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At first, Lu Yu was dumbfounded.

Crossing to a primitive era, and the gold finger given to him is a game panel?!

Even if the game panel can retrieve the beast information and get the items dropped by them, which looks very practical.

But he is a weak chicken ah ah ah ah!!

Can he beat the beasts or the beasts will beat him ah! Very deceiving!!

Finally, Chef Lu Yu, who is about to live in the perilous jungle, meets the tiger-like Matai that eats nothing but raw meat.

Lu Yu wanted be friends with the King of Matai only to find out his eyes full of blood staring at himself.

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Short Title:CTTP
Alternate Title:带着游戏面板穿越原始
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Tags:Caring Protagonist, Clan Building, Cooking, Crafting, Game Elements, Handsome Male Lead, Hunters, Kingdom Building, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Magical Space, Strong Love Interests, Survival, Transmigration, Tribal Society,
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  1. Chapter 78 leaves | Shanpu X_io_ng slapped his mouth and drums, and the whole person is not good, "How come there is such a person!" Lu Yu's face is also very ugly, "there are such people," relying on his own strength, he is unscrupulous. The plundering of others, throughout the ages, regardless of the level of civilization development, such a thing has never been eliminated, even in the modern society where the social system and laws have been quite perfect. However, he did not expect that the three tribes would be so blatant this time. Xia Cao solemnly said, "They may not give up easily." Shan Pu said indifferently, "What if they don't give up? We will fight tomorrow. As long as we win, see what else they can say. !" Lu Yu thoughtfully, did not speak. ·The group of people who went to Lu Yu and asked them to surrender the right to fight walked out of the wooden shed. One person stopped the man with pointed chin and the thin black woman who was walking in the front, "Lin Huo, Yang Hua, wait a minute!" Everyone stopped. The man with the pointed chin said impatiently, "What are you doing!" The man shouting to them was unhappy, "We are here to let this little tribe surrender the right to fight, for the benefit of the entire beast, but what you said is too much." The man with a pointed chin snorted disdainfully, "What kind of attitude do you need to treat a small tribe? Chief Zhou Hai, you are too soft-tempered. I really don't know how you manage the tribe." Zhou Hai's face turned dark, "Okay. , I really can’t control how you treat the small tribes, but are you really thinking about the ten thousand beasts? How do I feel that you are only doing things for the three big tribes." Zhou Hai said this, two people immediately agreed." Yes, when we came, we clearly stated that it was for the honor of the beast collective, and to avoid the unnecessary sacrifice of that small tribe, but you are both inside and outside..." "Hahaha!" The man with a pointed chin He let out a sharp laugh, and interrupted him, "I said, what are you talking about, do you want to be like that little tribe, ungrateful? Don’t forget who built the beasts, you can stay Here are the gifts of the three big tribes, what kind of collective honor, without the three big tribes, what are you guys!" Zhou Hai gritted his teeth, "Yes, Ten Thousand Beasts are indeed built by the three major tribes, but we live here and hand in a lot of fur and equipment. They are not for nothing. Even if we are not as powerful as the three major tribes, it does not mean that we are inferior. Three tribes first! Forest Fire, isn’t your Woodland Tribe the same as us? Why..." The pointed-chin man sneered, "We are different from you. We have become a subsidiary tribe of the three tribes. I'm going to move to the inner level soon." He Yi-n glanced at Zhou Hai compassionately, "Zhou Hai, I know you are a thorn. The three tribes have tolerated you for so many years, and soon I can’t bear it anymore. Sheep flower, let’s go.” After speaking, the thin black woman shook his pointed chin. It's gone. Everyone looked at each other, and soon someone laughed awkwardly, typed a few haha, and followed. In the end, only Zhou Hai remained here, and the two people who followed him in the beginning. "If Lin Huo becomes a subsidiary tribe of the three tribes, will we offend the three tribes like this?" one of them hesitated. "If we offend, we will offend, the big deal we will go back to our own tribe, and we won't stay here anymore!" said another person. Zhou Hai pursed his mouth, he always felt that there was something in Lin Huo's words... At night, a news came out from the various tribes of Ten Thousand Beasts. All tribes living in the Stone City of Ten Thousand Beasts must become subordinate tribes of the three tribes. It is a subordinate tribe, not a subordinate tribe. There is a big difference between subordinate tribes and subordinate tribes. Generally, subordinate tribes are feuded, one family is defeated, and forced to join another. People in subordinate tribes can be expropriated by the upper tribe at will, and they collect and collect A large portion of the food caught is handed in, and the treatment is extremely harsh. Basically no tribe would be willing to become a subordinate tribe of other tribes. The Matai people were shocked when they heard the news. Mao Pu, who came to deliver the news, said bitterly, "The three tribes are crazy." Although he didn't take the initiative for a long time in Wan Beast, he knew that living here would have to pay a lot of fur and equipment, but it was not too unbearable. At that point, why did the three major tribes suddenly come out like this. Lu Yu frowned, "Where did you hear it?" Mao Pu said, "Some people say that just after this great drift, the three tribes will drive out all those who don't want to be his tribes." Xia Cao was puzzled, "How could this be? even if there is no amount of benefits in plain beasts, when there will not be willing to subordinate tribal tribes exchanged. " Mao Po Tanshou," that I do not know, but it seems I heard that the three tribes was firm. " he After thinking for a while, he leaned in front of the crowd and whispered, "I heard that this rule seems to be related to their witches. Some people speculate that the witch heard the hint from the gods and predicted that there will be a catastrophe in the near future, only