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Cultivation of Immortals Begins with Drilling Wood To Make Fire

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The dojo is located in Yunzhong Mountain, and there are halls and fields.

Sitting under the ginkgo tree in leisure time, looking at the dust and clouds in the distance,

Hoe the ground and listen to the sound of springs, forge swords by the fire,

Food and clothing are up to oneself and God,

I don’t know the end of the cold year;

When the robbery comes, you have to go to the lower reaches of the mountain to watch the bitterness and sweetness of the world.

It’s hard to keep injustice in your eyes, and you don’t like to show it in front of others.

The gourd of wine at the waist is deep, and the light of the sword behind the back is cold,

Not for fame, not for money,

Be a free spirit.


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Short Title:CIBDWTMF
Alternate Title:修仙从钻木取火开始
Author:Hanjia Maple Bamboo
Weekly Rank:#3074
Monthly Rank:#3506
All Time Rank:#6326
Tags:Absent Parents, Cultivation, Magic Beasts, Male Protagonist, No Cp, Spirits, Transmigration,
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  1. I like the fact that the MC is actually contributing to his environment. Usually a cultivator MC is akin to a rabid starving locust swarm. At least after dying the locust swarm can still fertilize the earth, whereas typical cultivator MCs... when exactly will they die?

  2. Hello everyone i have started to write My original novel please go and read it i think you will like it Novel "That time i crossed over with Immortal System" and please tell what you think about it in review section

  3. I have read this in raw site. It is slice of life type of novel. MC living the life of a hermit while occasionally travelling the world to resolve the karma that the previous "him" had with the world. In fact, if this novel was translated, you would get a relaxed cultivation novel.

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