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What if you dress up as the protagonist’s antagonist? Pleasure and revenge, and have fun in time, whoever does not have eyes will be crushed into scum!
[World 1: The prince becomes a farmer]
The fiancée cheated on her brother-in-law, and her parents were partial to cover up?
Tao Rui: Go back to recognize the farmer’s parents, and honor the prime minister. If you meet again, you won’t be able to climb high!
[World 2: The Tragedy Actor in the Entertainment Industry]
There are always missionaries sucking my luck?
Tao Rui: Swallow the Air Luck System and let the missionaries taste the taste of bad luck!
[World 3: Be the best artist in the 1970s]
Being reborn as a gunman? Disgusted by brother and sister-in-law?
Tao Rui: Go as far as you can, you are the best, I am more excellent than you!
[World 4: Honest People Improper Receivers]
The wife of the boss who runs with the ball is eyeing the honest man to take over? The mother is harsh and the family is shameless?
Tao Rui: Let a group of shameless dogs bite a dog and lock them for life!
[World 5: The twin brother who was jailed for the most sin]
[World Six: Unlucky God Stick]
[World Seven: The Girlfriend of the Little Expert’s Standup]
Content tags: Traveling through time and space Slap in the face Fast wear Shuangwen
Search keywords: Protagonist: Tao Rui, Liang Yuxin ┃ Supporting role: Please collect my author’s column ┃ Others: The prequel to this article “The Big Brother took the scumbag script [Quick Cross]”
One-sentence introduction: slap in the face and abuse scum ★ Really cool article
Concept: Free and easy is the kingly way

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Short Title:CPISW
Alternate Title:把主角碾成渣(快穿)
Author:Lan Gui
Weekly Rank:#8259
Monthly Rank:#3395
All Time Rank:#5093
Tags:Face Slapping, Male Protagonist, Multiple Reincarnated Individuals, Power Couple, Quick Transmigration, Slow Romance, Transmigration, World Hopping,
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40 Comments on “Crush the Protagonist Into Slag
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  1. I’m looking for a story in which the MC transmigrates to 60’s with space and spiritual spring and is already married with 3 kids and twins on the way and her husband is a soldier who comes home after injury and seperate from the family. The MC has a brother who can’t speak and later they find his elder brother and after some time they find his father and the MC treated the father when he almost died. They then shift to city and another lady from parallel time who after MC died married ML come and try to separate them and MC and ML are dragged to end times. MC reunite with the children in another time line where she doesn’t transmigrate and later goes back to her time line. She meets her real grandparents and later after her death goes to another world still in 60’s as a kid and is loved by her parents and she finds Ml (who also transmigrated) and saves him from car accident and later travels to the world where her children are and save them and at last MC and ML become Lord god.

  2. Similar things happened to me😅I just read about 10 chapters of a QT novel, I remembered the MC, ML and Arc-title but I didn't realise the book title. Fortunately, I also knew other books of the author and found the one I was reading.

  3. Recomiendo esta novela si te gusta [Transmigración rápida] [Drama] [Romance] [Protagonistas poderosos] [Sin dedos dorados] ● Esta novela es la última parte de la bilogía que cuenta las historias de Tao Rui viajando a través de distintos mundos, en esta ocasión cumpliendo los deseos de otras almas. Como la continuación de 'Took the scumbag', el protagonista ha perdido todos sus dedos dorados acumulados en sus viajes anteriores a cambio de estar libre de la Oficina del Tiempo y el Espacio. La personalidad de MC no ha cambiado mucho a partir de este libro, excepto porque ahora trabaja de manera más relajada para cumplir sus metas. De nuevo, sigue confiando más en el estudio concienzudo para adquirir conocimientos que poco a poco lo vuelven poderoso en cada mundo que atraviesa. Los arcos no son novedosos, pero sí más extensos, lo que ayuda a que el tema se desarrolle por completo. En ciertos momentos el escritor conecta esta historia con otras de su misma autoría, que le da un toque original al libro. No hay tanto humor como en entregas anteriores, pero sigue siendo una historia ligera, no agotadora. La gran diferencia es que ahora el romance se convirtió en 1v1 desde el primer arco, por lo que hay una sola FL a lo largo de todo el libro. FL es como el protagonista: Paciente, concienzuda y fuerte. Son una pareja perfecta con una relación realista y no hay dramas innecesarios entre ellos. En sí, es una novela excelente que se complementa muy bien con el primer libro. A excepción del final... Es un final abierto sorprendente, pero que te deja con ganas de leer una continuación y tristemente no la hay.

  4. Btw, if they continue to have children in the future worlds, would that mean that the time and space agency would be filled with their children. That would be so funny every other person you meet would be your sibling from another world haha 😂

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