hiding in Wanwan. The beast can escape." Lu Yu nodded, "It makes sense, but no matter what, if the three tribes really decide to do this, they will definitely speak out at that time." Mao Pu looked at him calmly. He looked a little anxious, "Deer fish, then you decide what to do. Are you really going to be a subordinate tribe of the three major tribes?!" Even if he stays at Ten Thousand Beasts every day, he doesn't care about the Blackwater tribe. It means that he has really forgotten his tribe, and it does not mean that he is willing to let his tribe be slaves to the three major tribes. Lu Yu, "Of course not." Mao Pu, "Then you--" "Wang, a group of people broke in!" A Matai opened the door and walked in, interrupting the conversation with the people inside. Lu Yu and Tai Lie stood up and walked out. Thirty or forty strong warriors, armed with all bone knives and weapons, and wearing wooden armor, stood in the open, all of them looked indifferent. At a glance, Lu Yu felt very familiar, and soon he remembered that the expressions of these people were very similar to those of the three big tribes who came to him before to buy ten crabs. Lu Yu scanned the exposed skin of these people L_uo, and found the same scars on the arms of some people. "Who are you?!" Shan Pu asked sharply. A man pushed aside the crowd and walked out. It was the pointed chin man who came to see them in the evening. "On behalf of the three tribes, I tell you that you are not allowed to live in Ten Thousand Beasts, get out of here as soon as possible!" Pointed Chin proudly said. Xia Cao questioned "We paid a lot of fur, why are you kicking us out!" The pointed chin sneered, "I care what you hand over, I order you to get out now, otherwise..." He glanced at the soldier beside him. The threat in the words is self-evident. Obviously, it was because they did not agree to hand over the fighting power to the three tribes, and they incurred revenge. Shan Pu and others were angry. I don’t want them to live here, but now the sky is dark. Everyone knows how dangerous the jungle at night is. The three major tribes came to drive them away at this time, obviously deliberately, wanting them to die! Although the Matai people are warlike and impulsive, they are not fools. Lu Yu was silent for a while, turned his head and told Shanpu and Xiacao, "Take our things and let's go." "Deer fish?" Shanpu opened his mouth, but after seeing the look on his shaman's face, he Swallowing the words in his mouth, he responded instead, "Yes!" Xia Cao also nodded. The Matai people got the order and started to act. The sharp chin curled his lips in disdain, "a group of gangsters." This is the first time that he has the right to command the three major tribal battle teams . What he said just now also meant to be deliberately provocative, that is, he wanted to use people from this small tribe to try the combat team's force How strong, I didn't expect this little tribe to be so spineless, afraid of it, it was dark, and even dared to run out. The pointed chin glanced at Tai Lie who was beside Lu Yu, "There is still a king in such a tribe, right?" One sentence hit the untouchable point in Lu Yu's heart. In modern times, after the death of his grandfather, as a descendant of the royal chef, he has received countless rumors and rumors, and he is used to it. It's fine to say he is, but for Tylie, he found that he couldn't stand it for a little bit, and his anger was straight from the bottom of his feet. It soared to the sky and trembling with anger. Lu Yu stared firmly at the pointed chin, his voice was like a layer of ice, "Swallow your words back and apologize." The pointed chin laughed loudly, "What are you talking about? I can't hear you." Lu Word by word, "You insult my king (man), if you don't apologize, we don't mind going to war with you." The pointed chin laughed, "You want to go to war, come, come, who's afraid of whom!" He was anxious. This little tribe is going to die quickly. As if he could see what he was thinking, Lu Yu said coldly, "Indeed, the three tribes are great. We may not be able to get the upper hand in the battle, but there are so many of us. When we fight, we have to kill a certain person, but there is still no one. It’s a problem.” Of course, the pointed chin knew that the specific person this person was talking about was him, and the cold sweat broke down in an instant. This person is right. They are only dozens of people at any rate, even if they can’t beat the battle team of the three tribes. , But want to kill him... He doesn't expect the battle team of the three tribes to desperately protect him, after all, the people above only told the battle team to drive these people away, when the person gave an order , He was there... the sharp chin and throat tightened. After a while, he gritted his teeth reluctantly, "When I didn't say it!" These damn little tribes, see how you got torn to pieces by wild beasts after you got out of the city! The pointed chin thought it was enough to say that sentence, but he didn't know that Tai Lie was the Ni Lin in Lu Yu's heart. He insulted Tai Lie, and he avoided it even if he wanted to say a word. It was just whimsical. Lu Yu gave him a fixed look, turned and left, walked to the stone basin, took out a bottle of [corruption potion] from the beast from the ring, and poured all the potion into the water in the basin without a trace. in. He picked up the stone basin, walked a few meters away from the pointed chin, and splashed it on him without hesitation. "What are you doing!!" The pointed chin sensed his intention and jumped back, but his skills were not agile enough, and he was splashed with water all over his body. Lu Yupi smiled and didn't smile, "This is the custom of our tribe. Whoever says disgusting things should be splashed with water to get rid of bad luck." The pointed chin was furious, "You can only use this way to send messages. Xi-e, you are angry. Splash and splash. I think it’s pretty cool.” But after all, it’s a bit uncomfortable for the animal skin skirt to get wet. He shook the animal skin skirt and turned his head to face. Three big The man combat team leader of the tribe, said, "I will go back, you watch them roll away! Were not allowed to stay for a while!" Go early or, now these people only dare splashing water, and so will dare do not know, a The cold-faced man nodded slightly. With a snort of a sharp chin, he turned and walked for two steps. He felt a little itchy on his