The fifth floor of Nasaliq is an extremely cold zone created with the concept of glaciers.

It will make people feel like blue and white icebergs shining from the inside, like a tombstone, standing on the endless white "color" earth; the white snow falling from the sky that envelopes the thick clouds is blowing the ice Dancing in the cold wind containing the cold water vapor; the hoarfrost forest visible from a distance is completely covered by white snow, like a giant hiding under the cloak.

Standing on two floors of majestic western-style houses in the cold wind, a woman who is very similar to Yaer Beder ’s beautiful face gradually became crazy and distorted after hearing the voice: “Hehehehehe ~~ Nasalik? Have you even taken the position of chairman? Ah ah ah ~~~ If you go out now ... will you be forgiven? "

The door hinge suddenly opened silently—there were babies crying, not one or two. It was a combination of dozens or hundreds of crying sounds, and they came out "swinging", However, no baby was seen in the room, and the scene was extremely strange ...

Since being created, a woman who has never left this frozen jail, for the first time after feeling that Nazareth has fallen into an unprecedented crisis ...

En route to Treasure Hall.

The guardians of the class are fully armed and surrounded Sun Wukong in the middle. Yaerbeide and Shatya accompanied him. The solemn expressions saw Sun Wukong helpless: "You don't need to be so nervous, relax. "

Yaerbeide looked serious: "Your strength is undoubted, but it is my duty to protect your safety. I hope Lord Goku will allow me to be" temperate "; and there are still many in this Nasarik The guardians of the extremely dangerous, their strength is not lower than mine and so on. Now I am afraid that you are already regarded as an intruder, and an attack will inevitably be launched suddenly. We should be cautious! "

As soon as the voice fell, I felt the bitter cold wind whizzing, and the screams and mad screams passed into everyone's ears: "You, you, you ... snatched, snatched, snatched ... I Kid, my kid, my kid, my kid — !!! "

"This voice !!!" Yaer Bede frowned, turning in vain to look for fame, but saw a woman coming towards them with a strong murderous spirit turned into a blast, looking at the target, it seems that it is not Wukong, but Everyone present.

The large scissors she held exudes dazzling coldness.

"How did this guy run out ?!" Cosettes drank aloud, and was about to meet, but Yaer Bede moved faster than her, hurriedly took out a doll, and threw it at the woman who rushed to the attack. Past: "Your child is here!"

Seeing the doll that flew in, the woman's movement immediately freezes like pressing the stop button, then puts down the scissors, and carefully picks up the doll: "Oh!"

She hugged her dear 'child' with affection, as if she would never let go, and then turned her face covered with long hair to Sun Wukong and others: "My lovely sister, as well as the floor guardians, don't come here? "

"Nikoled, you ... don't come here!"

Faced with the woman in front of them, the guardians' expressions were a little weird. The long hair emitted by the cape covered her face, and it was not clear how she looked, but in terms of body shape, it was somewhat similar to Yaerbed. .

However, at the next moment, Nicholar's eyes suddenly locked on Sun Wukong: "You-the intruder who usurped the chairman's position!" Speaking in vain, Chao Ya'er was exposed. Bed and others looked over: "My lovely sister, tell me! Why are you with this intruder?"

"Sister, he is not an invader, Lord Goku is the new Supreme Supreme I agree with the guardians of all floors ..."

"Agree and recommend?" Nicholar's face became crazier and more distorted: "So it is, so it is! Are you betraying Nassarik, betraying Anz Ur Gong? Since you It's my lovely sister, and I will never forgive you !!! "

The violent atmosphere swept out again, and Nicholar's mood seemed to be completely replaced by madness, and the big scissors in his hand did not hesitate to cut it to Sun Wukong!

"Dare you dare to shoot at Master Goku? Ahhhhhhh ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Even if you are my sister, I won't forgive you !!"

Seeing that Nikoled had launched an attack on Sun Wukong, Ya'er Bede screamed in anger in an instant, and chopped down the big ax with impolitely in his hand.

A loud sound of 'Dang' and the aftermath of the violent collision caused both women to be shaken back, but they rose up in a flash, collided again, and the sound of the weapon's collision echoed "Swing" here ...

"My lovely sister! You shot me? You shot me? Ah, ah ~! You betrayed you? You betrayed you? Yeah! The lunatic generally screamed harshly, her eyes gradually became blood red, she seemed to have lost her mind completely, and her fighting spirit broke out, making her look even more insane, but the frequency of attacks was increasing. Fast and fierce, the attack by the big scissors in his hand was deadly, and he gradually suppressed Yaerbeide.

Sun Wukong watched the battle in the field: "Is she called Nicholas, right? She seems to be a magical" groan "singer, who actually suppressed Yaer Bede in melee. Although Yaer Bede has mercy on her men, but It's pretty good. "

"She is the fifth tier of the ice keeper of the prison, and she has the ability to fully monitor her personally. She is rumored to be unstable, and now it seems to be true."

Just as Shatiya explained, Yaer Bede's angry screams overwhelmed her, and her jealousy distorted her face: "You, you, you guy, got the praise of Lord Goku! Ahhh! Ah ~~ Lord Goku, please take care of yourself, it's more than just that!

The giant axe in his hand shone green in vain, and in the angry roar, Yaerbed, who had been in defense, suddenly smashed Nikoled out with an axe!

As a magical "groan" singer, Nicholar could not be Yaerbeide's opponent in melee. It was previously suppressed only because of his mercy, but because of Sun Wukong's praise of Nigulede, Yalebed Driven by jealousy, anger twisted her, and her head was hot and she didn't care.

"Cough ~~" Nigulad climbed up from the ground with difficulty, and coughed up blood at the corner of her mouth. Yarbed, who had a distorted face, suddenly had a look of ignorance and no war: "Sister ... Sister, are you okay?" Right? "..

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