Tao Rui never saw Xue Shiyu again after that, and when other girls saw his cruel methods, no one dared to approach him. It was the girls who liked him very much, and the parents in the family repeatedly warned them to hide their thoughts, not to upset the husband and wife, and affect the whole family.

A few girls are definitely not reconciled. They are all Bai Fumei. They have known Tao Rui for so long, and they are finally picked by ordinary girls from poor backgrounds. How can they be reconciled? But they never took advantage of Liang Yuxin, so they could only curse Liang Yuxin secretly in their hearts and curse her to be abandoned as soon as possible.

But this curse is doomed not to be realized.

In the next five years, Tao Rui and Liang Yuxin quickly became a model couple in the circle. They are full of love and tacit understanding. They can perfectly deal with any situation and solve any problem perfectly. Both of them are characters that people can't underestimate. When they join forces, they are invincible. The most important thing is that they are also very affectionate. They can't even insert a needle between them, leaving people nowhere to start.

Everyone can only watch Tao's business is booming, not only leading in the provincial capital, but also expanding its business to Beijing and abroad, and it feels like it is taking off.

So at Tao Rui's 30th birthday banquet, Father Tao announced in public that he would hand over the company to Tao Rui, and he would no longer intervene and travel around the world with Mother Tao.

This decision surprised everyone, because Tao's father was in his early fifties and was in good health. He could be the chairman for at least another ten years, but he said he would retire. Many people envy Tao Rui, and he will be able to control the entire Tao family in the future. ah.

All the people who came to the birthday party were well-heeled people in the business circle. Tao's father brought Tao Rui to chat with his partners, and Tao's mother brought Liang Yuxin to entertain the wives and young ladies. It was like a handover ceremony, and the whole audience focused on the young couple, envy, admiration, jealousy and looked up.

Tao Rui listened to Father Tao chatting with people, and when he looked up, he saw Xue Shiyu who was talking to someone in the crowd, and frowned immediately. This person has not been seen for five years, why did he suddenly appear at his birthday party?

He looked away and let Fun Nian observe for a while, and soon found that Xue Shiyu was married. It seems that Xue Shiyu has no worries about food and clothing after getting married.

Liu Nian followed Xue Shiyu for a while, and found that Xue Shiyu used her previous position in the circle to introduce her husband to everyone with a familiar face, and exchanged a lot of business cards.

Xue Shiyu was also acquainted, and she did not go to Tao Rui and Liang Yuxin for the entire birthday party. But she actually looked at Tao Rui when others weren't paying attention.

She hadn't seen each other for five years, and she was married, thinking that everything in the past was over, but at such a banquet, Tao Rui became the center of everyone, but she became a transparent person on the edge, giving her something to be like The feeling of non-human beings is more nostalgic for the past life.

But she still had some jealousy and hatred in her heart. She had been hoping that Tao Rui and Liang Yuxin had a bad life. It seemed that she could feel better in that way. Who knew that Tao Rui and Liang Yuxin not only had a good life, but now they have become Tao's family members. Chairman and Chairman's wife.

As long as she thought that she had passed by the chairman's wife, her heart ached. Why is she so unlucky? How is Liang Yuxin so lucky? Why is Tao Rui so lucky? Why didn't she have powerful parents to let her reach that height?

Many young people think the same way as her. They think that Tao Rui has a good life and can be the master of the house in his early thirties.

In fact, the old business leaders who are familiar with Tao's father know the inside story. Tao Rui's strength in the past five years is no less than that of Tao's father. He has innovative thinking and decisive methods. He is better able to grasp the development opportunities than Tao's father. That's why Father Tao resigned so confidently and went out to play.

Many old friends are envious of Father Tao, this is not only a successor, but also better than the blue. If they had such a son, they could wake up happily from their dreams.

Jiang Hao and Yuan Wei were often scolded by their father. When Tao Rui took over the Tao family, they dragged him out to drink after the birthday party, threatening to get him drunk before giving up.

They didn't find anyone else to accompany them, they just drank in a box of a bar that Jiang Hao was playing with, with only their four brothers.

Jiang Hao said, "A Rui, you are Director Tao now, come and come, my brothers and a few toast you, we will really have to mess with your **** in the future."

He always likes to joke, and Tao Rui also smiled and had a cup of tea with them, "You guys have to work harder, I'll be the first to think of you when something good happens. But our brothers will settle the account, don't try to fool me."

