"The Necromancer!" After seeing the intruder's face, Yaerbed was surprised, and what gave her so much courage to dare to break into Nazareth alone.

"The Necromancer? Who is that? Why can't I see her level?" O'Reilly Omega vocally doubted "Confused", staring at the door of the Necromancer, and temporarily put the alert posture on On her.

"Of course you can't see it, but that guy is 20 levels higher than us, and it's strange to see it." Shatia pouted her lips, her expression was serious.

"So, she has 120 levels ?!"

The guardians of the horror public domain are all slightly changed in color. They have never seen this level of existence. Even Supreme Supreme, it is only a hundred levels!

"Is there such a strong man outside?" O'Reilly Omega looked dignified.

"A group of dead squatting houses, how do you never come out to know what is going on outside, just know the guy who blindly coaxed, and when he has cleaned up this guy, he is coming to teach you." Shatia glared with unhappy expression. The guardians of the eye field, take the dropper spear, and look at the cold voice in front of them: "Necromancer, you are really arrogant! How dare you break into Nazareth alone, you are too powerful for yourself Overconfident, or don't we take Nasalek too? "

The face of the Necromancer was calm, and in the face of so many strong men, he did not show a trace of panic "chaos": "I thought I would spend a lot of time. I didn't expect to come in so easily, It seems that your Nasariq is in trouble. "

With that said, his eyes focused on the guardians of the public domain of horror, and his eyes flowed, exuding a breath of "confusion": "Well, everyone, it seems that you have no doubt I am not satisfied, and my goal is only him, I have no intention to be your enemy. The enemy of the so-called enemy is a friend. Should we cooperate together? "

O'Reilly Omega said coldly: "We will deal with our internal affairs without your involvement as an intruder!"

"Really, don't you know that person's strength?" Necromancer's face "shows" a giggling smile: "My husband is as high as 150, all killed by him. You have won ?"

"Level 150 ?!"

The guardians of the realm were all "exposed" in shock. What happened outside this time? Even the 150-level monsters came out?

I remembered that before opening the guild system, except for the name "Sun Wukong" in the column of the chairman, everything else was a question mark. It turned out that his level was too high? Or did he hide the information himself?

The guardians of the realm are becoming more and more uncertain, although their number is large, but in terms of quality, they are not as good as the guardians of the floor. For the commander of the demon Ji, some people "show "The color of the moving god."

auzw.com When Xia Tia saw this situation, she immediately yelled: "You guys, why not listen to her nonsense" chaos ", this is our internal affairs of Nasalek, and no outsiders are needed "Insert" hands! "

Necromancer heard the words, and saw that the guardians of the field were loose, and continued to confuse: "Foreigners? For you, isn't his Monkey Wukong an outsider? Are you still hesitating, your loyal objects? Should it be the Supreme Supreme, not the outsider? I do n’t have any threats to you Nazareth. My goal is only Sun Wukong. This does not conflict with you. You just need to help me stop him. Those who get in the way, others, don't need you to "plug in."

"Shut up! Our matter, we will take care of ourselves, you are less here to confuse people's hearts, to draw your feet!" Suddenly O'Rea Omega sighed, and a horrifying breath swept the audience, her eyes filled with Crazy, flashing in shape, appeared in front of Necromancer, and the weapon in her hand stabbed towards her vital ...

Necromancer's brows frowned slightly, and the "Holy Slayer's Gun" flashed into his hand, stabbing out against the weapon stabbed by Aurel Omega.

A dingling sound, if Ollie Omega's body was severely hit, it flew out instantly, hitting the rear wall severely, and a blood spewed out, but was hit hard by a blow.

To put it succinctly, half a tube of blood strips was knocked out in one hit.

"This is ?!" Shatya faced each other in surprise. "Aurelia Omega's strengths are too clear for them. Among the guardians of the realm, she is the one she fears the most." Now, its strength is strong, but it is known as the strongest human being. Although the Necromancer is as high as one hundred and twenty, it is impossible to hit her to the point of hitting her with a single blow.

For a while, everyone focused on the "Holy Slayer's Gun" she held, with a dignified expression: "Wouldn't it be ... a world-class prop ?!"

Yaerbed's face was "serious" serious: "I said how dare she break into Nazareth alone. It turned out to be prepared!"

Do n’t think that the “Holy Skull” is only a prop that completely deletes the target. It is also a world-class prop. Naturally, it also has the attacking power of a world-class prop. The ability to completely delete the target is just a skill attached to it.

Sun Wukong looked at the weapon in the hand of the Necromancer and calmly said, "" Sacred Gun ", is this your dependence? "

"" Sacred Gun "? Is it really a world-class item? What ability? "They all became nervous and prepared for them, because they knew the terrible world-class props, but they only knew about the eleven world-class props in the guild, and they knew nothing else.

Sun Wukong: "Of the two hundred world-class props, one of the strongest twenty-" Sacred Gun "has the ability to completely erase the target, but must pay the price of the user being completely erased. I was planning to come here with all my friends, no wonder I was so fearless. "

"What? Coming together ?!" Xia Tia they heard, their bodies moved closer to Sun Wukong instantly, and surrounded him in the center to protect them.

"I didn't expect you to know the existence of the" Sacred Gun "..." Necromancer looked at Sun Wukong coldly: "Well, originally I wanted to see how you Nasalik killed each other, but I'm small Seeing your loyalty to Nazareth, it doesn't matter if I'm fooled, but it doesn't matter, because this is not my goal. From the moment I came here, I didn't plan to go out alive. Sun Wukong, go to **** with me and go to my husband for reparations! "

"The Sacred Gun" emits a dazzling sacred light, which "shot" everyone on the scene, and the Necromancer locked the light on Sun Wukong, and a sneer of relief appeared in the corner of his mouth ...

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