When everyone in the box saw Xue Shiyu clearly, they suddenly became quiet, and they couldn't help looking at Tao Rui and Liang Yuxin one by one.

Lin Ling was mentally prepared and was the first to react. She glanced at Liang Yuxin and walked towards Xue Shiyu with a surprised smile, "Sister Shiyu! Have you returned to China? We all miss you so much, Brother Rui used to drink for you."

Oh wow! Everyone's heart jumped, and their eyes became excited. Seeing that Xue Shiyu looked at Tao Rui and hesitated, he stepped forward a few steps and said apologetically, "A Rui, it was my fault at the beginning, so I shouldn't leave without saying goodbye, can you forgive me?"

Liang Yuxin looked up at her and smiled. This woman is very good. Knowing that it hurt Tao Rui's heart, she bowed her head to Tao Rui in public as soon as she came back, which gave Tao Rui enough face. But any man who has old feelings in his heart will not embarrass her, and just turn over the past.

Liang Yuxin took Tao Rui's hand and asked with a smile, "Brother Rui, who is this sister, why haven't you mentioned it?"

Isn't it just tea language? She will too, a sister who has never heard of it is equivalent to being old and inexistent!

Tao Rui raised his lips and smiled cooperatively, "A friend, I haven't been in touch for a long time, what to mention?" After speaking, he nodded casually to Xue Shiyu, "How long ago it was, I forgot."

He knocked on the coffee table and said to the singer, "Keep playing, don't spoil the fun."

Xue Shiyu's face instantly turned pale. She never thought that Tao Rui would not give her face and let others laugh at her.

Xue Shiyu took a deep breath and suppressed her emotions, thinking that Tao Rui's finding a substitute would prove that she still loves her. She must be angry with her now. As long as she lowers her body, she will definitely be able to pull Tao Rui's heart back.

So she smiled and sat on the other side of Tao Rui. Yuan Wei, who was sitting there, consciously gave her a seat.

Tao Rui glanced at Yuan Wei, Yuan Wei felt a chill on the back of his neck, but he really wasn't in trouble, he was just used to it. They and Xue Shiyu were childhood sweethearts who grew up together. This... Tao Rui and Xue Shiyu have been sitting together since they were young. He was really used to it.

Everyone resumed their lively singing, dancing, and boxing, but their minds were no longer playing, and they were paying attention to Tao Rui's side without a trace.

Xue Shiyu smiled kindly at Liang Yuxin, and asked Tao Rui with a close attitude: "Won't you introduce me? Is it your girlfriend?"

"Yes, my future wife Liang Yuxin." Tao Rui took Liang Yuxin's shoulders, moved to Liang Yuxin with this movement, opened the distance with Xue Shiyu, and said to Liang Yuxin affectionately, "This is Xue Shiyu, how many times are you and us? We grew up together, and I didn't have much contact with his boyfriend who studied abroad before. She is several years older than you, so just call her sister. "

Liang Yuxin nodded, called "Sister Shiyu" obediently, and then asked curiously, "Did Sister Shiyu come back with her brother-in-law? He's here too? Call me to play together."

Xue Shiyu's expression changed, and she hurriedly looked at Tao Rui to explain, "The boyfriend I talked to has long since broken up. I have been studying for the past two years, busy with my credits and returning to China. Only when I went out did I realize that my life was the best. A few friends came together, and they have already dispersed."

Seeing that the situation was wrong, Lin Ling assisted by the side: "Sister Shiyu and sister-in-law look like they are close, they are like sisters, do you think they are like?"

Several impure girls immediately agreed, saying that Xue Shiyu and Liang Yuxin were very similar.

Liang Yuxin smiled and touched her face, "What a coincidence? It seems that Sister Shiyu and I are really destined."

Xue Shiyu's eyes fell on her face, trying to see whether she was really stupid or pretending not to know, but she only saw Liang Yuxin's skin that was much fresher than hers, and hearing her "sister" sounded extremely harsh. How can Tao Rui say that she is several years older than Liang Yuxin? Do you think she is old?

At this time, it happened to cut the song to a love song. Tao Rui saw it, lowered his head and asked Liang Yuxin's ear, "Would you like to sing? Let's sing a love song duet?"

Liang Yuxin laughed, "Okay." She said to Lin Ling and the others naturally, "Help me record a portrait and take a photo. I'll make a photo album when I go back. After all, it's a honeymoon preview."

Several rivals in love were so angry that their teeth itch, but seeing Tao Rui nod, they couldn't refuse. Seeing Tao Rui and Liang Yuxin walking in the middle holding hands and singing, they took pictures and videos of them from different positions.

Xue Shiyu looked at them with a smile, turned her head and asked Lin Ling next to her in a low voice, "What is a honeymoon preview?"

Lin Ling also hates Xue Shiyu very much. After all, she is Bai Yueguang of her sweetheart, but now she wants to see Xue Shiyu and Liang Yuxin pinching each other, so she adds fuel to the rumors about Liang Yuxin's inconsistency, seduce Tao Rui, and deliberately show affection and so on. He also said that Tao Rui told them to call Liang Yuxin's sister-in-law, and personally said that he would marry Liang Yuxin in the future, and this time it was to prepare for the honeymoon.

Lin Ling also maliciously showed the bungee jumping video taken at noon to Xue Shiyu. In the video, Tao Rui and Liang Yuxin are the most loving couples. They jumped off the bungee jumping platform together to show their love loudly, and shouted that they were born and lived forever. Xue Shiyu's smile will never be forgotten. Can't keep up.