Yuan Wei smiled and said: "You have always fooled us, how can we play with you?"

Mu Lingyang pulled off his tie and leaned beside Tao Rui, jokingly said, "We will have a direction in the future, just follow Brother Rui and drink soup. Brother Rui's direction, we will fight wherever you want in the future."

Tao Rui wanted to grow the company again. With their support, he would get twice the result with half the effort. Hearing that, he had a few cups with them. In addition to envy Tao Rui's success, they also envy Tao Rui's virtuous inner helper.

Yuan Wei sighed and said, "I really didn't realize that my sister-in-law is also a ruthless character at the beginning. It's still Brother Rui who has a good eye."

"Brother Rui hides it so well. My sister-in-law only showed her strength after she got married. She used to look like an ordinary student." Jiang Hao gave Tao Rui a thumbs up.

Mu Lingyang sighed, leaned on the sofa and said, "With the eyesight, none of us can match Brother Rui. To be honest, when Shiyu returned to China, Brother Rui treated her like that. I really felt so unsympathetic. No. It's one thing to like it, childhood sweethearts are not fake.

Brother Rui protects his sister-in-law and slaps Shiyu in the face. Although I know that Shiyu is wrong, I always feel a little awkward in my heart. As a result, huh..."

Tao Rui heard that the words were not right, and turned to look at him, "What happened?"

The faces of the three were not very good, Jiang Hao sneered, "As a result, we were thinking about our old relationship, but Shi Yu kept taking advantage of us. Not long after her family went bankrupt, she got married. His husband's family is not bad, he has a little face, Why did you marry her a 'desperate daughter'? Isn't it just because of her looks and temperament, and her relationship with us?"

Yuan Wei drank a glass of wine and was a little unhappy, "Brother Rui, you don't like to see her, so we haven't mentioned her. Since she got married, she has often asked us to let us share some projects and orders. to her mother-in-law.

We all regarded her as our own sister since we were young. When she first came to look for her, we all gave the most profitable ones. Doesn't this make her a little pitiful? In the past, the princess was the same, but now she can only marry someone who she didn't like before. Who knows, it will also increase people's appetite. "

Tao Rui looked at them and felt a little incredible, "You guys have been helping her all these years, have you?"

The three of them were uncomfortable with his foolish eyes, and said dejectedly, "We have no hatred with her after more than 20 years of relationship. How could it be so easy to give up?"

"We haven't seen her very much in the past two years, and the orders given to her are not profitable. I heard that her mother-in-law and her husband used to hold her, but now it's not good for her to see her useless. Otherwise, she won't be thick today. She just wanted to take advantage of the people she knew in the circle before, and she could pull a business if she could."

"I don't know how long she can last like this. She doesn't have the backing of her mother's family, and we don't want to see her very much. In the future, she can only be slaughtered by her mother-in-law's family."

After listening to what they said, Tao Rui laughed out loud, "I said you are stupid? You are still being slaughtered, how old is this? If she doesn't want to be slaughtered and divorced, what's so pitiful? According to me, she If you start a company by yourself, I beg you to give the list and earn all the profits into your own pockets. I will give her a high look.

In order to be held by her husband's family, she is doing business with her husband's family every day. Isn't this a disease? "

The three stayed for a while, and quickly responded, "She doesn't know how to do business either."

This is the root. Although Xue Shiyu has some brains, reversed his predicament, and did the best he can, he is still a mirage. Genzi has always been dependent on others. She has always been like this since she was a child. She used to be like a princess because she had a good family background, and Tao Rui and the others were willing to hold her.

She used to be proud, but she never thought she had anything to be proud of. After the downfall, he used his own value to quickly marry a rich second-generation, and wanted to continue to enjoy the wealthy life. After finding that her husband's family didn't like her that much, he used his childhood friendship to help her husband's family climb up.

Tao Rui reckoned that with Xue Shiyu's scheming, she must have obtained a certain share of the company from her husband's family when she was willing to sacrifice her face like this.

But how do you say this? Someone else's company is someone else's company. If she is not skilled, the value of her shares will only get lower and lower in the future. It is better to start a company herself. Ask Jiang Hao and the others to help introduce a manager. .

As long as she is more sensible, can Jiang Hao and the others watch her company go wrong? Needless to say, she will take the initiative to share some profits for her to earn.