belly. He scratched it carelessly and continued to walk towards his wooden shed. Although I don't know the specific use of the Corruption Potion, I know from the name that it will definitely not feel good when used on the human body, but it is a pity that I can't see the effect with my own eyes. Lu Yu pondered for a moment. I thought that the water should dilute the potion, otherwise, based on his experience in using the growth potion, it should be effective immediately. Soon Shan Pu packed up everything. Lu Yu didn't speak any more, and Tai Lie ordered to set off. Before leaving, Mao Pu struggled for a long time, and finally made up his mind to go with Lu Yu and the others, but was persuaded by Lu Yuji. "You can live here today. Anyway, we will go to participate in the tribal war tomorrow. At that time, we will be victorious. It will not be too late for you to join us. It's not in a hurry tonight." Mao Pu thought about it and agreed. He took some torches and handed them to Lu Yu, "This is something I exchanged from other grounds. It can burn for a long time." Lu Yu smiled, "Thank you." Mao Pu laughed, "Thank you. From now on, maybe we Heishui, we will mix with you." · After leaving Shicheng, as expected, people from the three major tribes spoke again, so that Lu Yu and others were not allowed to camp within their sight. Lu Yu was too lazy to wrestle with these people and left without looking back. Shan Pu asked, "Where are we going, Wang, Deer?" Lu Yu had already thought about it, " Let's go to the big beach." Watching by the sea. Looking at the moonlight, it's quite romantic, isn't it? "Yes!" The Matai said excitedly. Tai Lie approached Lu Yu and held his hand. The generous palm gives people an incomparable sense of security in this quiet night. Lu Yu's face became slightly hot, and instead of pulling away, he held back tighter. "You were angry for me just now." Tai Li said in a low voice. Lu Yu's face was a bit hot just now, and now his ears are a bit hot. He remembered how angry he was before. It must be ugly, and there are all Matai people who listen to them with ears high. Can this person? Be subtle... "After all, you are the king, of course I have to defend you!" Lu Yu tried to be confident, but after saying this, his voice gradually became quieter, "And it's my partner again... " Oh oh oh~~!!!" The Matai booed. I don't know why they love to watch their usual decent shaman blushing and shy. The jungle at night is indeed dangerous. Because many ferocious beasts have very good eyesight in the dark, they can see clearly and move freely, and the beasts with dark coats also come with a layer of cover, making it difficult to spot. However, for the Matai people, it is not that troublesome. Because among the Matai people, not only have their eyesight very good, they can also see things at night, and importantly, there is also Mingshan, a warrior who discovers beasts by smell. "There is a group of Yeji Leopards ahead, about ten to fifteen!" Mingshan warned loudly. Tai Lie, "Mingshan, you take five people to solve it first, we will come later." "Yes!" Mingshan received the order and called several brothers around him, rushing in the direction of Ye Jibao . Lu Yu and the others are one step behind, following behind. When they arrived, Mingshan and the others had quickly solved the leopard. It can be seen from the words that this kind of leopard basically only likes to be active at night, and rarely see them in the daytime unless they find their nest. Lu Yu saw this beast for the first time. He opens the game panel to search. [Ye Jibao: Melee on land] [Cruelty level: D] [Probability to drop: E-level grip shoes] Grip shoes? Is it a shoe-like armor? It's quite rare. The twelve Ye Jibao left two pairs of grip shoes. Lu Yu picked up a shoe and looked at it. This shoe made of animal skins and animal bones was similar to the nail shoes worn by modern athletes. It seems that it is not difficult to do, and it can be given to the tailors and blacksmiths in the basin to study and study. Except for these leopards, Lu Yu and the others did not encounter any other beasts, and arrived safely beside the big beach. During the day, there is no one on the lively big beach, only the sound of the waves. The silver moonlight shining on the sea is really beautiful. The Matai people didn't have much time to be amazed, and when they got to the place, they began to camp in the camp. The first is to cut some trees, make some branches and leaves, build two simple sheds, and then build a bonfire and boil some hot water. The number of people who watch the night has also increased a lot. Therefore, Lu Yu also stopped today's dream training. Although dream training is equivalent to just having a dream and can be easily awakened, it is better to be vigilant at this time. Lu Yu and Tai Lie sat on the beach to discuss matters. The various behaviors of the three major tribes today made Lu Yu feel very disgusted. He even felt that such three major tribes were not surprised that they attacked other tribes, but the idea is one thing. It is still the same thing to determine the sins of others. There must be evidence. Lu Yu, "Isn't there anyone familiar with those fighters today?" Tai Lie, "No, those people are far stronger than today's people." Lu Yu thought for a moment, "The fighters of the three tribes all have a scar. They attacked. Are there any of your people?" Tai Lie, "No." Lu Yu frowned, "Does it have nothing to do with the three tribes? But we have observed almost all the tribes of Ten Thousand Beasts these days, and we haven't found them, so many People, will never disappear out of thin air." Tai Lie said in a deep voice, "I don't know." Lu Yu bit his lip, "It really can't work... Let's tie up a core member of the three tribes and tortured..." Kidnapping this kind of thing In the past, Lu Yu would never do it, but now, his thinking has changed. Lu Yu doesn’t know if it is the bloody primitive society that has affected him, or whether he has valued Mattai so much that he ignores the bottom line and the third View. Tai Lie glanced at him, took his arm, pulled it into his arms, bowed his head and kissed. · A peaceful night passed. Lu Yu woke up very early. When he left the wooden shed, the sun just nodded from the sea level. It's a nice day with bright weather. Lu Yu stretched his waist greatly, moved his arms and legs twice, and took a deep breath, his eyes getting firmer in the rising sun. Everything will go well today.