Even if Tao Rui didn't give her face just now, it didn't have as much impact on her as this video. Seeing Tao Rui smiling fondly at other women with her own eyes was something she couldn't accept. Obviously Tao Rui has had a crush on her for many years, hasn't she? How could he change his mind in just two years? Falling in love with her substitute?

Lin Ling whispered to her: "Sister Shiyu, I think Brother Rui definitely loves you. He didn't know that you would return to China. Today, he might regard Liang Yuxin as you and fulfilled his wish of bungee jumping to show his love. He really wants to bungee jump. The object of love must be you!"

Regardless of whether this is logical or not, it sounded like a rain in time to Xue Shiyu, making her instantly confident. And what if Tao Rui changed his mind? She and Tao Rui's childhood sweetheart for 20 years is still the white moonlight of Tao Rui's first love. As long as she wants, Tao Rui is hers.

After Tao Rui and Liang Yuxin sang a song, Liang Yuxin said, "I'll go to the bathroom and come back soon."

Tao Rui nodded, turned and sat beside Jiang Hao, picked up a bottle of wine and drank it with Jiang Hao. Forget, Xue Shiyu has also become a disconnected friend.

Everyone else felt that the atmosphere was a little subtle, but Xue Shiyu put on a perfect smile again and said to go to the bathroom.

Bai Yueguang and the stand-in meet in a narrow way. As soon as Liang Yuxin saw Xue Shiyu, her eyes lit up, and she came to find fault. She actually expected how Xue Shiyu would hit her.

Xue Shiyu has a strong psychological quality. When she saw Liang Yuxin, her face was stunned, and then she quickly smiled, as if apologetically and embarrassedly said: "Miss Liang. Is A Rui treating you?"

Liang Yuxin nodded and said, "Of course it's good, otherwise why would I be with him?"

Xue Shiyu pursed her lips, sighed softly, and looked at her with watery eyes, her eyes filled with guilt, "Miss Liang, I don't know what to say, but I feel sorry for not saying it. After I rejected A Rui, he pursued you.

It's all to blame Yuan Wei and the others for making a fool of themselves, saying that you and I look alike. In fact, I don't think we are that alike. Since A Rui is willing to have a two-year relationship with you, he must like you. You should be able to feel it when you get along with him, right? "

People who get along day and night may not be able to see through many things about each other when they are in love, but if they become suspicious, they can definitely act as Sherlock Holmes and find out that every little thing is wrong.

Didn't the original Liang Yuxin run away when she heard this? Because she recalled the two years of getting along, she could really find out many details to prove that Tao Rui likes Xue Shiyu, who can bear to be someone else's stand-in?

But now Liang Yuxin has been replaced, not only was she not sad when she heard this, but she smiled happily: "So there is such a reason? Then I really want to thank you, Sister Shiyu, thank you for rejecting Brother Rui in the first place, Our marriage has been achieved. Don't blame yourself, how long ago was that? Brother Rui and I are getting more and more sweet together, I can feel that his heart is on me, and I don't care about the past. of.

By the way, in this way, Sister Shiyu, you are our matchmaker! walk around-"

Liang Yuxin took Xue Shiyu and walked back, Xue Shiyu was stunned, what was the reaction? Is this Liang Yuxin silly and sweet or too scheming? Not even angry at all and said to thank her?

Xue Shiyu was pulled back to the box by Liang Yuxin in a flash. Everyone saw the two of them pulling and pulling to enter the door and immediately quieted down, thinking that Liang Yuxin must be looking for Tao Rui to settle the bill!

As a result, Liang Yuxin smiled and said to Tao Rui happily: "Brother Rui, we have to thank Sister Shiyu, she is actually our matchmaker. There are also Yuan Wei, Jiang Hao, and Mu Lingyang. It turned out that you encouraged Rui at the beginning. Brother chasing me? You have done a great deed, as expected of Brother Rui's petite!"

Everyone looked at each other, did Liang Yuxin know about the substitute? Did Xue Shiyu tell her? ? ?

But...how come Liang Yuxin didn't get angry?

Before they could react, Tao Rui stood up and hugged Liang Yuxin's shoulders, put her in his arms, and said with a smile, "If you don't mention me, forget about it, that's right, these four of me are really our matchmakers. Speaking of which, when I was young and ignorant, I thought I liked Xue Shiyu, but only after I met you did I know what a heartbeat is. Fortunately, Xue Shiyu didn't promise me."

He said it so indifferently, it seemed like a funny thing in a small room, or that kind of trivial matter, which made others wonder if they had misunderstood, and always thought that Tao Rui loved Xue Shiyu deeply. Maybe... Maybe it's just a little bit of a good feeling, right? Otherwise, Tao Rui could say it so easily and casually?

Tao Rui opened a bottle of wine and said with a smile: "Come on, let's toast the four matchmakers. Today's wine is not very good, let's deal with it. When Xinxin and I get married, you will all come, and we will bring it later. Good wine to you."

Liang Yuxin raised her glass and looked at them with a smile, her face full of happiness and sweetness, "Thank you, I hope you will find your other half as soon as possible, as happy as me and Brother Rui."

Of course, Yuan Wei and the three of them didn't say anything. They raised their glasses and cheered, and also shouted that they were going to make a bridal chamber, wishing Tao Rui Liang Yuxin an early birth of a precious son.

Xue Shiyu's smile became stiff, so stiff that everyone present could see it.

Her kind and noble goddess image collapsed in their hearts, and she suddenly became the same scheming girl as Lin Ling and the others, and there was nothing special about her.