But it's better for her to help her in-law's family to ask for things. In five years, she squandered her childhood friendship like this.

Jiang Hao and the three of them hadn't thought about it carefully before. After all, it was an act of friendship in their hearts, and they didn't think much about it. Now listening to Tao Rui's analysis, I really feel that Xue Shiyu is quite stupid.

But they haven't reminded her of her mind anymore. If the emotional splurge is gone, it's gone. Now it's a little annoying to think of her, and it's a little bit sad that the old days will never return.

A few people were silent for a while, then Mu Lingyang poured wine for everyone and said, "Don't mention her, the past is over. Our brothers have grown up, and there is still a broader road to go in the future. Brother Rui, In the past few years, I have seen that our brains are not as good as yours, and we will follow you all the way to the dark."

Tao Rui said with a smile: "Okay, I'm going fast, don't fall behind."

"Don't worry, this confidence is still there!"

The atmosphere became lively again, and the four brothers drank several bottles of wine and fell asleep on the sofa. The next day, I got up and cleaned up, and I was the elite heir of various companies. It seems that from this night, they abandoned their youthful youth and began to change towards maturity and stability, because they all wanted to develop the company better.

Xue Shiyu also quickly found out that Jiang Hao and the others ignored her, she couldn't see anyone, and she couldn't receive the projects they gave. This phenomenon was soon discovered by other people in the business circle. Those people who were willing to exchange business cards with her at the banquet were mostly looking at Jiang Hao and the three of them.

After all, the three of them were willing to take care of Xue Shiyu, and the others were embarrassed to refuse too much. It turned out that they had ignored Xue Shiyu now, so who would be willing to pay attention to her?

Because of this, Xue Shiyu's life was not very good, but she gave birth to a child and quickly became pregnant with a second child, so her husband's family didn't like her very much, so it couldn't be too much. The bad thing is that when she was high above, she offended many people.

For example, Lin Ling, once Xue Shiyu was surrounded by stars and the moon, everyone was white and rich, Lin Ling and the others had to retreat in front of Xue Shiyu. In addition, they had a crush on Tao Rui before, but Tao Rui only liked Xue Shiyu. Even if they hated Xue Shiyu in their hearts, they still had to call her "Sister Shiyu" on the surface. Now it's hard to wait until Xue Shiyu has no one to protect her, so why don't you take action!

In particular, Lin Ling remembered that Xue Shiyu had bought her off, and joined a few sisters to persuade her family to start suppressing Xue Shiyu's mother-in-law's company.

The company took over some projects given by Jiang Hao and the others before, but now no one is protecting them, and others can still get a piece of the pie. So Lin Ling and the others persuaded the family without much effort, especially if the Lin family offended Tao Rui, it meant that they were implicated by Xue Shiyu.

Xue Shiyu was in a hurry and looked for help everywhere, but it was of no use. She was so angry that she approached Lin Ling with a five-month-old belly and asked incomprehensibly, "Why are you targeting me? I have no grudges with you, are you crazy?"

Lin Ling sneered and said, "No hatred and no grudges? If you didn't let me spread rumors to deal with Liang Yuxin, Tao Rui would get angry and cancel the cooperation? Tao Rui and Jiang Hao have not cooperated with my family in recent years. Do you know how much our Lin family has lost? It's all your fault!"

Xue Shiyu felt incredible, "It's true that I gave you something to deal with her, but didn't you want to deal with her in the first place? You dare to say that you don't envy her or hate her? Your family was hurt by you!"

"So what? I'm just going to shoot fire on you now. If you want to blame it, you can blame yourself for not being human. You used to pretend to be gentle, but in fact your eyes are on the top of your head. Didn't you remember all the names? You did this yourself." Lin Ling glanced at her stomach, turned and left. If this woman touches porcelain and relies on her, it will be ugly.

Xue Shiyu did feel a little uncomfortable in her stomach. She was just angry. After Lin Ling left, she went directly to the hospital.

Now it's not a question of whether her in-law's family treats her well or not. Now it's her fear of facing bankruptcy again. Her husband's company has her shares, and now it feels like the shares are depreciating every minute and every second. Moreover, she could still be regarded as a poor daughter when she went bankrupt last time, and because of Jiang Hao's relationship with them, she could marry a good family and turn around. Now if she goes bankrupt again, there is nothing left.