  2. Chapter 76 Honey┃Slimy and fragrant body | The Xinyuan tribe ran for a while from Lu Yu in the direction they got into the jungle, and found that human activities were happening. The trace turned into two directions. "Chief, where should we go?" asked from the Xinyuan tribe. Daluo looked ugly, looked left and right, and pointed in one direction, "Go this way!" The marks on both sides were very new. Where he could see it, he could only have luck. Fortunately, they were lucky. After running for a while, they heard a movement from ahead. "Those people are ahead!" The people of the Xinyuan tribe are excited, and it seems that the Mother of the Earth still favors them! "Boss, arrows!" The person who ran in front saw countless arrows that were either stuck on the ground or chopped in two, and hurriedly picked up a good one and brought it in front of Daluo. Ronaldo took the arrow and frowned, "This arrow..." A person next to him was surprised, "This seems to be a weapon used by the person next to him!" After finishing speaking, the person hesitated again, "Could that person also participate in the tribal war, and even with the person who robbed the equipment? Fighting? Chief, then should we go..." Daluo's hand gripping the arrow clenched a little bit, making a creaking sound, his expression was fierce, "Go!" The other members of the Xinyuan tribe also responded. Coming over, he persuaded in a low voice, "That person knows if he will be unhappy, the leader, or we are still..." Before the words were finished, everyone in the Xinyuan tribe was shocked and closed by their leader's gaze. mouth. Daluo glanced around coldly, his eyes Returning to the arrow in his hand, he smashed the arrow shaft fiercely, "The wolf original tribe is to be a dog, I will never give in!" The others were silent for a while, and one of them still mustered the courage, "The leader , You are right, but if we sin that person, what should Xiong Shi and others..." "Okay!" Daluo patted the ashes on his hands and interrupted him, "Go back and talk about it now. Our goal is to get the equipment back and win this tribal war!" The people of the Xinyuan tribe stopped talking. "Yes!" The people of the Xinyuan tribe continued to chase after the traces. After chasing for a while, someone was puzzled, "Why do these people suddenly change directions?" "No matter where they go, we will continue to chase!" "Yes!" Chasing and chasing, they finally saw those who took the equipment. Back view. Xin Yuan everyone was overjoyed and raised their weapons to move forward. Before they could get closer, they were surprised to find that the people in front had stopped, and then threw chubby objects at them. Everyone thought it was a stone, and hurriedly avoided, only to find that it was a clay pot when the thing got close. Daluo snorted and took the lead in smashing the clay pot with a bone knife. There was a click, and there was a crisp sound, and the earthen jar was broken. The yellow viscous liquid sprayed out. Daluo was caught off guard and was splashed all over. "What is this?!!" At the same time, others in the Xinyuan tribe followed Daluo's example, smashing the clay pot with a bone knife, and was also splashed with yellow viscous liquid. The rich sweet aroma diffuses and permeates. Someone swallowed a mouthful of water, "It smells so good..." "I know!" a person said loudly, "This is honey! It's very sweet!" "Why did they throw this outside??" The people of the Xinyuan tribe did n't know. Scratching his head, before they could think of a one, two, three, the person in front of him started to run after throwing things away. Everyone couldn't care about the sticky and fragrant body, and continued to chase after with their legs. "Roar!!!" After not chasing for a while, everyone in Xin Yuan suddenly heard a earth-shaking sound. The trees shaking with this sound were shaking, and the leaves fell and stuck them all. "What's the matter? There is a bear near here?" Listening to the voice, this bear is still very close to them. Daluo didn't care, "What if there are bears? When we go to grab the equipment, kill the bears by the way! Are there few bears that Daluo killed? I don't know how many bears have been skinned by me... What are you doing! " Daluo turned his head and glared at the person who poked himself with his finger. The man trembled and said, "Leader, chief, what do you look at..." "Look at it! What's so good..." Daluo roared, raised his head, and the words were stuck in his throat. Twenty or thirty meters away from them, a huge monster came out. A big tree stood in front of it. The behemoth stretched out its paws, slapped it, and snapped the tree that did not have eyes blocking it. Dark body, big mouth that can bite off a person's head, sharp teeth... "Oh my God..." "This is not an ordinary bear, this is a super-large beast!!!" Super-large beasts are like humans Like the Chinese witch, they are very rare, but powerful. Some people may not catch one hunting for a lifetime. These ten people in the Xinyuan tribe are the strongest warriors in the tribe. They are well-informed. They once saw a super-large beast when hunting, but they didn't dare to approach it. They glanced at it from a distance and slipped away. , How close is it like it is now... it is close range, only to know how terrifying the super-large beast is, the coercion is like a hill on everyone's body. Why is there a huge beast on this hapless island? ! ! The people of the Xinyuan tribe shouted in their hearts. On Matai's side, Shan Pu also had the same doubts. Lu Yu, "Although I don’t know why there are super-large beasts, but This can also explain why we haven't seen any large beasts along the way. It is estimated that we were eaten up by this bear, or we dared not come out from hiding. " Shan Pu suddenly, "Then what shall we do now?" " Lu Yu glanced at him, "Of course it is - run!" " After speaking, Lu Yu jumped on Tai Lie's back without hesitation and ran away first. The Matai people