"Crush the protagonist into **** (quick wear by Lan Gui


What if you dress up as the protagonist's antagonist? Pleasure and revenge, and have fun in time, whoever does not have eyes will be crushed into scum!

【World 1: Grandpa becomes a farmer】√

The fiancée cheated on her brother-in-law, and her parents were partial to cover up?

Tao Rui: Go back to recognize the farmer's parents, and honor him as a prince. If you meet again, you won't be able to climb high!

【World 2: Tragedy Actor in the Entertainment Industry】√

There are always missionaries sucking my luck?

Tao Rui: Swallow the Air Luck System and let the missionaries taste the taste of bad luck!

【World 3: Be the best artist in the 1970s】√

Being reborn as a gunman? Disgusted by brother and sister-in-law?

Tao Rui: Go as far as you can, you are the best, I am more excellent than you!

【World 4: Honest People Improper Receivers】√

The wife of the boss who runs with the ball is eyeing the honest man to take over? The mother is harsh and the family is shameless?

Tao Rui: Let a group of shameless dogs bite a dog and lock them for life!

【World 5: The twin brother who was jailed for his crimes】√

【World Six: Unlucky God Stick】√

[World Seven: The Girlfriend of the Little Expert's Standup]

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Author's Comments:

The protagonist dressed as the villain cannon fodder in various stories, got into trouble, and had to fight back and control his own life. However, the best scumbags are still coming to the door one after another. From then on, the protagonist is happy with his revenge and has a good time. Whoever doesn't have eyes will be crushed into scum! The plot of this article is exciting and unconventional. All kinds of characters are three-dimensional and vivid, forming an exciting little story. And it's refreshing, and it's a masterpiece worth reading.