She was so anxious and anxious that the fetus was not very good, so she could only be hospitalized. However, Lin Ling and the others did not stop attacking her husband's company, which made her more and more haggard.

One day when she went for an examination, she saw Tao Rui from a distance. She took a closer look with a bit of astonishment, and determined that it was Tao Rui, and soon a person walked by, it was Liang Yuxin.

She saw the two of them talking and laughing, and then Tao Rui asked Liang Yuxin to sit on the chair, took the list and left, she must have paid the fee. Checking at this gate is for pregnant women.

Xue Shiyu stood there staring blankly at Liang Yuxin, thinking that Liang Yuxin was already pregnant with Tao Rui's child? Tao Rui is about to have a child?

Liang Yuxin noticed that she was looking at her, but she didn't recognize her at first, but after a while, she raised her eyebrows and smiled.

Seeing this, Xue Shiyu stepped forward, sat next to Liang Yuxin, and asked with a smile, "Miss Liang pregnant?"

Liang Yuxin smiled happily and touched her abdomen, "It should be, come and confirm. Sister Shiyu, where is your family? Did you go and pay for you?"

The smile on Xue Shiyu's face froze, something happened in the company these days, and her family didn't come to take care of her at all, nor did she hire a nurse. She wanted to invite it herself, but the hospital said that there was no manpower for the time being, so she could only pay for the examination by herself.

At this moment, she suddenly didn't want to hide and act in front of Liang Yuxin. Maybe this was the last time they met, and she suddenly didn't care about face. She looked straight at Liang Yuxin and sneered: "Every time you talk, you seem to be very happy and naive, but you actually said it in front of me on purpose? You want to make me look angry. You are not as innocent as they say. Man, you are a very scheming person."

Liang Yuxin smiled, "Yeah, how can you be in the mall if you don't have a plan."

Xue Shiyu snorted coldly, "Don't you know Tao Rui on your side? What if I recorded it for him to see?"

Liang Yuxin looked at her amusingly, and after a while said, "You can try it. Do you think he doesn't know?"

Xue Shiyu was stunned for a moment, Tao Rui could see the sharp edges between their women? Yes, Liang Yuxin has helped Tao Rui a lot in shopping malls in the past few years. Many people say that Liang Yuxin will definitely become a newcomer in the business circle by doing it alone. How could someone with no brains get along so well? Tao Rui must know what kind of person Liang Yuxin is.

When Tao Rui saw her so tossed, was she just watching the clown jumping on the beam?

Xue Shiyu suddenly felt embarrassed and annoyed, and said without choosing: "What do you have to be proud of? If I promised him back then, what else would you do? Even if you are happy now, you are just a My stand-in. Your love started with false deception!"

When Tao Rui came back after paying the fee, he could not help frowning when he heard her say these words. When I was just passing by the hospital today, I came over to check on a whim. Without an assistant, I ran into Xue Shiyu unexpectedly. If I had known it earlier, I had arranged it and went directly to check it.

Tao Rui stood beside Liang Yuxin and looked at Xue Shiyu coldly, "Take a look at yourself in the mirror, who is your substitute? Even if I was with you back then, I wouldn't be able to stand you for half a year. I I have a very good relationship with my wife, you should worry more about yourself."

Tao Rui was too lazy to care about her, so she called the nurse directly to say that this person was abusive, and then took Liang Yuxin for an examination. Liang Yuxin was indeed pregnant, and both of them were very happy. When they left the hospital, Liang Yuxin jokingly said to Tao Rui, "Tao Dong remember to bring an assistant bodyguard when he goes out in the future, and he can also help block people."

Tao Rui laughed. The two of them have been through all the time, and sometimes they prefer the world of two, and they don't pay attention to pomp or special treatment. Although I met someone who didn't have long eyes today, it didn't affect the good mood of the two of them. The research projects of the scientific research institute had to be put aside, and Liang Yuxin couldn't be too tired during her pregnancy.

The two negotiated plans for the next few years, and everything went smoothly. Xue Shiyu was a little desperate. In the past, when her life was not going well, she could still imagine that if she hadn't rejected Tao Rui before, she could still complain that Liang Yuxin stole everything from her.

But now Tao Rui broke her fantasy. Tao Rui said that even if she was with her, she would break up within half a year because she was just a vase. She was reluctant to admit it, but she recalled over and over again that she had not achieved a single achievement in her life. Even if she can play the piano, illustrate, and make tea, she is not at the level of a master. She can't compare to Liang Yuxin at all.