quickly followed. People from the Xinyuan tribe also reacted and started to run away. But I don't know why, it seems that this is obvious. The bear was closer to the people in front, but he gave up the people in front without hesitation, and rushed towards them. The speed was not in line with its huge body, and it was extremely agile. The people of the Xinyuan tribe would even fight for the old. Fate ran away. After a few steps, the giant bear was about to catch up. Daluo glanced back and gritted his teeth, "Ready to fight! " Seeing that the bear is eyeing them, it is better to fight to the death instead of continuing to waste energy! Hearing the command of the leader, the people of the Xinyuan tribe didn't run away, raised their weapons, and prepared to fight. The giant bear leaped high and grew up. With a big mouth, he rushed towards them... · "Tsk, I really want to fight that bear! "Shan Pu said regretfully as he ran, "It looks a little bigger too. " Lu I knocked on his head," Do not Look little bear! " He just opened the game panel and searched it, and found that the bear’s brutality reached [S] Prior to this, he had always thought that the highest cruelty was A, but he did not expect that there was an S, which was two levels higher than the mammoth leader! However, in line with the degree of brutality, the dropped items are also very awesome-[Normal flintlock (empty)] turned out to be a gun... To be honest, seeing this dropped item made Lu Yu's heart abrupt. When it gets hot, the brain quickly thinks about whether or not to give it a try. This is a gun. In this primitive society, in front of guns, what are iron weapons! But he calmed down quickly, because he could see the word “empty” behind the gun. What “empty” means is self-evident. This gun has no bullets... they can’t make bullets now. Even if the gun is obtained, it is for nothing. Let's win this tribal war first now. So many supplies are real. Everyone rushed all the way, and the roar of Xiong Zhentian came from behind. When the giant bear appeared, Lu Yu also asked Xia Cao to use the honey-stained arrow to shoot Sh_e in the direction of those who had Sh_e arrow. Although I don’t know if there was Sh_e in it, he saw the giant bear drop it. When Lu Yu and the others rushed towards the people behind without hesitation, those people seemed to realize something, and stopped and continued with the Sh_e arrow. Lu Yu finally moved on without any trouble. Halfway through, Lu Yu asked if there were any large beasts around Mingshan. Mingshan closed his eyes, smelled earnestly for a long time, opened his eyes, and pointed in a direction, "There should be two jungle leopards in that direction!" Lu Yu nodded, "Then let's go and trouble the leopards!"

  3. Chapter 75 | The helper heard the voice and knew that someone was coming, and everyone in Matai quickly formed a formation and surrounded Lu Yu and the stone tool. Before being surrounded, Lu Yu took out a stone tool from the ring and threw it into the fire. Then Lu Yu was protected. At this time, the speaker had also rushed out of the jungle quickly. The bonfire in the center of the clearing was still billowing black smoke. People from the Xinyuan tribe saw the smoke from a distance, thinking that the bonfire must not be extinguished, and the utensils inside Of course they have not been taken away, so they must be the first to reach their destination, ecstatic in their hearts. This time, they are responsible for lighting the bonfire, and the equipment is prepared by another tribe in their wasteland, the original wolf tribe. They have nothing to do with the original wolf tribe, so the island chosen by the original wolf tribe is an island they are not familiar with at all. Although it is said that the Gu-i shell was burned and the gods instructed them, but they didn't believe it, the gods would not care about the people who are inferior to the wild beasts of the Langyuan tribe! They were the first to find the bonfire, but they broke their joy. When the time comes, they will go back with the equipment of the wolf original, and then defeat them, tell everyone that their Xinyuan tribe is the strongest tribe! No matter what someone makes bad, they can't be stopped! The people of the Xinyuan tribe were all excited and prepared to quickly get the equipment and take them away, but when they rushed out of the jungle, they found that not far from the campfire, a group of people were already standing. The Xinyuan tribe didn't expect that they were not the first one, but when they saw the fire before they went out, they thought the equipment was still there. Although these people were one step ahead of them, they had not had time to take the equipment. The leader of the Xinyuan tribe made a decisive decision, beckoning the people next to hurry to get the equipment, and he and the rest of the people stared at them. Lu Yu whispered to Tai Lie and Le Shui next to him: "Le Shui, put on your gloves and we will walk with the stone tools!" The two nodded, Le Shui carried the machete behind him, and moved from the animal skin bag in front of him. Take out the deerskin gloves. Although the deerskin gloves cannot be completely insulated, they have a layer of protection, and then move the stone tools, it is much easier. Tai Lie squirmed his mouth calmly, and as soon as Le Shui lifted the stone tool, everyone guarded him and ordered him to leave. The movements of several people were very fast, and they were ready in a few seconds, and Le Shui also walked to the stone tool. The infinite power of the Matai people is basically Xi_ng, which may be difficult for others, but it is easy for Le Shui to lift this stone tool. As soon as the stone tools were lifted, the crowd drove off quickly. They were very skillful in evacuation. They seemed to be loose, but in fact the formation moved slightly along with the running, blocking the sight of the Xinyuan tribe. On the side of the Xinyuan tribe, the person who was sent to get