When Jiang Ning looked at the ancestors of the five violent tribes, they also looked at Jiang Ning. It can be said that the enemy was extremely jealous when they met.

At this time, the two people directly froze. Although it is just a confrontation in their eyes, everyone can see it. After a while, there will definitely be a big battle. After all, there is already a confrontation. The anger came.

Jiang Ning sneered and said: "You can leave immediately. I will not pay attention to you, as if I didn't see you, but if you are still on the court, then there is nothing to say, just take your life!"

Jiang Ning has nothing to say about these five people. After all, he was framed by these five people. If he hadn't been careful at the time, there might have been major problems. For such a group of people, Jiang Ning is definitely not. There will be any arguments, and the key is their race.

The ancestors of a berserk race are already like this, and the berserk race outside the Central Plains is also extremely disgusting. This race has completely offended Jiangning, and it can even be so. It is said that as long as people from both sides meet together, then there will be absolutely nothing to say, it must be confused.

"Leave? Why do you want us to leave?" At this time, the leader couldn't help but sneered. In his opinion, he waited for someone to release the news and let so many people over, there must be someone I wanted to start Jiang Ning, but he didn't expect that no one would start him.

In fact, this point is different from what they imagined. It is true that some people come to Jiangning and others, but there are also many people who play with Jiangning. Dahan and the team he met first, that is Such a thing is coming.

"Since I don't leave, I want these five lives!" Jiang Ning couldn't help showing a sneer when he said this. He was very confident in his own strength and wanted to kill these five people. , It only takes a little ability to kill it. It can even be said that there is absolutely no mercy in it.

But when Jiang Ning's words fell, there was a person who asked in a cold voice, and then said: "Who are you, you actually want to take my brother's life, do you want to live?"

This person looks like that kind of poor and vicious person. The whole person is full of blood. If there is no life in his hands, no one would believe it. It is even possible that it is of a person whose hands are already covered with blood.

"What are you? I talked to those five trash, you actually interrupted, you don't want to live anymore?" Jiang Ning also sneered at this moment. He didn't have much to say about such a person. He was merciful. They will not give.

"Huh, what am I? I am a human being, I tell you, with your words, I will wet you!" At this time, the man sneered directly, as if he was confident that he could take down Jiang Ning. same.

The previous five members of the Berserkers said that Jiang Ning’s strength was to stimulate this person. They didn’t expect it to be really stimulated, but they also warned this person, as long as they were teaching Jiang Ning. Kill him, after all, to go out here, you still need to go to Jiangning, if Jiangning is killed, then everything is gone.

"Then you can go and die!" Jiang Ning said this, and the breath of the whole person broke out at the time. For such a person, Jiang Ning has never been merciful. If you say it at the beginning, this person can say something. Jiang Ning just sent him, but he didn't expect this person to be so awesome, and he wanted to start Jiang Ning directly.

This is something Jiang Ning can't stand anyway, and it can even be said that as long as there is a chance, then Jiang Ning will kill him.

After Jiang Ning's breath broke out, everyone in the field was shocked. They never thought that a person's breath could be so powerful. It can even be said that they would cultivate again for the previous period. Time is incomparable to Jiangning.

Without any accident, Jiang Ning directly shot, against that arrogant person.

As for that person, even though he felt a bit surprised, he still made an appropriate shot, because he knew that if he could not withstand Jiang Ning’s attack, then he would be killed in battle, and he would not say that he could leave. This is a place, maybe it's a matter of whether you can survive.

So now he has used all his strength, just to resist Jiang Ning.

The battle in the field has already begun. Everyone retreats at this time. After all, at this time, if they are touched, then there will be a complete problem, especially for Jiangning. People fighting, even the aftermath is unbearable.

The war was erupting, the debris in the field was constantly flying, and even the aftermath of the atmosphere made the people on the field no accident, and they were directly injured. These people are naturally those who are extremely weak. People come, their idea is extremely simple, just want to come to fish in troubled waters, to see if they can have luck to leave this place.

The place of death is just a small place. If it is possible to get out of this place, then the world will be free. This is very good, so everyone wants to be in this place. Go out among places.

Without any accident, Jiang Ning’s strength was naturally strong. After fighting for about ten minutes, only a scream in the field was heard, followed by a rain of blood on the sky. This situation appeared. The people in the field were completely shocked.

No one would have thought that it was Jiang Ning who survived, because at this time, Jiang Ning's figure has gradually appeared in front of everyone. As for the yelling person just now, there is no longer this world. Got it, it was directly killed by Jiang Ning.

Everyone was shocked at this moment. They all knew that Jiang Ning’s breath broke out. It was a powerful one, but they didn’t expect that Jiang Ning could strike so quickly. Killing this person, after all, the clamoring person just now has a strong strength, and it is even undeniable that he can definitely rank in the top five in the field.

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