Xue Shiyu's image status in the circle has plummeted, and she herself can't understand how she got to this point. Is it because she rejected Tao Rui?

She used to play with Tao Rui more than four, and she was a bit high for other girls. She went abroad for two years. Now she has no friends who can tell the truth. After Tao Rui and Tao's mother showed their attitude, she realized that It's tough on your own.

She begged Jiang Hao and the three of them in private, but how could they get involved in such a thing? If Xue Shiyu needs help with something, it's okay, they are happy to reach out, but it is absolutely impossible to help Xue Shiyu and Tao Rui connect, they care more about Tao Rui's attitude.

Xue Shiyu was not angry, and finally used the same trick as in the original plan.

Tao Rui just came out of the company and was going to pick up Liang Yuxin when she received a call from Xue Shiyu, she wept weakly, "A Rui, help...my stomach hurts..."

Tao Rui said indifferently: "Drink more hot water for stomach pain, I can't help you."

Xue Shiyu's crying stopped for a moment, and then she said weakly and intermittently: "I, I'm about to faint from pain, help me..."

"Where are you?"

"my home……"

Judging from the voice Tao Rui heard, Xue Shiyu was almost unconscious in pain, and subconsciously called him for help. But the current Tao Rui is not the original owner, how could he run away to care about her with nostalgia?

Tao Rui hung up the phone and dialed 120, then went to the university to pick up Liang Yuxin as usual, and the two went to the revolving restaurant for dinner. They have lived for such a long time. Traveling and seeing the scenery are always boring, but they are never tired of eating delicious food. Eating delicious food can make them both happy.

Tao Rui suddenly remembered about Xue Shiyu, took out his mobile phone and smiled, took Liang Yuxin and took a photo of a romantic date, and posted it on the Moments.

Liang Yuxin smiled and said, "You are too bad."

"It's someone else who's bad, I'm just giving back one or two." Tao Rui took out two movie tickets and shook it in front of her, pulling her up, "Let's go, just go for a walk and go to the movies."

Liang Yuxin warned: "I have to go home early today to rest, and tomorrow the ugly daughter-in-law will see her in-laws."

"Let me see where there is an ugly daughter-in-law?" Tao Rui looked at Liang Yuxin for a long time, scratched the tip of her nose and smiled, "Obviously she is a beautiful woman."

Liang Yuxin said wickedly, "Next time I'll dress as ugly and unsalted, and see if you will dislike me."

Tao Rui immediately hugged her, "Good boy, why bother with yourself. We'll always be handsome men and beautiful women, let's not wait for the end of our lives in the future, and go to the next world when we get old."

"It's better to upgrade the fleeting year. It's better to be able to weave a story and fantasy, so that we can wear books and have any stories we want."

"Okay, then study it and try it out."

The two are sweet and sweet, and they are in love again after many years. Xue Shiyu in the hospital was so angry that she wanted to vomit blood!

Of course, she wanted to be real, so she deliberately ate undercooked beans, causing her abdominal pain and weakness. She even put on a very light makeup that I felt pity for, just to make Tao Rui feel weak. Seeing her weak but beautiful side, she evoked her former affection and pity her.

Who knew that she was waiting left and right, and it was an ambulance waiting!

She couldn't get through if she called Tao Rui again, and was directly taken to the hospital for gastric lavage, which was excruciatingly painful. At this time, Tao Rui posted on the Moments. She saw Tao Rui was sweet and romantic over there, but she was lying miserably on the hospital bed. For the first time, Tao Rui cried angrily.

This also made her heartless. After she was discharged from the hospital, she gave Lin Ling and Dong Feifei her precious jewelry, and asked them to deal with Liang Yuxin in college.

The saying that Tao Rui took care of Liang Yuxin quickly spread in the school. People who don't know the insider look at Liang Yuxin's eyes naturally become weird, the man adds two points of ambiguousness, and the woman adds a little bit of contempt.

Although this kind of thing won't hurt a person in a university, it can't stand the university is a small society, leaving such an impression on people, it will inevitably bear a lot of psychological pressure in the long run. Gossip hurts people the most, because they don't know who to explain to, and ordinary people may suffer from depression.

As a result, when Liang Yuxin found out about it, she immediately took the fleeting years to collect evidence. A few who were willing to be Tao Rui's "little brother" even came to help. They had promised to take good care of their sister-in-law when they traveled, and they could not let her in the school. being bullied.

Liu Nian can monitor others. Liang Yuxin found Lin Ling and Dong Feifei in three days. Once she sued the principal, she must let the principal give an explanation. After all, she came to school and was slandered so much on campus. No matter what, what kind of school is this?

Although it is true that the general university does not care about it, it is not appropriate to ignore it if it is really on the table. If it is posted on the Internet, it will become a hot search. No university wants to have such a bad name. And maliciously spreading rumors is against the law. Liang Yuxin personally told the principal that if the school can't solve it, she will sue them.

The things that can be solved in the school are trivial matters. The school leaders quickly held a school-wide meeting of teachers and students to clarify and criticize the rumors. They did not let Lin Ling and Dong Feifei read the review. The names of the two of them asked them to apologize to Liang Yuxin afterwards.

