"Since the sky is dead, I will be the sky, and I will be the sky!"

Li Hengxuan suddenly realized at this moment, because the whole world, the most important thing in this war is in his hands!

You fight for me, so many people have died, isn't it the origin of this Kyushu!

Why did the King Dayan want the origin of Kyushu? Isn’t it just that he wanted to integrate the origin of Kyushu into the Kingdom of Dayan, so as to detach himself from it?

Fortunately, he previously thought that Kyushu Origin had reached its weakest time, but fortunately, he thought that Kyushu Heavenly Dao was dead, and that Daxia Wanling was tired and could no longer use Kyushu Origin's power to fight the enemy.

But in fact, the biggest role of Kyushu Origin is to help him fight the enemy!

This is an energy source, a super energy source, not only an energy source, it is also a concrete object of the heavens.

If Kyushu possesses it, it can become the strongest star that can be counted by one hand in the entire universe of stars.

Immortal King Dayan has the opportunity to get out of it when he gets it!

Before the battle with Tianzhou, Emperor Shengwu said that if he can completely control the origin of Kyushu, everything is possible!

It's just that Li Hengxuan didn't dare to think so at that time.

Because it is impossible, there is no hope.

Even, as early as many years ago, Emperor Shengwu tried to integrate the origin of Kyushu himself, but it was unsuccessful.

You know, at that time, Emperor Shengwu had done the Dao of Heaven in Kyushu for a period of time.

In one word, the world is served, my will is God's will!

But just like this, the Emperor Shengwu could not fully control the origin of the fusion of Kyushu.

So even though Emperor Shengwu said this, Li Hengxuan didn't even want to do it, but the situation is different now.

The Kyushu Heavenly Way is dead, the Kyushu Origin is now an unowned thing, and the Kyushu Origin itself is extremely weak at this moment. It is the best time to merge!

The most important thing is that now the entire land of Kyushu has collapsed and is about to be destroyed and enter a new cycle!

In the dark, the origin of Kyushu also needs a master at this moment!

This is the most important point!

"Failure is just a death, what's terrible! But success, everything is possible!"

Li Hengxuan laughed, even if he thinks wrong, it doesn't matter, just treat it as a bet. The point is that the bet is too cost-effective!

He didn't hesitate anymore and immediately pressed Kyushu Origin into his chest.

For a time, the violent origin qi raged in his body. Under normal circumstances, such a fusion method would only take a moment, and Li Hengxuan would be crushed to death by these origin qi. Just like those Tianzhou warriors who were blown up by the source of energy before.

Even if Li Hengxuan is immortal and god, his body is extremely powerful and absolutely unable to resist.

But now, the situation is just the opposite.

After these originally violent original energy entered Li Hengxuan's body, instead of feeling any discomfort, he was quickly recovering from his injuries.

It feels, it feels like...

At the beginning, he recovered from his injury instantly after taking a level-up **** pill.

It's just that the emperor Wu is at the top of the level of the **** pill. Otherwise, if there are a large number of level-up **** pill support, this war will not be so embarrassing!

But now, this feeling is back.

Li Hengxuan's soul, physical body, profound energy, and gang energy recovered almost instantly, and the state was full, which was better than ever!

"Haha, I really made a bet, I need to integrate the origin of Kyushu, and the origin of Kyushu also needs me to integrate it!"

Li Hengxuan looked up to the sky and laughed wildly!

He needs to integrate the origins of Kyushu to gain the strongest power, repel, and even kill the Immortal King Dayan.

But the origin of Kyushu also needs to be merged by him to save Kyushu, which is about to be subverted and about to fall into a new reincarnation, to save the all souls of Kyushu that are about to die!

"Enter the soul with the soul, transform the Tao with the body!"

At this moment, just when Li Hengxuan didn't know what to do next, the voice of Emperor Shengwu suddenly rang in his mind to give him guidance!

"Zhuzi, you dare, it belongs to the deity!"

Immortal King Dayan exploded directly. What a joke, he has been busy for millions of years, seeing the origin of Kyushu right in front of him.

If it is combined with Li Hengxuan, it's worth it, isn't it funny!

When he waved his hand, he escaped into the void and disappeared!

"Master, just tell the disciple what's the matter, why bother to bully the small and deal with the dog!"

At the same time, Li Potian also laughed.

