Tall and majestic skeleton body, wearing a gorgeous black "color" cape, looks full of supreme domineering and awe-inspiring looks, this is not the president of the Anz-Ur Kung Guild, Nasariq One of the Supreme-Flying Squirrel!

"I didn't expect that the floor guards would betray Anz Ur Gong together. It was a surprise, didn't you plan to say anything?"

‘Flying Mouse’ has a majestic tone, and “forces” to look at Shatiya and wait.

Dimigos put one hand behind his back, bowing slightly, with a respectful look: "Master Flying Squirrel, we have never betrayed Nazareth. Regarding Master Goku, we can explain ..."

"No! No!" Yaer Bede sang suddenly, with a layer of frost on his face: "He cannot be Supreme Supreme! Supreme Supremes have left us, there is no more in the guild Who are you, their name? How dare you pretend to deceive me and suppose that it is a sin! "

Dimigos heard the words, seemed to feel reasonable, the respectful expression immediately converged, frowning slightly looked at the 'Flying Rat' in front of him, if it is false, then his transformation is probably too advanced, even him Did not see through.

"Kill him!" Shatiya sang coldly, flashing her body, blocking his retreat, dare to deceive them with Supreme Supreme appearance, this is a great disrespect for Supreme Supreme, how can they tolerate.

Sebass and others are showing their body shape, enclosing the 'flying squirrels', and locked him with two eyes: "Say, who are you?"

"Ahhhhhhhh ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Really.

This is a humanoid profile, a face is quite flat, the raised parts such as the nose are smoothed, and there are only three empty "swing" and "swing" holes in the eyes and mouth, without eyeballs, teeth and tongue. There are only three black holes that seem to be blackened with a pen by a child; it seems that the pink egg's head is so smooth that it doesn't even have a half sweat "hair".

"Is the high-level dual phantom ..." Seeing his appearance, Sebass immediately recognized his racial character.

"Dear floor guardians, meet for the first time, don't come here! I'm Pandora Yakert, the creator is Lord Flying Squirrel, and the domain guardian of this treasure hall."

"Master Wukong, what is the name of this guy, Yan?" Yaerbeide looked at Sun Wukong.

Sun Wukong: "Red" color. "

"Then there is nothing to say!" Shatia's eyes flashed coldly, and she was about to launch an attack.

"No no no, I advise you not to act lightly." But Pandora Yakete quickly waved and stopped: "How to say, I am also the guardian of the treasure hall, although all the guardians of the floor at the same time are It is impossible to win, but you should come here for the treasures and equipment in the treasure hall? If you do, I only need one thought to destroy everything here ~ "

"This bastard!" As soon as they heard this, Xia Tia just stopped moving, and looked at Sun Wukong, asking what should be done.

Sun Wukong smiled, and just before him, a virtual screen flashed out, and after a few taps, he calmly said, "All his permissions have been revoked, give me a fierce shit!" He dared to threaten, I really don't know why the flowers are so red.


"Hey ~~" Xia Tia and others heard the words and looked at Pandora Yakete with a bad look.

Pandora Yakte's face changed slightly, and she retreated vigilantly: "Missing ... the President has all the authority to control Nazareth!"

"Come on!" Xia Tiya sang a moment, and stabbed the gun first, and Sebass and others followed immediately. For a time, screams echoed in the Hall of Weapons from time to time ...

Although Pandora Yakte is not less than a hundredth level weaker than the Floor Guardian, in the face of the beatings of all the Floor Guardians, he could only be passively beaten when all permissions were revoked.

After a while of work, Pandora Yakte had been beaten, his face was covered with bag, his blood was already maimed, and Yawu Yan dragged his ankle to Sun Wukong in front of him without any image: "Goku My lord, the task is done, what should I do with this rude guy? "

"Tie it up and wait for a while." Sun Wukong waved his hands freely, and he was too lazy to pay attention to it. Now he is curious about the treasures of Anz-Ur-Kung.

Yawuyi nodded, and Pandora Yaket was tied by a big bunch of flowers. Shatiya did not know where to get a sledgehammer, and knocked him with a bang.

Entering the treasure hall, eleven gorgeous chests appeared in front of each other, and in each chest, a world-class item was stored.

Eleven world-class items, which is exactly what Anz Ull Kung has.

At this moment, Yaer Bede and others all have solemn faces, extremely serious, and look forward to watching Sun Wukong open 11 of them with curiosity.

"Greedy and Desire", "The Cup of Xugui Erya", "Several Hundred Million Blades", "Pictures of Shanhe Society", Hell's Abyss ...

One by one, world-class props are displayed. Seeing that they are breathing a little more quickly.

World-class props, no one can be seduced by it. Rumors, each world-class prop represents a world, and each piece has the power to destroy the world. Although a bit exaggerated, it is enough to explain it. Of preciousness.

And just when Sun Wukong took Yaerbeide to distribute world-class props Anz Ur Gong, far away in an unknown alpine bamboo building somewhere, Necromancer Kneeling on the knees with respectful knees, his head was low. The vertical had touched the ground, his body shivering.

In front of her, there was only one person, a beautiful woman who could no longer describe her beauty with words. Now she was lying lazily on the padded bamboo chair, showing her perfect figure, People can't look away: "Is the undead monarch dead? Really, I didn't expect that person to take the shot himself. This is a bit of a breach of the rules of the game ... Now, come to me, do you want to avenge your husband? "

The sound was soft and agile, which made people intoxicated.

Necromancer Ji Qiang bit the tip of her tongue to keep herself awake, but did not dare to say more: "Yes, yes."

"This way, although I think it is impossible, but since you have this heart ..." the woman said, the room suddenly flashed, and an object bathed in the light of God flashed in front of the Necromancer: "Then give you this world-class prop." ..

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