After that, she became more and more powerless. When something happened to the company, she had nothing to do. I don't know what my husband's family heard, and they wanted to get divorced and get rid of her, but she was pregnant, who could force her to divorce?

As a result, she watched her husband's company go bankrupt, and the shares in her hands were useless.

When she went bankrupt, she was about to give birth, her skin was rough and freckled, she also had stretch marks on her body, and even lost her most proud appearance. As Tao Rui said, take a look in the mirror, is she embarrassed to say that Liang Yuxin is a stand-in? She felt that her future was no longer bright.

These things about Xue Shiyu were a mess for her, but they didn't cause any splashes in the provincial business district. Tao Ruigang negotiated a big project with a foreign company, and brought Jiang Hao and the three of them to do it together. The four of them were too busy to pay attention to these matters. Xue Shiyu completely disappeared from their lives.

When Tao Rui pushed the company to a certain height, he invested in Liang Yuxin's research institute, and he himself joined the research. After all, he studied system upgrades before, and he is more experienced than Liang Yuxin.

He dug a lot of elites to help the company, and the company's affairs were usually distributed to them, and he himself grasped the general direction. It happened that Liang Yuxin gave birth to a child, and Tao's mother came back to help take care of it, and Tao's father also went around the company from time to time to take a seat, so that Tao Rui and Liang Yuxin had more time to do research.

Others have no objection to this matter, but are very concerned about what Tao Rui is secretly researching, and think it must be a very good thing, a technology that can make a lot of money.

It's just that they never imagined that a few years later, Tao Rui's research turned out to be advanced artificial intelligence.

This technology is very advanced in this world, and the scientific research institute became famous all at once. Tao Rui chose to cooperate with the state and share technology with the state, thus receiving strong support from the state and more resources.

So at the end of this life, Tao Rui and Liang Yuxin really succeeded in upgrading fleeting years!

After this upgrade, they don't have to go to the space-time bureau, they can also travel beyond the scope of the time-space bureau, intercept some information about other time-space systems, and directly in the void, weaving illusions according to the novel to let the two of them Go in and play around.

The two immediately asked Liu Nian to try to intercept news from other systems to see if there was any news of their relatives.

Tao Rui made a bold attempt before, sending coordinates to the Time and Space Agency when his father-in-law and children died, hoping that the Time and Space Agency would notice their souls. But he wasn't sure whether they went to the Time and Space Agency or reincarnated in the original world.

Because there are too many variables, the time and space bureau may not necessarily go to see the coordinates, and the time and space bureau may not be satisfied if it finds the soul, and if the time and space bureau is satisfied, the soul needs to choose whether to join or not. Tao Rui's launch coordinates are just out of the mentality of "cherishing talents", creating a possibility for them.

Of course, not every child in every world does this, because not every child is particularly intelligent, strong, and persevering, and not every child can withstand the pressure of transmigration. He has only helped three or five people launch coordinates so far.

Tao Rui and Liang Yuxin want to let Fiannian try now, can they find them, and if they can, there is still a chance to meet again.

Liu Nian tried hard for many days, and most of what he intercepted was information that had nothing to do with them. Suddenly, one day, he found Liang Yuxin's father, who was busy unifying the interstellar world!

Liang Yuxin's eyes lit up in an instant, and she pulled Tao Rui, "Let's go to the emperor! I haven't been to the interstellar world, okay?"

"Okay." Tao Rui agreed immediately. He was also very happy. He and the father-in-law said that they were Weng's son-in-law, but more of them were close friends. Of course it would be nice to meet again.

The two said goodbye to this world, and quickly located the coordinates through the information intercepted by fleeting years, and went directly to the interstellar world!

Tao Rui immediately taught Liang Yuxin how to open the armor, which surprised Liang Yuxin. She is an ancient person who has traveled to the modern age, and she feels that the technology is very developed after seeing those technologies. I didn't expect that the cars in the interstellar world are flying in the sky, and she can also turn on the armor to become a Transformer, and even fly an airship to other planets. It's incredible!

And what kind of Zerg, strange and fun, she has never seen it before. She simply took Tao Rui to fight the Zerg, and practiced her hands to enhance her strength in this world.