This time, Tao Rui also came. After the meeting, he took Liang Yuxin's hand and went directly to Lin Ling and Dong Feifei.

The two of them had no idea in advance that the school held a general meeting to criticize them. If they had known, they would not have come to school at all. As a result, Tao Rui was arrested now, and countless classmates around were watching, making them both want to find a crack to dig in, and Lin Ling cried even more ashamed and angry.

Tao Rui didn't show any sympathy, just looked at them and said coldly, "Apologize."

Dong Feifei's face is pale, she is cheerful and lively and has always been very popular. This time, she also felt that no one would be held accountable for such a thing, and she would not be found out, so she took action and wanted to see Liang Yuxin's joke. Who knows now the image is completely ruined.

She didn't dare to be tough with Tao Rui, she gritted her teeth and lowered her head: "I'm sorry! Brother Rui, sister-in-law, Xue Shiyu bought me to do it. I'm obsessed, sorry."

Tao Rui's eyes fell on Lin Ling, Lin Ling saw that he was unrelenting, and cried loudly: "Tao Rui, you have no heart! I have loved you for five years, five years! How can you treat me like this? How good is she? How can she compare to me?"

Tao Rui glanced at her up and down, and snorted lightly. His tone and demeanor were simply saying that Lin Ling was worthless, and that he was not worthy of supporting Liang Yuxin. Lin Ling looked at him in disbelief, and then she couldn't hold her face anymore and ran away crying.

Tao Rui said to Dong Feifei, "Stay away from my fiancée in the future." After speaking, he led Liang Yuxin away.

There was an uproar around, fiancee, Tao Rui said that Liang Yuxin was his fiancee. This is not just casually said, who would doubt that there is something about taking care of it or not? They are just serious couples, the kind who want to get married!

For a while, many girls envied Liang Yuxin. She not only got Tao Rui's heart, but also got Tao Rui's protection. The Prince Charming of their dreams is just like that. At the same time, everyone despised Lin Ling and Dong Feifei, as well as the former senior sister Xue Shiyu. Who are these people? So vicious.

This farce seemed like a trivial matter, but after that, Lin Ling and Dong Feifei both asked for leave and did not go to school, fearing that they would face strange eyes from others.

But not long after, the cooperation between the Tao family and the Lin family was cancelled.

The Tao family is the richest man in the provincial capital and has a lot of resources to make money. Whoever chooses to cooperate will be rich with whomever they choose. Originally, the Lin family's qualifications were good, and they had cooperated a lot in the past few years, but after Tao Rui joined the company, he directly chose another company similar to the Lin family, and wrote a plan for Tao's father to see.

He has no problem with doing business. Father Tao naturally has nothing to disagree with. Besides, the good daughter taught by the Lin family actually bullies the daughter-in-law of the Tao family. What else is there to cooperate with?

The Lin family suddenly lost a big project, and was immediately dumbfounded, and hurried to the door to find out what was wrong. After Father Lin knew that everything was done by Lin Ling, he slapped her when he went back, and was so angry that he wanted to lose this daughter.

When the news came out, everyone was shocked, and they never expected Tao Rui to do this. But if you think about it, it seems normal. Isn't what Lin Ling did hit the Tao family in the face? If you don't care about it, no one will be able to slap the Tao family in the face in the future?

Jiang Hao and the other three also joined their own companies. Knowing this is the first time to confirm that everyone has grown up. It is no longer a matter of fighting among children. In the future, more consideration will be given to interests. No matter how good a relationship is, once interests are involved, everything changes.

After that, Tao Rui felt a lot cleaner, because he suddenly stunned everyone, and a few people who had a crush on him or wanted to marry into the Tao family shrank back, and the Dong family sent Dong Feifei abroad directly. Tao's existing cooperation has made a lot of profits, which is regarded as an apology. The Xue family was even worse. They were about to go bankrupt. This time everyone knew that the Xue family had offended the Tao family.

Xue Shiyu didn't have time to put the plan she thought into effect, and her family collapsed. She was no longer from that circle!

Xue Shiyu didn't give up and went to Tao's head office to find Tao Rui, but after several searches, she couldn't see anyone.

Father Tao had heard about this. After discussing the project with Tao Rui once, he asked, "What happened to that child in the Xue family?"

Tao Rui said indifferently: "What happened to her has nothing to do with us."

Father Tao listened and nodded, understood what Tao Rui meant, completely left Xue Shiyu behind, and instead asked Tao Rui to take Liang Yuxin home for dinner.

Only then did Tao Rui show a sincere smile, and he agreed immediately. Father Tao was a little amused, and he felt that his son had really grown up.

Since then, Tao Rui has shown his excellent business talents and quickly distanced himself from those friends in a circle.

He was busy expanding business for the company in the company, and Liang Yuxin was busy completing her final studies at school, and at the same time established a research institute to upgrade the fleet.

When Xue Shiyu fell into the love and hatred in the past, Tao Rui and Liang Yuxin had triple jumped to a height that she could not reach, and when Liang Yuxin had just graduated, Tao Rui and Liang Yuxin held a grand wedding. Cut off her last thought.

She is really not the childhood sweetheart that Zhuma takes in her heart.