"World ... world-class props !!" Necromancer Ji widened her eyes for a while, stretched out her hands, and made a respectful gesture to catch the floating landing props. The trembling of fear had become trembling with excitement.

The woman's face "color" glanced at Necromancer indifferently: "You seem to know a lot about world-class props."

"This is of course!" Necromancer Ji forced the excitement and excitement in her heart: "It is said that world-class props are all transformed by the fallen leaves of the world tree. Each world-class prop is equal to one world and contains the ultimate power of one world!"

"Well, it's true to say so." The woman stood up, stretched lazily, showing her perfect figure: "But it's not so exaggerated, it's just a rumor, it's infinitely exaggerated ... the world I gave you The level item is called "Gun of Slaughter". It has the ability to completely erase the target, but it must pay the price of being completely erased by the user. For those who are bent on revenge, it should not be suitable? "

"Yes, thank you for your generosity, this is exactly what I want!" Necromancer Ji respectfully scratched his head and thanked, holding the "Holy Gun" with both hands, his eyes were decisive, it was the flame of revenge.

"Go, Nazareth, it should be under the ground near the village of Kahn, if you search carefully, you should find it well."

Necromancer Ji fists and leaves ...

There was only a woman left in the bamboo building, and a moment later, a majestic voice filled her with a thought in her mind: "What's going on?"

The woman's languid expression disappeared instantly, and she stood up and respected her knees on one knee: "It's done, Master Jiuyao. If it is the" Sacred Gun ", even if that person is strong, it should be inevitable. !! "

"Very well, don't move lightly. The people in Heaven have been watching the ground. Don't be discovered by them before I completely break the seal."

"Yes, there is only one thing unknown to the subordinates. Why are powerful world-class props such as" Holy Slayer "not used on the person in the heavens, but on a human, is this a waste? "

"Waste? Do you think so? It is really short-sighted! Now, the only person on the ground who can prevent me from breaking the seal is that person. As long as he is removed, there is no worries, when I break the seal smoothly , Do you think, who else can stop me? "

"Yes, it's really a stupid subordinate. I only saw the preciousness of the" Sacred Gun ", but I didn't see the essence of the matter. As long as Lord Jiuyao broke the seal, no one in the world could stop it! "

"Do something for me. Don't be caught by the guys in heaven, otherwise it will be very troublesome."

"Relax, Lord Jiuyao, seal your Jiuding, we have unlocked the Sanding, and it won't be long before you can see the sky!"

"I'm looking forward to ..." The voice drifted away until it completely disappeared.

The woman stood up and regained her lazy beauty again: "So, I should act now ..." As the sound fell, Jiao's body gradually faded, and disappeared along with the bamboo floor ...

Nazareth Underground Tomb, Treasure Hall.

After all the floor guards such as Yaer Bede were assigned a world-class item, Sun Wukong and his team also exited the treasure hall.


But waiting for them, there are a lot of monsters such as the undead: the terror, the hungry fox king, Honglian, Grant, Aurel Omega ...

In short, the guardians of all the realms who are unfamiliar with Sun Wukong are all assembled. One hundred monsters, the number is huge, more than the floor guardians.

And unfortunately, the sisters of the Pleiades, such as Naberal, have been defeated and controlled by them.

Clementine was among them: "Master, help!"

Watching Sun Wukong appear, Clementine screamed loudly, and the look of horror seemed uneasy.

As the monsters of Nazareth moved in, she knew exactly how terrible and powerful this power was.

"I really didn't expect that there would be so many 100-class npcs in Nazareth." Sun Wukong looked at the dense undead figure in front of him, a slight smile appeared on the corner of his mouth: "I also did not expect that there would be so many people opposed As for me, although I disdain the position of chairman, it would be a little uncomfortable if so many people objected. "

"These bastards, I'm going to destroy them !!" Xia Tiya sulked with anger, and Lord Goku finally became their new supreme supremacy. These **** dared to oppose it. This is simply not the case. If Lord Goku was enraged Left, then they ...

Shatiya is getting more and more angry, so that the cute face becomes twisted.

Just when she was about to anger and shot, she was stopped by Dimikos: "Shatia, calm down, now is the best time for Master Goku to stand up, we better not to" plug in " Good. "

Yaerbeide, who had an angry expression on his face, calmed down: "Indeed, if Lord Goku displays an invincible figure, presumably these guys will bow down to the absolute strength of Lord Goku!"

For a while, they all looked at Sun Wukong with the look of great expectation.

"Yarbed, and the guardians of the floor, I really didn't expect that you would betray Nazareth and the Supreme Supreme!" Horror looked at the guardians of the floor, the image of the cockroach upright. Looks disgusting.

A sarcoma-like disgusting monster was held on the forelimbs one by one, and when he saw this monster, Yaerbed's face changed slightly, and he whispered to Sun Wukong: "It's Wicktim! I heard Supreme Supreme before. We mentioned that, although the guy is very low-level, it is part of Nazareth's ultimate line of defense. He has a very special ability and must be launched after death. Do not let it start, otherwise it may be dangerous! "

"Danger is indeed dangerous ..." Sun Wukong was a joke with a look on his face: "However, it is not dangerous ... you know, all of you are concentrated here, and no one is guarding each floor. If anyone is at this time, What would it look like if you invaded? "

"How could there be such a coincidence!" Shatia heard, shedding a moment.

"That's really such a coincidence." Sun Wukong said, looking down to the lower level, where there was a Qian Ying rushing all the way, and the undead who blocked the road were not her all-in-one enemy.

"Not good! My lords, there are intruders!" Nirost Peinkiel hurriedly hurriedly accused.

All of Nazareth's Realm Guardians and Shatya's face changed slightly. ..

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