working Protagonist, Harem, Immortals, Male Protagonist, Master-Disciple Relationship, Modern Day, Monsters, Nationalism, Pets, Pill Concocting, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Racism, Returning from Another World, Revenge, Sharp-tongued Characters, Strong to Stronger, World Travel,
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11 Comments on “Cultivator Returns to the City
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  1. One of the worst case of chinanumba1 novels; by the end there is so much racism and natiinalism that even most people would find horrifying This writter has a serious case of chinese brainwash going on

  2. Interesante novela, la primera que leo de este tipo en la cual el MC no se va peleando con cualquiera que lo vea mal o lo desprecie. El MC es tranquilo y aunque se mezcla con la sociedad moderna no se deja llevar por la misma, valora las relaciones pero teniendo en cuenta quien es mas importante y quien menos. La historia trata del MC que vuelve luego de 80 años del mundo del cultivo a la tierra, que ha cambiado enormemente a lo que era cuando se fue, buscando la emoción / inspiración que requiere para romper el cuello de cultivo que tiene. La historia progresa con acción que crece hasta involucrar a todo el planeta tierra y evoluciona incluyendo subdimensiones en la misma ademas de que de estas aparecen cultivadores que eran nativos hace muchos años. El romance es muy sutil y mínimo, se profundiza mas casi al final pero nunca toma un papel muy relevante. Ha resaltar sería el mismo MC (o la actitud del mismo) que a diferencia de otras novelas que tratan de lo mismo es alguien que evita hacer enemigos y diferencia el mundo moderno del cultivo, la diferencia principal es que si en el cultivo alguien hace una enemistad y tiene la capacidad para eliminar a esta lo hace incluyendo todo el relacionado que pueda querer reclamar una venganza sin hacer ninguna diferencia y en el mundo moderno donde no asesina a mortales pero si les ejerce presión para que reconozcas su situación y no lo vuelvan a molestar. Y finalmente otra cosa a resaltar que esta un poco relacionado a lo anterior, los malos o enemigos son racionales, reconocen cuando no van a poder dañar al MC y no se siegan creyendo que hizo algún truco o los engaño como en otras obras. Una obra similar a esta sería Returning from the Immortal World. Aunque es similar el enfoque principal es diferente ya que Cultivator Returns to The City es mas una novela de vida diaria y Returning from the Immortal World mas una novela de cultivo, ambas tienen acción pero la primera no lo trata como algo principal sino que las interacciones del MC lo son y en la segunda si ocupa un papel mas importante.

  3. Decent novel if you ignore the super heavy nationalism. A good point is that the MC act detached from the government and world like a powerhouse should and not get tricked into the dragon guards of china like always happens on other novels, neither he gets manipulated by the government A bad point should be the heavy nationalism after chap 600+. At the beginning you can understand his nationalism based on his previous war experiences while growing up but latter it just became a "if you are not chinese i dont care about causing millions of innocent deaths on your country" just because a few people on the top or just because he considers chinese as a supreme race which contradict the fact that he acts detached etc. Other problems is that when the whole world population is dying. china is just watching the show not showing the least bit of pity or anything to help even though the only reason the are still alive is because the MC is always protecting the country Overall decent novel if you ignore the super nazi like nacionalism 😴

  4. The ending is more like a hiatus state because the novel just ends before he even reach the peak of the mortal world. Yeah no ascension or anything

  5. Wtf I thought I finally found a good time pass novel, but shit. After around chapter 600, the MC totally became someone else, asking his enemy to commit suicide, shitting all over them and their country totally different from the MC I was shown for half of the novel.

  6. Honestly I'm completely disappointed in the MC and I've only read up to Chapter 388. 300+ chapters of build up about the MC doesn't involve innocents as it's against his bottom line and then we get this crap. A small group tries to kill someone close to the MC and poisons them, so how does he respond? He causes a catastrophe that almost wipes out their entire country. The scumbag author even wrote a multiple chapter fapfest about innocents dying (including children) in graphic and violent ways and constantly writes about how they deserve it as if it is at all justified from the actions of a few (and I mean A FEW) people, before mentioning what their ANCESTORS did in the second world war. "China number one" brainwashing is strong in this one.

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