No matter how much gossip, it is no match for the master to fight and smash the rumors.

Whether it was eating barbecue or playing games, Tao Rui was always by Liang Yuxin's side, and he didn't even look at other women. Obviously, there was no old love to speak of.

He and Liang Yuxin have been married for several generations. The love and tacit understanding is integrated into the bones. There is no need to do anything deliberately, and everyone can see their intimacy.

The more ordinary chatting, the more you can see how the two of them get along every day. Although everyone laughed and laughed that night, the hearts of Xue Shiyu, Lin Ling and others were almost tied into a sieve.

Jiang Hao and the others were still waiting to watch the excitement, but they found out that, as Tao Rui said, it was those women who were angry, and Liang Yuxin didn't mean to be angry at all. This surprised them, and unconsciously recognized Liang Yuxin a little more.

After all, only those who have the ability in the circle can be looked up to by others. They are not good at interfering in women's affairs, but they still have a different status in their hearts for dealing with other people and being bullied and crying. Like now, they admire Liang Yuxin 10,000.

In the evening, Xue Shiyu deliberately stayed in a tent closest to Tao Rui, but she was asking for trouble. Tao Rui and Liang Yuxin didn't know what games to play in the tent. getting ugly.

When it was almost dawn, when everyone got up to watch the sunrise, Tao Rui was afraid that Liang Yuxin would catch a cold, so he wrapped a blanket for her, boiled hot water for her, and specially prepared a thick cushion for her to sit on on the stone, and kept hugging her by the side. Looking at her like that... It's like Liang Yuxin is his cherished baby!

Xue Shiyu and the others didn't even see the sunrise, their eyes kept falling on Tao Rui and Liang Yuxin. When the sun appeared, Tao Rui turned around and kissed Liang Yuxin gently. The two looked at each other and smiled, beautiful and happy. .

The scene hurt their eyes. They were unwilling to accept it, but had to accept it. Liang Yuxin was not a stand-in, she was Tao Rui's true love!

With this knowledge, several women lost their interest. After that, everyone boarded the yacht and had a carnival at sea for two days and one night, and the atmosphere was not so lively.

They paid special attention to Liang Yuxin's outfit. Liang Yuxin changed into four sets of clothes and jewelry. One set was more expensive than the other, and it was very beautiful. There was a set of earrings and necklaces that looked superb at first glance, and even money couldn't buy them. Being so casually worn by Liang Yuxin at a party, several girls were so jealous that they couldn't hold back their smiles.

And Tao Rui and Liang Yuxin are like conjoined twins, so Xue Shiyu has no chance to get drunk on Tao Rui and do anything.

Just when she was racking her brains to think about the next arrangement, Tao Rui suddenly said to them, "It's no fun to play together. After landing, you can continue playing. My wife and I are going to play abroad."

Lin Ling was immediately anxious, "Brother Rui, didn't you agree that everyone will go on a graduation trip? It's rare to have so many people playing together."

Tao Rui shrugged, "Haven't we been playing for a few days? Anyway, my wife and I are going to the two-person world. You can decide how you want to play."

His three brothers are still very winking. Usually the bad friends are watching the fun, and they have to assist at the critical moment, so he quickly echoed: "It's almost the same after playing for a few days, then let's break up and play separately, I think You girls are not interested in going horseback riding and wanting to go around the casino."

"Yeah, it's better to have fun separately, that's it."

Xue Shiyu and the others didn't interrupt. Tao Rui and his four brothers have the highest status among these people. They all said so, what else can others say?

When they got off the yacht, Tao Rui and Liang Yuxin checked out and went abroad. The fast ones didn't give others a chance to keep them, so Xue Shiyu's face was ashen.

Of course, the pale face was secretly observed by System Fleet and told Tao Rui and Liang Yuxin.

The two of them were far away from the crowd, and Liang Yuxin felt a little funny, bumping into Tao Rui and jokingly said: "You are invincible, if we hadn't run fast, we would all be entangled at the moment."

Tao Rui pinched her face, "It's the family background and the invincible charm. How about it, are you having fun these two days?"

"It's funny, it's funny to see the colorful faces on their faces, but it's very funny, it's a bit like talking to the sisters in the palace, but their rank is too low, and they get angry after just a few words. I'm not embarrassed to bully them." Liang Yuxin laughed softly, and added, "Fortunately, you put a lot of my clothes and jewelry in the space, otherwise I wouldn't be able to make them jealous this time."

Tao Rui rubbed her hair and laughed. Before, Liang Yuxin told the women that Tao Rui arranged her clothes and jewelry because those things were taken out of the space, and they were all very expensive and rare things, Liang Yuxin said. Deliberately take it out to anger them, and don't give them any chance to despise the "substitute".

If someone can turn a blind eye to Bai Yueguang and cherish the stand-in, who would say that the stand-in is a stand-in?

From the very beginning, she rejected the concept of "substitute", did not give them a chance to talk nonsense, and it is impossible to spread messy rumors in the future.

Next, the two of them really went abroad to play, traveled to four or five countries, and especially liked to post a circle of friends and a sweet group photo of the two of them. Let Xue Shiyu and the other girls explode with anger!