the utensils also came to the bonfire and found a stone bowl that Lu Yu had just thrown in. As soon as he put out the fire with sand and put the stone bowl out, Lu Yu ran over there. Up. The man glanced sideways inexplicably. what happened? Could it be that all of them, Xinyuan tribe, were so mighty and majestic that they were scared away? The stone bowl rolled on the ground a few times. The man picked up the stone bowl and ran to the leader, "Leader Daluo, the equipment has been obtained!" Daluo, the leader of the Xinyuan tribe, was still strange. Why did he ran away suddenly, but I didn't have time to think so much when I saw the man holding the stone bowl. I only thought that the other party knew them and knew they couldn't get it, so I ran away very interestingly. Daluo picked up the stone bowl and looked at it, disdainfully said, "Wangyuan tribe is also stingy, just use such a thing to be-no!" Daluo's face changed abruptly. He touched the inside of the stone bowl with his hand, and it was cool. If the stone bowl is burned in a bonfire for a day, it is impossible to be cold inside! Think of the people who just ran away without even vying for Y_u with them. If they didn’t even dare to fight, how could they come to participate in the tribal war! "We were deceived!" Da Luo squeezed the gravel bowl fiercely, threw it on the ground, and ran in the direction where the group of people had disappeared first, "chasing!" The other people from the Xinyuan tribe didn't have Mo to reach the bowl, and didn't know the tricky inside, but because of their trust in the leader, everyone didn't say much, and followed the leader and chased after him. Lu Yu over there. After running a few steps in the jungle, he saw dense trees completely obstructing his figure. Lu Yu was about to approach Le Shui and put the stone tools into the ring. Tai Lie suddenly dragged him into his arms, using Protect him with the body. Almost at the same time, an arrow came from Sh_e from the front, just where Sh_e was just where Lu Yu stood. Everyone quickly put on their weapons for defense. Mingshan, who ran in the front, looked solemn, "There should be some hidden grass juice on their bodies, I didn't smell anything." Xia Cao also said, "I didn't see a figure either." Lu Yu glanced at the person on the ground. Arrow, although half of the arrow is submerged in the soil, it can still be found from the point exposed. The arrow of this arrow is iron, the same as the one that attacked them before. Shoo shoo - a few more arrows exploded Sh_e over. The arrows were all knocked down by the Matai people in front of them with their weapons, and Xia Cao also saw the direction, raising the special bow to return the color. After Xia Cao Sh_e finished an arrow, another arrow was put on his finger, "King, what should we do now?" Sh_e from the opposite arrow came over. Only Xia Cao could shoot Sh_e from the other side, but the other side was very concealed. Okay, maybe there are armors. Xia Cao Sh_e took two arrows, which seemed to have no effect. Moreover, the archery skills on the opposite side were much better than those who had been sent by Qiu Guang to ambush them before. Every arrow was very powerful and extremely tricky. Shan Pu quickly suggested, "Wang, why don't you take the witches to hide first, I will go up and solve them first!" Tai Lie's face was calm, he was about to speak, and Ming Shan who was fighting in front suddenly shouted, "King, here comes the rear." People! The people over the campfire just now!" Sure enough, he was discovered. Lu Yu knew his little tricks, a little bit of brains, and it wouldn’t last long. He didn’t plan to rely on him to hide from the sky. What he thought was that as long as he bought a little time, he put the stone tool in the ring and jumped on Tai Lie’s back. On, everyone can run at full speed. The people over the bonfire, Lu Yu recognized at a glance, it was the [evolved race] he retrieved on the raft. As far as he knew, Cha Zhe had the ability to heal. These evolved races must have something special. The place, depending on the body shape, is not good for business. And those who shoot arrows at them are very concealed and have iron tools. Now there are wolves before and tigers behind. So, what to do. Is it to fight or to retreat? However, being blocked by the arrow while retreating, he must not run fast ... Tai Li said in a deep voice, "Go in the direction of the arrow! Shanpu don't act alone!" In this case, fighting for the injury, first shoot the Sh_e arrow towards them. Let's talk about it after people kill. Everyone understood his command and stopped defending in place. Tai Lie held Lu Yu tightly in his arms. Lu Yu was okay, not too scared. He is now wearing armor, and the red medicine in the ring can be eaten as a meal. As long as he doesn't get a headshot, his life is not in danger. The people of Sh_e Arrow seemed to see their intentions, and didn't intend to fight them head-on, while Sh_e arrowed back while backing. They seem to be good at this kind of terrain. Moving between trees, Lu Yu, who runs on the ground, doesn't have to slow down. And because of the dense vegetation here, Lu Yu and the others are always caught in their hands and feet. Lu Yu and the others didn't go back the same way they had taken, instead they ran for a short distance and then changed the direction and took a new path. This was Lu Yu's suggestion. What he thought was that if the group of people at the bonfire catch up, facing two roads, at least 50% of them might choose the wrong one. But now this idea seems to be a bit of a pit, because it not only slowed their pace of advancement, but also chased up faster... "The people at the campfire are getting closer to us!" Ming Shan shouted. Shanpu said, "King, let's fight! The Matai people are not afraid of anyone!" What about the two waves of enemies, they can still defeat the enemy with arrows! Xia Cao also said, "Yes, the people in front will not be able to solve it for a