The night at the bar really made a few people change the positions of Xue Shiyu and Liang Yuxin.

Who would have thought that on the urgent Asura field, Tao Rui could be so forthright, and Liang Yuxin could be so unconcerned. They watched it for real, and after playing for more than two hours, Liang Yuxin had a great time, she didn't seem forced at all. On the contrary, Xue Shiyu had lost her composure, and had been seen several times with a bad face.

What can cause such a result? Of course, Liang Yuxin can be sure that Tao Rui loves her!

When they went back that night, Tao Rui and Liang Yuxin entered the same room as usual. When they entered the door, Tao Rui turned back and told them, "Don't call me tomorrow, the world of two people, don't disturb us."

Jiang Hao whistled and said with a smile, "Understood, we'll have dinner together tomorrow."

"Well." Tao Rui nodded and shut them out.

Jiang Hao suddenly looked at Xue Shiyu, "Shiyu should rest early, let's get together tomorrow."

Yuan Wei was concerned and said, "Is Shi Yu tired today? Take a rest."

Mu Lingyang also said: "If you have any business, you can find us. Everyone lives very close."

"Okay, I haven't seen you for so long, you guys are getting warmer, see you tomorrow." Xue Shiyu smiled softly and returned to the room under their watch. Just as soon as she entered the door, her expression sank. Thinking that Tao Rui, who was the only one in her eyes before, is now in the opposite room with other women, she felt a pain in her heart, as if her things were taken away by others.

She went to the bathroom and splashed cold water on her face, forcing herself to calm down a bit, and then sat down on the bed with a dignified expression, thinking about what to do next. She suffered a big loss when she first appeared in China, and her image suffered a lot, which was too much hindrance to her future journey. She had to think hard about how to get Tao Rui back without error.

The others also went back to their rooms. Jiang Hao and the three of them still had childhood affection for Xue Shiyu, so naturally they had to reminisce about their old affections. But Tao Rui is their brother and the heir to the Tao family. After Tao Rui made it clear that he only regarded Xue Shiyu as a friend who didn't have much contact, they would never do anything to help Xue Shiyu.

Not only that, if someone bullies Liang Yuxin openly or secretly in the future, they will definitely take care of it when they encounter it, and they have to take care of it carefully. Who made that sister-in-law?

Xue Shiyu had regained her composure the next day, and she was the perfect goddess again. She played with everyone gently for a day, as if she didn't care that Tao Rui and Liang Yuxin didn't leave the room.

But everyone could guess what she was thinking, because she wasn't in this graduation trip, and it wasn't very pleasant to meet her by chance, shouldn't she leave? Wouldn't it be "a thief's heart not to die" to stay with them like this?

Lin Ling and the others laughed at her in their hearts, and at the same time they were eager to move. Xue Shiyu is Tao Rui's childhood sweetheart after all. If Xue Shiyu can really destroy the relationship between Tao Rui and Liang Yuxin, wouldn't they also have a chance? Tao Rui is not only the person they like, but also the heir to the Tao family. In order to become Mrs. Tao, they must seize every opportunity.

So no matter if everyone knew Xue Shiyu well or not, they were very kind to her on the surface, as if they really liked her, which made Xue Shiyu also relieved. She didn't have the energy to deal with her rival while saving Tao Rui.

They spent the whole day in their chaotic thoughts, and it wasn't until night that their smiles became real, because Tao Rui finally went out.

Yuan Wei and the others set up a beach barbecue and packed a large area. The business is very beautifully arranged. There are also some tents. You can still watch the sunrise in the morning when camping at night. It's fun to get together.

Tao Rui and Liang Yuxin were separated as soon as they appeared, Tao Rui was pulled to make skewers, and Liang Yuxin was pulled to chat with the woman. The two were not afraid at all, and followed them naturally.

Tao Rui picked out a bunch of skewers and started roasting them. Yuan Wei saw it and asked casually, "Why did you pick it for a long time? Did you bake it for yourself?"

Tao Rui replied without raising his head: "She loves all the baked goods for Xinxin."

"Yo, the sour smell of love! A Rui, do you know how to bake?" Jiang Hao came over and looked.

Tao Rui raised his eyebrows and said, "I couldn't do it before, wouldn't I have a wife? Can I still let her do this?"

Mu Lingyang looked at him with a smile, "You've really changed a lot since you graduated. I can't see that you're still a doting wife."

Tao Rui shrugged, "I'll be joining the company soon. I have to shoulder the responsibility. It's also a responsibility to pamper my wife."

The three of them couldn't refute. It's not surprising when you think about it. Tao Rui has always been very affectionate. She had a crush on Xue Shiyu for several years. Unlike them, they have exchanged many girlfriends.

Jiang Hao glanced at the woman, and saw Liang Yuxin being surrounded by several women who had a crush on Tao Rui, he couldn't help touching Tao Rui's arm, "Arui, why don't you go and rescue your wife? Shiyu is your childhood sweetheart, Will they talk nonsense?"

Tao Rui looked up and said with a smile, "Do you think my wife is a soft persimmon? My wife is amazing. Whoever wants to be mad at her should just wait for him to be mad at him."

The three didn't believe it at all. In their impression, isn't Liang Yuxin just an ordinary girl? They all paid attention to it, thinking about watching the excitement later, if Liang Yuxin was bullied and cried, it would be interesting if Tao Rui couldn't coax his wife well.

There, Lin Ling and the others really wanted to be angry with Liang Yuxin, but Lin Ling scolded Liang Yuxin for being shameless before.

"Little sister" Lin Ling took Liang Yuxin to talk about things in Tao Rui's circle, as if she really regarded her as a sister-in-law, and after talking for a while, she turned the words to Xue Shiyu next to her, and said with a smile, "I remember the first time When I saw Brother Rui, was it at Sister Shiyu's birthday party? Did Brother Rui give Sister Shiyu a pink diamond hairpin? He even helped Sister Shiyu wear it."