And all the people in the circle who saw Tao Rui's circle of friends also realized one thing in this month's frequent circle of friends, that is, the heir of the Tao family has the master, Tao Rui and this girlfriend who have been in love for two years It's true.

When Liang Yuxin University started, the two of them came back, and as soon as Tao Rui got home, Tao's mother immediately asked him what was going on.

"I asked you to take your girlfriend home to see it before, aren't you impatient? What's going on now?"

Tao Rui said with a smile, "Of course now you're on your mind. She is your future daughter-in-law. It's a matter of course, and it won't change. Mom, wait and hold your grandson."

Mother Tao was stunned for a moment, a little unable to accept this sudden change. She is a woman, so she must think a little more. Looking at Tao Rui, she asked tentatively, "I heard that you met Shiyu on a trip?"

Tao Rui nodded casually, picked up the cup and took a sip, but said nothing.

Mother Tao had to continue to ask: "I heard that Shiyu and Yuxin look a bit similar, are you playing together?"

"No, what's wrong with this, it's just a coincidence. Xinxin also said that if it wasn't for Xue Shiyu and Jiang Hao, maybe Xinxin and I would have missed it."

Mother Tao thought about this for a while. She knew that her son was pursuing Liang Yuxin at the beginning. It was indeed a mistake. But she couldn't believe it, there are women who don't care about this kind of thing? Whether it's true or not now, it really meant a stand-in in the beginning.

She looked at Tao Rui and was a little upset, "A Rui, you didn't care about Yuxin so much before. When Shi Yu came back, you suddenly became so interested in her, did you deliberately make her angry with Shi Yu? A Rui , if you do this, you will easily cause trouble."

"What are you thinking?" Tao Rui laughed, "Mom, I know why you think so, do you think I can't do without Xue Shiyu? How is that possible? Xinxin and I are in a good relationship. Let's go out for dinner in a few days. You must like her. She will have a wedding as soon as she graduates, and now you can choose a custom wedding dress first, as well as the jewelry to be worn at the wedding."

Mother Tao was a little relieved listening to him talking about these things. Since she thought so far and thoughtfully, it showed that her son was really interested. She also smiled, nodded and said, "I'll talk to your dad, and we'll meet when he has free time."

Since her son is so concerned, she will personally see how the girl is. If it is good, then she should prepare things for the wedding. Good things will take a long time to prepare.

Tao Rui and Liang Yuxin lived outside. Mother Tao told him to go back early when the time was almost up. Before leaving, Tao Rui said again, "The Xue family is about to go bankrupt. If Xue Shiyu comes to you, don't pay attention to her."

Tao's mother immediately turned black, the Xue family was about to go bankrupt, Xue Shiyu suddenly returned to China, and she happened to meet Tao Rui so coincidentally, why do you need to say it? She didn't know where her son got the news, but at this moment, Xue Shiyu's favorability in her heart reached infinity!

Dare to play with her son, what a thing!

Poor Xue Shiyu bothered to inquire about Mother Tao's preferences in the past two years, and got a very expensive gift, but she couldn't see Mother Tao.

She had grown up with Mother Tao at any rate. She thought it would be easy to take her mother-in-law's route, but when she came to visit, the servants said that Mother Tao was not at home or was resting and seeing no guests. She heard that Mother Tao and other wives were going for a massage, and she rushed there to meet by chance, but Mother Tao had no one in a special private room.

The wife who was with Tao's mother was curious and asked, "Is it the child of the Xue family? Why are you missing?"

Mother Tao didn't open her eyes while enjoying the massage, and replied, "The child should play with the child. What is there to see as an elder like me? I haven't been in touch for a long time, and I've long since become estranged."

The wife joked: "She and your Arui are childhood sweethearts, right? We used to be together."

Mother Tao gave a "hmm" and said lightly: "My childhood friends, A Rui has quite a few friends around. Unlike me, the friends I played with when I was a child have all been forgotten."

The lady raised her eyebrows and understood what she meant. Don't Tao Rui's friends lack this one? Did my childhood friends forget that Xue Shiyu was nothing to Tao Rui?

The word childhood sweetheart is inappropriate.

Mother Tao showed her own attitude, so people of the same level in the circle quickly learned the news, and many of those who knew the inside story laughed at Xue Shiyu. This girl has been excellent since childhood, but she was very proud at the beginning. Although the Xue family is not the top, but who let the heirs of the four most powerful families hold her? Made her look like a princess in the circle.

At the beginning, everyone could see that Tao Rui cared about Xue Shiyu, and thought that the two were going to marry. Who knew that Xue Shiyu suddenly went abroad, and I heard that Tao Rui was rejected. This arrogant and arrogant person is admired by everyone, because he has a somewhat noble character and is not greedy for vanity.

In the end, it was only two years ago that Xue Shiyu returned to China in despair, deliberately met Tao Rui, and told her past events in front of her girlfriend. In the end, she embarrassed herself and angered Tao's mother.

This is embarrassing. It can be said that the biggest joke in the circle in recent years is Xue Shiyu.

Liang Yuxin was surprised when she heard about this, and couldn't help but smile: "My mother-in-law will be a **** assist in the future, I like it!"