while, or let's solve the latter first, and the person who shoots at us Sh_e might also attack the people behind..." Lu Yu understood what she meant, and shook her head disapprovingly, "Even if they call to attack the people behind, they will solve us first. After all, the enemies on both sides know that the equipment is in our hands." Yes! Everyone originally came for the equipment, but now that the equipment is in their hands, they must have been killed first. But even so, they are still Matai! The breath of the female warrior in Xia Cao exploded, "Then we will fight them! See who kills first!" The other Matai people also thought the same way. Anyway, there were only ten people in the next wave, the same number as them, one to one. Fighting is already strong, but now the Matais who have been training for so long, what to be afraid of! Seeing the anger of the crowd, Lu Yu also felt that he was too cautious. Now Matai is really a group of fierce beasts, let alone his "daddy", what about the evolution of the race, Cha Zhe's ability In his opinion, it was not to the point of defying the sky. OK, then fight! Lu Yu and Tai Lie looked at each other. Tai Li nodded. Lu Yu opened the ring, preparing to take out his equipment, and suddenly caught a glimpse of something in the ring. Tai Lie, "prepare to—" "Wait!" Lu Yu grabbed Tai Lie's arm, stopped him, and asked on his tiptoe to Mingshan ahead, "Mingshan, you can still smell a grizzly bear. Is it far from us?" Mingshan sniffed and replied loudly, "Yes! Not too far away from us!" Lu Yu smiled, a sly flash in his eyes, "Then let's stop fighting." Shan Pu, who was gearing up to do something special, was stunned, "Huh? Why??" Lu Yu's mouth curled up, "Let’s send some'sweet gifts' to everyone before and after." Shan Pu was shocked, and bb loudly," What? Give them gifts?! Don't we send them back to their hometown?" At this time, everyone was communicating while blocking arrows. Shanpu was distracted and almost hit by the arrow Sh_e. Lu Yu glared at him to make him be more careful. "Of course I have to send it back to my hometown, but let our helpers perform."

  4. For those who might be looking for chapter 71. Here's the Google translated version Chapter 71 The person has been here for two or three days after encountering a big drift from his hometown. Lu Yu and the others have visited several continents. Except for the one that Wu Li seriously warned them not to go, the others have been there several times. To my surprise, they easily replaced all the materials needed for this village upgrade, just the same [Phoenix Sycamore]. When Lu Yu was walking around in other places, he also saw people from that mainland. They were indeed taller, but they were okay compared to the Matai people and the people from the three major tribes Lu Yu had seen before. What do you think? They are not as powerful as Kong Wu. So compared to that continent, Lu Yu still cares more about the people of the three tribes. The young man who revealed the weirdness did not show up after changing ten crabs in Lu Yu, and no other three tribes came to Lu Yu and them again. It seemed a good thing, indicating that Lu Yu and the others did not attract attention. But Lu Yu always felt a little uneasy. At noon that day, Lu Yu, Tai Lie and others came back from the beach, standing alone at their door, rubbing hands, walking back and forth, looking very anxious. Lu Yu walked over and found that it was Zhou Lang, and he knew it in his heart. This week, the wolf probably came to him to fulfill his promise. Sure enough, as soon as Zhou Lang saw him, he ran over in three and two steps, and couldn't wait to say, "You can come back!" Lu Yu raised his eyebrows slightly, "Is it because of the previous transaction?" Zhou Lang made a nasty voice. Yes, otherwise, why should I come to you? Hurry up and do it for me!" His tone was bad, and Shan Pu and the others were a little angry. Shan Pu waved his fist at Zhou Lang, "Be polite to me!" Zhou Lang choked, his voice softened, "I'm a bit tight, can you help me do it now?" It was not that he was afraid of Shanpu, but before he came, his father specially asked him to be polite to others. He was anxious and forgot, Shanpu reminded him all of a sudden. Originally, it meant a good deal. Naturally, Lu Yu would not deliberately embarrass people. As he walked into the wooden shed, he nodded, "Okay." Zhou Lang was overjoyed, and followed him happily. When he was in the shed, he was stopped and asked him to wait by the bonfire in the open area. Zhou Lang was not happy, but he suppressed his temper anyhow and obediently waited by the bonfire. Lu Yu took out the kitchen utensils and some vegetable meat from the ring, and he was almost ready before going out. The bonfire has been burned, and the large stone pots and pans have been polished brightly on the side. Knowing that Lu Yu is exquisite, the Matai people also moved a few boulders, cut the planes, and used them as a cooking table for Lu Yu. They have everything from cutting boards, basins, and so on. When he was in Matai Village, Lu Yu had such a cooking table, which was more exquisite than this temporary one, almost a clay stove, so he got used to it and used it smoothly. He was very comfortable and normal, and Zhou Lang felt very surprised. He didn't have so many things last time. "This is all you use to make food?" Zhou Lang picked up a small bone knife with a wooden handle. Lu Yu didn't like others, especially those who were not very kind to touch his kitchen utensils. He snatched the knife from Zhou Lang's hand. "You just watch by the side and don't bother me." Zhou Lang's heart was new and strange. He didn't get angry either, only curled his lips and walked to the side. Lu Yu finally made a pheasant soup, a cumin lamb chop, a stir-fried beef tenderloin, a stir-fried seasonal vegetable, and a honey jelly. It was placed on the stone platform with all the colors and fragrances, and the crowd of people like Zhou Lang who