But seeing him wave his hand slightly, and immediately, nine big stars flew from the other side of the galaxy, and almost instantly passed through the endless void, surrounding Li Hengxuan.

The two sides are already entangled, not far apart.

At such a critical moment, it can be said that it is a decision to win or lose. How could Li Potian let the Dayan Immortal King bother Li Hengxuan!

"Rebel, are you looking for death!"

Immortal King Dayan was extremely angry and walked out of the void, his way was blocked by Li Potian, his face turned green!

"Master, it is you who should be worried now. Mortals know how to advance and retreat, not to mention a strong master like Master. Why not give up..."

Li Potian smiled and arched his hands, bowing his hands.

"Well, adversary, I underestimated your father and son as a teacher!"

The gaze of Immortal King Dayan traveled through hundreds of millions of miles, looking at Li Hengxuan below.

At this moment, Li Hengxuan's progress was extremely fast, and the soul was quickly integrated into the origin of Kyushu.

The whole body of the Immortal King Dayan was trembling. This was because he would never have been so easy. How could it be so simple to integrate the origins of the strongest stars.

Even an immortal king like him, there is a possibility of death.

He knows this very well, and it can even be said that the fear is still fresh in his memory even after millions of years!

Millions of years ago, at the end of the barren ancient times, the era was catastrophic.

Dayan Immortal King and the other nine immortal kings of Kyushu took the origin of Kyushu and abandoned Kyushu, and then they forcibly merged the origin of Kyushu.

As a result, four of the top ten fairy kings fell and six were seriously injured!

By now, except for the strongest Immortal King Luo Tian, ​​he was the only one who lived to the present day.

And he can survive, not because he is strong!

On the contrary, Immortal King Dayan was the weakest among the Ten Primordial Immortal Kings, and the share of Kyushu Origin was also the smallest, which can be said to be very small, so he survived.

And now this Kyushu origin is exactly the one they had not successfully integrated at the beginning, and it revived and evolved after returning to Kyushu.

So he knows the dangers of integrating Kyushu's origins best.

But I don't want to think that Li Hengxuan is not only in no danger at this time, and even the origin of Kyushu is still actively cooperating with Li Hengxuan's integration!

"You calculated it right from the beginning! Always hide Kyushu Origin in his body, let Kyushu Origin grow with him, and let Kyushu recover together with him! Let him be the emperor, let Kyushu Wanling obey him from the bottom of my heart ! This is the moment you are doing...rebels, it's so calculating, as a teacher, you really underestimate your father and son!"

Immortal King Dayan trembled with anger!

He has always regarded the origin of Kyushu as his own pocket, and he was not discouraged when he was unsuccessful in the ancient times.

In ancient times, they began to plan again to drive the powerful monster race in Kyushu to the Great Wilderness.

The purpose of accepting the strong human beings as disciples and helping the human race to control Kyushu is also to make them their spokesperson in Kyushu and let the spirits of Kyushu respect him! So that he will be less obstructed when he integrates with the Kyushu origin.

But those strong human race betrayed him!

Then he accepted Li Potian as a disciple again, which was also the plan, but Li Potian also rebelled!

Unexpectedly, now Li Potian has allowed Li Hengxuan to do what he has always wanted to do, but has been unable to do, and won the respect from the heart of Jiuzhou Wanling!

"Master is joking, isn't this all driven by you? If it weren't for the collapse of Kyushu, even if there were all souls revered, Kyushu's origin would not be willing to be merged."

Li Potian smiled, stepped through the void of thousands of miles, and came to the void above Li Hengxuan's head to protect him.

"Yes, it is under the pressure of being a teacher that the origin of Kyushu will be willing to be merged, and it needs to be merged!"

The Immortal King Dayan smiled bitterly. Ten thousand years ago, Li Potian was revered by all the spirits of Kyushu. Even at that time, he had become the **** of Kyushu, but he could not fully integrate the origin of Kyushu. If it wasn't for the situation now, how could Li Hengxuan be so easy?

"But even so, do you think you will succeed? Just relying on him, a mere pseudo-celestial, also wants to integrate the origins of the strongest stars? Do you think that if you block being a teacher, no one can kill Li Hengxuan? Do you think Immortal King Dayan is just a teacher, it's ridiculous!"

Immortal King Dayan's eyes gradually became cold.

He waved his hand, and immediately the other two peak Jinxians fell towards Li Hengxuan.

