Nazareth, tenth floor.

In the bright and spacious hall, there is a huge round table emitting obsidian radiance in the center, and forty-one luxurious seats around it. This is the forty-first supreme throne belonging to the once Ans Ull Kung union. .

Shatiya and others looked at the 41 thrones in front of them, all looked a little sad.

The only person whose face was "colored" was only Yaerbeide. She walked slowly and walked to a wall, which was decorated with a magic war, which was wrapped around seven snakes. The painful struggling snake mouths were different. The jewel of "color", the handle material is like crystal clear crystal emitting blue "color" light.

This is exactly what the guild can only have one guild weapon in the yggdrasil game, which can also be said to be the symbol of Anz Ur. Christine.

As long as the union weapon is destroyed, it represents the disintegration of the union, so the guild weapon is usually not used to exert its powerful "sexual" performance, but is placed in the safest place.

Yaerbeide looked respectfully and bowed to Sun Wukong: "Master Wukong, this is our symbol of Nazareth, Anz Ur. Kung-Guild weapon, as long as you take it, you are entitled to control the entire Nasa Lectra, you must hold it if you want to enter the treasure hall. "

Sun Wukong: "Let me see."

Yaerbeide was apologetic: "Sorry, even if I am Nasalek's guardian, I am not qualified to touch it. The only one who is qualified to touch it is Master Goku."

They all have the expression of ‘it ’s so’, and now Sun Wukong can be said to be their salvation benefactor for the entire Nasalak. They have long felt the identity and surrender of Sun Wukong.

If Sun Wukong had been their supreme supreme in the past, just to keep Nasalik from falling apart, now they have taken Sun Wukong as their new supreme supremacy.

Only such invincible powers are eligible to become their Supreme Supreme.

"It's just a staff, look at you one by one seriously." Sun Wukong said, with one hand outstretched, the guild weapons placed on the wall flew into his hands.

At the same time, a virtual screen popped up in front of Sun Wukong, and a clear voice spread throughout the entire Nassarik: "Ding ~ Anz Ur, Christine Gong, the successor of the new president, all Nasalik, Anz Ur · Most respectful members respectfully! "

"..." Sun Wukong was holding a trade union weapon, apparently speechless. How could he recognize the Lord in his hand? Generally, shouldn't there be an option or something? This broken guild weapon actually played first.

Yaer Bede and they all stunned each other for a moment, and then they all showed ecstasy, and fell to the ground neatly on one knee: "Master Guardian, Yar Bede, see Lord Goku ! "

"Guardians of the first, second, and third floors, Shatya, Brad Fren, see Lord Goku!"

"Corsetus, Guardian of the Fifth Floor, see Master Goku!"


"Okay, get up, I didn't say I want to be your supreme supreme." Sun Wukong watched the guards of the various classes and maids such as Naberal kneeling on the ground, and waved their hands at will. I really did not expect that as long as I hold this union weapon, I will succeed to the post of president. Is it because Anz-Ur Kung has no relationship with the president? Thinking of this, Sun Wukong looks at the virtual screen in front of him ...

Xia Tia looked at Sun Wukong but her eyes flashed: "Don't go, Master Goku, even the guild weapons recognize you as our Supreme Supreme, so don't postpone it."

Ya Erbeide looked at Sun Wukong with a red face and "color", "If it is Master Goku, I would raise my hands in favor!" She had thought that no one was worth her allegiance anymore, but now, she found it. Well, if it is Lord Goku, she has no objection.

One by one, Sebass and others also showed their loyalty.

Sun Wukong ignored them, and now he was looking at the virtual screen in front of him.

Seeing Sun Wukong's **** "color", Xia Tiya and they all looked at the screen with curiosity. At the moment, each face "color" is slightly changed, and the **** "color" is different.

Because on the first page only Sun Wukong had a name, but the names of Supreme Supremes in their memory did not see any of them.

This is natural. In the original game, forty-one guilds became members. Only three did not resign. Two of them were deleted because of the game, and their names naturally disappeared.

As for the "color" of the "flying squirrel" horn, it also died because of the relationship between the lords, which is equivalent to being deleted, and it also no longer exists.

"Sure enough, Supreme Masters ... have abandoned us ..." Yaerbed murmured, expressionless, and didn't know what was in his mind.

Xia Tia stared at Sun Wukong with his eyes tightly: "What's this, don't we still have Master Wukong now?"

"Yeah! We still have Master Goku now!" Naberal and others all fixed their eyes on Sun Wukong, the expression was like finding a spiritual sustenance.

"I didn't expect this guild weapon to have the function of viewing the guild information." Sun Wukong threw the staff in his hands, with some surprises. He originally thought that only the management system in the underground grave of Nazareth could view it. I did not expect this guild weapon. Can be directly connected to the management system for control.

But think about it right, after all, this is a guild weapon that symbolizes the survival of the entire Nasariq, Anz Ur Ulgong union. If it does not even have this function, it would not be too bad.

Sun Wukong opened the npc tab page with a lot of names in it, and the names of people such as Yarbed, Shatya, etc. all ranked first. The color "color" is white "color", but some names are , But wearing some "red" names.

Seeing these red "color" names, Yaerbeide's face "color" became ugly and distorted immediately: "These guys who do not know how to do anything dare to oppose Lord Goku to become our Supreme Supreme!"

There are marked on it, white "color" represents loyalty, black "color" represents betrayal, and red "color" represents hostility.

In other words, because Sun Wukong inexplicably became the president of the guild of Anz Ur Gong, Nasalek's other field guardians became hostile to him.

Because they only recognize the original Supreme Supreme, as for others, they are usurped invaders.

Obviously, they regarded Sun Wukong as an invader who usurped Nazareth.

"This is fun." A smile suddenly appeared from the corner of Sun Wukong's mouth. Of course, if someone wanted to play with him, he would certainly not refuse.

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