watched all flowed into a waterfall. Lu Yu wiped his hands with the leaves, "So many dishes, we won't give you a plate for nothing." "Take it." Zhou Lang waved his hand and followed the person behind him. They were well prepared. From the straw basket behind him, the man took out the green stone plate Zhou Lang had said before. Lu Yu: ...It's really a whole piece of jade. Although it's not so thorough and clean, it's also very beautiful. Zhou Lang said before that their cook used the jade as a wok. Lu Yu thought it was funny, but if it was used as a dish, it wouldn't be funny. Lu Yu liked such a beautiful dining tool. He can't help but glance twice. · Zhou Lang happily returned to his wooden shed with fragrant food. His father, Zhou Shan, was also waiting for him in the wooden shed. "Have you got the food?" Zhou Shan asked. Zhou Lang brought the food up with a trace of pride. Zhou Shan took a look at the straw basket and sniffed, "Good stuff!" Zhou Lang didn't refute, he stole a little bit on the road, and his tongue was lost when it was delicious, and he was even considering whether to treat it or not. He has a better attitude, and will continue to exchange supplies for food in the future. Zhou Shan said, "Well, while the food is still hot, let's go to see the witch!" Zhou Lang's eyes lit up, "Okay!" The Dao Ma tribe has moved to the inner layer of Shicheng, and the place where it lives is much more spacious than before. It's more sturdy and beautiful, but it's nothing compared to the wooden houses built by the three tribes specifically for witches. In a clearing, an old tree of unknown age was built on top of an exquisite and small tree house. After repeated notifications, Zhou Shan and Zhou Lang obtained permission. The two climbed up the tree house cautiously. There is plenty of light in the tree house, and the photocopy of the mottled tree on the wooden wall is very beautiful. Zhou Lang's body trembled. I don't know why. As soon as he walked into this warm and beautiful wooden house, he was a bit cold. It was obviously the hottest climate... A man walked out from behind the partition in the middle of the wooden house and lay sloppily on the wooden couch. He closed his eyes and calmed his mind, "What are you doing here?" Zhou Lang gulped. How could this man... "We are here to deliver food to Wu." Zhou Shan smiled and said a few words, and then pushed Zhou Lang a bit, "Quickly put the food you brought to Wu!" Zhou Lang moved forward. He staggered, but fortunately, he responded in time, stabilized his body, stumbled to the small wooden table, took out a few dishes made by Lu Yu from the back basket behind him, and placed them lightly. The man opened his eyes. Zhou Lang stepped aside, bowed his head obediently, not daring to look. After a while, he suddenly heard a chuckle from the front. "It seems that I have met my fellow villagers." ... After dinner in the evening, Lu Yu and Tai Lie gathered around the bonfire to discuss matters and exchange information. Xia Cao stayed in Shicheng today to collect news and the whole point of supplies. After listening to Lu Yu's today about other continents, she went on to say, "This afternoon, Mao Pu said something." Lu Yu, "What's the matter?" Xia Cao, "Mao Pu said that the witches of the three major tribes have returned. In fact, if he doesn't say anything, we can also know that the surrounding tribes are talking about this." Lu Yu, "Someone saw it? " No one saw him. The three tribes kept him tight, but the people around him were still very excited." Shanpu interrupted, "What's so exciting?" Xia Cao smiled, "That's a witch. Isn't it rare?" Shanpu was not convinced, "Hmph, we also have witches, our witches are more powerful than theirs!" Shanpu stood on the boulder and announced loudly to everyone that they have a witch, and they are the most powerful witch. Not only can they make pills, build villages, and pick up treasures, they can also make so many delicious things! Shanpu is not a person who likes to show off, but after they came here, the people around, after hearing Zhou Lang say that they were from a small remote tribe, always looked down on them a bit, even if they always came to ask Lu I treat them with meat. Shan Pu is a little unhappy. Lu Yu patted him on the head. Xia Cao, "In addition to this, I also heard that the tribal war will begin the day after tomorrow." Lu Yu, "tell me in detail." Xia Cao organized the language, "The news I have collected is that tribal wars are battles between tribes, ten people in groups, how to conduct it, it seems that every time is different, and then this year's venue is in the wasteland." Hearing the words Wasteland Land, Lu Yu's face sank. This place is the land Wu Li was talking about. They also have a tribe gathering place like ten thousand beasts called Wasteland. Xia Cao frowned, "It seems that there are not many tribes in Ten Thousand Beasts who want to participate, but..." Lu Yu, "What?" Xia Cao hesitated, "but the three major tribes seem to be going. I heard that in the past few years, the three major tribes He has trained a lot of powerful fighters, and he is confident that he will win the tribal battle.” Lu Yu remembered the strange boy he had seen before. In terms of physical appearance, he was indeed very powerful. Shanpu said excitedly, "Wang, deer fish, let's participate too!" Lu Yu and Tai Lie looked at each other, and groaned, "Let's go and watch, not participating for the time being." Shanpu moaned disappointedly. …At night, Lu Yu entered the dream training ground. While arranging training projects for everyone, he suddenly saw the new functions after the upgrade of the last training ground. [Multiplayer Training Field] Lu Yu paused, then clicked on it. The heads of Tai Li and others were pulled down. Lu Yu chose Tailieshan Parkle Shuixiacao and several others. After choosing, he pushed open the door of the main control room and walked out.

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