"What's the matter?" Sun Wukong connected the Forest King.

"They said they were coming to you and asked where you are now?"

Sun Wukong frowned slightly: "Don't you let them stay at home? Why run out?"

"There were two people who came to Iville just now. One of them seemed to be a dragon king, maybe it was related to him."

"Oh ~ Dragon King?" Sun Wukong immediately became interested. If the world can compete with the guardians of Nazareth, there are only those Dragon Kings.

Unexpectedly, those dragon kings who are hidden in the world have now taken the initiative to emerge, have they discovered the crisis changes in this world?

"Let them come to see me." Sun Wukong waved his hand, and a portal appeared.

The Forest King looked at the teleporters who suddenly appeared in front of him, and tilted his head and looked at Yver and others. "The master has agreed."

Then, when I rushed into the portal first ...

"Master, I finally saw your majesty, nobility, and extraordinary superiority. It is a great honor for me." Upon meeting, the King of the Forest fell to Sun Wukong's feet and hugged his thigh. , Horse fart should be served first.

"You'll just stay there first." Sun Wukong kicked it aside and drew it aside, his gaze looked at Yver's mourner walking out of the portal.

"Master Wukong." When I saw Sun Wukong again, Yvill was a little bit sad, but when they saw Shatiyah there, they did not dare to make any intimacy.

Instead, Sun Wukong reached out and "touched" and "touched" her head, and focused on the last Chall who walked out: "I didn't expect that you knew the Platinum Dragon King."

The first time that the King of the Dragon, Chall, walked out of the portal, he looked at everyone in the scene, but in a flash, the pupil contracted slightly. The instinctual crisis made his scales feel erect, and his eyes were first Time is focused on Shatiya, Yerbaide, and Naberal. From the three of them, he feels a sense of crisis from the soul.

The perception of the Dragons is extremely acute. Even if they are sleeping, as long as someone approaches, they can clearly perceive people or things close to themselves.

And Yaerbeide, Shatya and Naberal, in his perception, have a sense of horror that threatens his life, especially Yarebeide and Shatya, these two people give him the feeling Makes his skin feel a burning sensation, that is, their strength may be far above him.

If it is the two women who have not evolved, I am afraid that their strength is not much different from that of the Platinum Dragon King, but after the evolution, they are naturally far superior to the Platinum Dragon King.

But when he focused on Sun Wukong, his brow frowned, and he could not feel any energy fluctuations. The adult standing in front of him was just like an ordinary human being, and that was it. Ordinary, but it makes him icy, because he knows that the more ordinary, the more terrifying this person is.

When he stepped forward, Char was about to bow and see, but Shatia stabbed the dropper spear in his hand, blocking him in front of him: "Rude, who will allow you to approach the Lord Goku? "

A horrifying atmosphere was released, and it swept across the Platinum Dragon King and Ligu Lite like a wind. The Platinum Dragon King felt only a high mountain, his scalp was numb, and the crisis rolled his body instantly.

auzw.com Li Gu Lite was even more strongly disgusted by this horrible and unknown breath, but she was forced to suppress it, but she was shocked under her heart. Fear, does the person in front have such terrible strength? This seems to be stronger than King Charles the Platinum Dragon!

At first, Iville heard that the other side had killed a hundred and fifty horrors. They didn't believe it very much. Now, they believe it.

It's just that this disgusting horror doesn't seem to stand on the side of justice.

"Master Shatia, they are not enemies ..." Yvell was frightened by Shatia's shot and hurriedly stopped.

Sun Wukong also waved his hand: "Shatia, let them come up and see you."

Shatia heard that a horrifying breath converged and turned away: "Allow you to wait and see."

Chall didn't dare to neglect, and stepped forward with Ligu Lite, bowing down and saluting: "Master Sun Wukong, I am the platinum dragon king-Chaindulux Baixion. You can call me Chall directly, hereby.

Li Gu Lite also bowed down to salute: "Old" woman "Li Gu Lite, hereby see you, Master Sun Wukong."

"Isn't this your own?" Sun Wukong looked at Char.

Char was very kind and polite: "Yes, for some reason, I can't leave my place of residence, so I can only travel on the mainland in this form."

"Being able to" control "you at such a long distance, your strength is good."

"Where, compared to you, it is too small." Charr's respectful humility, even his strength is better than him, then the strength in front of him is probably beyond his reach.

The people brought by this "aftershock" were so strong that this made Char feel a deep sense of powerlessness, and he could only pray that they should not be hostile, or the whole continent I'm afraid it's really over.

But looking at the breath of Shatiya and Yaerbeide, it doesn't seem to stand on the side of justice!

Sun Wukong looked at the two of them: "So, what is the purpose of you to meet me?"

Charles hesitated for two seconds, and his expression was extremely serious and solemn, "Did you come from yggdrasil?"

"Oh ~ do you even know yggdrasil?" Sun Wukong looked at the Platinum Dragon slightly unexpectedly, and then relieved: "But yes, after all, you are the survivors who have experienced the Eight Desire Kings incident."

"Sure enough ..." Charr heard that his expression was extremely dignified, and only people from yggdrasil could have such incredible terror.

It ’s just that the people who came here this time seem to be a little bit overranked, and their levels are far higher than him. Before, they had a leader (player) standing on the same line with them. Now, can they still cope?

"What is your goal?" Ligu Lite's expression was serious. This is very important. Sun Wukong's answer is related to their friendship and attitude, and also to the security of the world.

"Please don't ask such a disrespectful question." Before waiting for Sun Wukong to answer, Ivel had already spit out Ligu Lite with a bad expression, because she knew a little about Sun Wukong's "character" character. When questioned, it is possible to get Sun Wukong to the opposite side. ..

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