They didn't hide anything, so the emperor soon discovered them and found out that the names they released were Tao Rui and Liang Yuxin. He immediately asked for leave from the army and ran to see them in armor.

The three met on an empty island, and the emperor asked the first sentence when he saw the two of them: "Did you come from Da Zhou?"

Liang Yuxin immediately smiled and said, "Father!"

The emperor opened the mecha cabin door and jumped out of it. Only then did Tao Rui and Liang Yuxin see that their father in this life was still a young man in his twenties. The two came out of the mecha one after another, slightly embarrassed, because both of them are now in their twenties and older than their father.

Tao Rui touched his nose and smiled: "Father, it's been a long time, are you okay?"

The emperor looked at the two of them happily, nodded and said, "I couldn't be better. When I died before, I thought that there were many ambitions in my life that I could not achieve, and it was a pity. I didn't expect to know the time and space bureau after my death. There is another way to live in life.”

He looked at Tao Rui and patted Tao Rui on the shoulder, "You're fine, I want to thank you. Also, you took good care of Yuxin."

Speaking of this, he mentioned the grandson at the time, and said with a smile: "After I did some missions in the Time and Space Bureau, An'er also went to the Time and Space Bureau. Later, I went back after doing a few missions. I specifically inquired about it and found that There is a boy and a girl claiming to be your children."

Liang Yuxin laughed and couldn't wait to ask how the children were. The tasks that the father did were not thrilling.

Of course, it is still thrilling, after all, they are not like Liang Yuxin who has Tao Rui with them, and fleeting years to protect them. Their experience is almost the same as Tao Rui at the beginning. Everyone has experienced a near-death experience, and they have to work hard to earn points to buy some golden fingers in the Time and Space Bureau Mall to save their lives.

Of course, it has been a long time now, the four of them are doing well, and they have bought a lot of golden fingers, which will only get better in the future, just like Tao Rui is now.

Knowing that they were all doing well, Tao Rui and Liang Yuxin were relieved. The food in the interstellar world is not very delicious, Tao Rui gave most of the food in the space to the emperor and let him put it in his space. After that, Tao Rui and Liang Yuxin wanted to stay behind to help him fight the Quartet and help him unify the interstellar world, but the emperor refused.

His own affairs have been planned, and he will get more points for doing well on his own, so it's not appropriate to have someone help. Besides, he is younger than Tao Rui and Liang Yuxin now. Although they are informal, it is really weird to get along like this.

So after they had been together for a few days, the emperor let them find a place to play by themselves.

Tao Rui and Liang Yuxin took a good look around the interstellar world, took Liang Yuxin to experience everything here, and then helped the emperor to upgrade his system and left.

This time they are going to the fairy world, because Liu Nian is very excited to say that it has intercepted the information of Shaohua!

Although it is very weak, and it seems to be the signal released by the other party on purpose, it is sure that it is Shaohua, its idol, and the system of the legendary character Xu Zifan!

Tao Rui had been curious about Xu Zifan for a long time, so naturally, after positioning the coordinates in fleeting years, he and Liang Yuxin traveled to the world of fairy and devil.

This is another world that Liang Yuxin has never seen before. It looks almost like the ancient times everywhere, but it has various spells and can fly with the sword. This kind of world that does not rely on external force to cultivate on her own seems to be more fun than the interstellar world, which makes her very excited.

Tao Rui put on Liang Yuxin's prepared defensive jade pendant, holding her hand and telling her to be careful.

Before he could finish speaking, he saw a green dragon swooping down, and a majestic white tiger was walking in the distance.

Instantly excited: [Shaohua! It's Shaohua! ! Brother Rui, I want to become a white tiger too! 】

Tao Rui chuckled, [You can become a tigress as you please, I don't mind you chasing your idol. 】

The fleeting year suddenly got stuck, it just wanted to become the same species as the idol, not that. But... it doesn't seem like it's impossible, so I'm so confused all of a sudden.

At this time, Xu Zifan, who rode down on the Qinglong, had already fallen to the ground, looked at them and smiled lightly: "Shaohua said that there are guests from afar, so it turns out to be true."

Tao Rui said with a smile: "I've admired the name for a long time, we came to visit on purpose, and I'm taking the liberty to ask Haihan."

Two people who have the same experience know that they can become confidants the moment they look at each other. Maybe make three or five friends in this way, and the long road in the future will no longer be boring.

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