Xue Shiyu smiled involuntarily, as if remembering some good memories, "You are talking about my 18-year-old coming-of-age ceremony, when A Rui was only fifteen years old, I didn't expect to make girls happy. I still have it, it's really beautiful."

The "cheerful and lively" Dong Feifei said in surprise: "Brother Rui still has this vision? The aesthetics of ordinary boys are indescribable. Sister-in-law, brother Rui has a better vision now? Did he give you a lot of beautiful things? You brought Okay, let us have a look."

Liang Yuxin glanced at Dong Feifei who was looking forward to it, sat up straight and said with a smile: "Bring it, all the clothes I wear are from Brother Rui, and all the things in the suitcase are also arranged by Brother Rui. My brother's eyes are really good, I'm not as good as him, just now he thought that the clothes I matched were not good-looking, and he changed it for me, like dressing up a doll, how about it, isn't it good-looking?"

The eyes of several women swept across her body subconsciously, diamond earrings, broken diamond necklaces, comfortable underwear and matching belts...

They all like to buy, buy, buy, and at a glance, you can see that Liang Yuxin's dress is very valuable. But how could Liang Yuxin be so embarrassed to show it off? He also said that the suitcases were all given by Tao Rui, so isn't that just keeping them safe?

But no matter how much they cursed in their hearts, they couldn't help but feel jealous. To be able to dress Liang Yuxin so beautifully shows Tao Rui's intentions, and... she changed a set of clothes by herself. !

Xue Shiyu pursed her lips and lowered her head to drink water to hide her anger for a moment. Wearing a hairpin by hand was completely crushed by changing clothes by hand, and a hairpin was completely crushed by the whole body. She couldn't say at this time that Tao Rui had given her a lot of gifts, and the value was much more expensive than those clothes, right? What has it become? She can't do something so ugly.

But she was not reconciled, and soon used the conversation to chat about the good memories of her and Tao Rui being alone.

"I remember that A Rui was quite rebellious when he was a teenager, and he would deliberately go against people. Once he didn't want to learn something, he ran out of the house, and everyone searched for him for a long time and couldn't find him. I went to his house that day, Just remembered his secret base, and secretly ran to persuade him.

Don't look at him now, he likes to laugh a lot, but at that time his face was like an iceberg. "

Xue Shiyu said with a chuckle and continued: "I coaxed him for a long time before he agreed to go home. In order to coax him, I also agreed to three conditions. Wasn't there a scene in the TV series at that time? Zhao Min asked Zhang Wuji Promise her three conditions, who knows that A Rui also has a childish side. But he doesn't make it difficult for me, the three conditions are to let me go out to play with him."

Lin Ling, Dong Feifei, and the others glanced at Liang Yuxin's expression, and said that Xue Shiyu was worthy of being Tao Rui's childhood sweetheart.

How clear is Xue Shiyu's expression, everyone doesn't know Tao Rui's secret base, only she knows. Tao Rui is rebellious and ignores others, only she can coax her. Tao Rui hopes that the two of them will emulate Zhao Min and Zhang Wuji, that is, they like it, and the three conditions are their romantic memories.

Several people thought that Liang Yuxin would change her face, but Liang Yuxin kept smiling and looked at Xue Shiyu with her cheeks raised, as if listening to her telling a story.

Somehow, Lin Ling, Dong Feifei and the others couldn't go on, Xue Shiyu also had the feeling that she was an actor while Liang Yuxin was watching a play.

At this time, Liang Yuxin said: "Sister Shiyu, we must come out to play often in the future. I am very interested in the past of Brother Rui. He is much boring now, and there is no chance for me to coax him. Every time I don't like it. I was happy that he came to coax me. I said how could he be so good at coaxing people, so he learned from Sister Shiyu?

I wanted to learn how to cook and grab his stomach before, but I was not that kind of material, but Brother Rui learned it. He is so good at taking care of people that he didn't give me a chance to express. It's like he is like a housekeeper. He takes care of me and me. Every day I promise him this and promise him that, and all the dates are arranged. I am like a salted fish. "

If you complain softly, if you say it so sweetly, it is like smashing tons of dog food, and the smashing of several rivals in love changes their faces.

What is special about Tao Rui to Xue Shiyu? Don't you want Xue Shiyu to coax him? That's all in the past. Now Tao Rui coaxes Liang Yuxin every day, I don't know how many "three conditions" to come up with, I don't know how many places to go out on dates, and even cook for Liang Yuxin!

None of them have eaten rice cooked by Tao Rui, and they don't even know that Tao Rui can cook!

In the past, they thought Liang Yuxin was a stand-in, and Tao Rui was just playing with her, and never looked at Liang Yuxin squarely. But now from these vague words, they gradually sketched the picture of Tao Rui and Liang Yuxin getting along in private, that is the kind of pet, especially pet, Tao Rui's whole heart is on Liang Yuxin.

A few girls are subconsciously reluctant to believe, if this is all true, what chance do they have?

But at this moment, a few boys came over with a few plates of skewers. Tao Rui sat directly next to Liang Yuxin and put a plate of skewers in front of her, "Are you hungry? I've picked out what you like and grilled it. What else do you want, I'll get it."

Jiang Hao quickly grabbed a handful of skewers, and said with a laugh, "So many sisters-in-law can't finish it, let's also try A Rui's craftsmanship. Those who come and see have a share, come and try it!"

He distributed a bunch to each of them, and Xue Shiyu and the others immediately took a bite.

It was delicious and grilled exceptionally well. So... what Liang Yuxin said just now is true? ? They were attacked again!

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