"But I'm not the only one in the Li family!"

Li Potian laughed...


In that void and shock, a stunning figure walked out of the turbulent flow of space like ocean waves.

It is the strongest member of the Li clan other than Emperor Shengwu, the head of the eleven heavenly emperors under the command of Emperor Shengwu, the pinnacle god, and the female warrior emperor-Tianyoulian.

Above Li Hengxuan, the end of the battle in the depths of the starry sky, once again opened!

Emperor Shengwu, Tianyoulian, Wang Ying, Huang Yang, Yuan Shiliu...

Dayan Immortal King, Ming Dao Immortal King...

Anyone who goes out is the strongest of this large star field, and now all of them have no reservations.

Everyone took out the hole cards at the bottom of the box.

Emperor Shengwu uses one enemy three, Tianyoulian uses one enemy two, Wang Ying uses one enemy two, Qindi uses one enemy two, Li family star emperor, Li family war emperor, Li Wuzhou, one enemy two...

The Starry Li family burst into unprecedented power at this moment.

Daxia has an unbeatable battle spirit, but the Li clan also has an undefeated battle spirit! This is also the direct reason why the Li family can grow to the present level in a mere ten thousand years.

At this moment, the soldiers of the Li clan are all crazy.

He even burned the power of the fairy kingdom and the kingdom of God madly, and did not hesitate to die. Also block any golden immortal in Dayan Immortal Kingdom from approaching Li Hengxuan. Let Li Hengxuan have a quiet environment and integrate the origin of Kyushu!

And below Li Hengxuan...

The disorderly fight between the Shenzhou Legion and the Daxia soldiers continues.

The Shenzhou Legion doesn't care who the origin of the last Kyushu belongs to, but it doesn't matter where the star finally goes, whether it is Dayan Xianguo Sheng or Da Xia Sheng!

This result has nothing to do with them.

Because they have already lost, the defeat is very complete, everything is lost, and all they have is madness.

It is true that the true immortals in China are all dead, but in terms of numbers, they still have an absolute advantage, especially the number of false immortals.

Daxia still has a dozen true immortals, but all of them are tired. Daxia Dragon Army soldiers are all tired...

Many people don't even have the strength to release a martial skill.

Every minute, every second, someone is dying.

Jiu Gu died, holding Luo Ting and martyred with a sword together!

Luo Li was dead, looked at the void for the last time, and smiled.

Brother Yong is dead, and before he died he was still shouting, ‘Great Xia Wannian, Dragon Emperor Wushuang! God will come to this world and shake my rivers and mountains'!

Lu Yin was dead, and the huge body of the monster clan expert who was regarded as Li Hengxuan's half master suddenly collapsed in the starry sky!

Xing'er died and was pierced through the heart by the enemy with a sword!

Lan Jiao Niang was dead, and she was torn to pieces by two Shenzhou Martial Emperors without a trace of strength at the end of her battle!


Above, it is the Li Clan's last burst of power for Li Hengxuan to protect him!

And below, one after another Li Hengxuan's familiar, even close relatives died tragically.

Li Hengxuan is in the middle, he gritted his teeth...

His fusion process is far from as easy as the Dayan Immortal King seems, and it can even be said that there is no progress!

He didn't want to look, he closed his eyes, even closed his spiritual consciousness.

But for some unknown reason, this scene continued to spread into his mind.

Still stimulating his mind uninterruptedly, so that he can't devote himself wholeheartedly to the integration of Kyushu origin!

His sea of ​​consciousness was constantly tumbling, and he simply couldn't integrate the spirit into the origin of Kyushu as the Emperor Shengwu said. He couldn't do it in person, he didn't even know how to do it.

Even he felt that the current Kyushu Origin did not reject him at all.

He was even trying to accept him, but his soul just couldn't merge with the origin of Kyushu, and the soul couldn't merge, and no new way of heaven would be produced.

He will not succeed.

"Haha, adversary, have you seen it? Even if you do everything you can, he still cannot succeed. A pseudo-immortal wants to integrate the origins of Kyushu. It is simply a dream! Even the sky is destined, this treasure is the deity!

The Immortal King Dayan laughed wildly.

He saw everything in his eyes and knew that Li Hengxuan was encountering difficulties.

His attack became more fierce, and he wanted to kill Li Potian first, and then seize the origin of Kyushu.

"Not necessarily, this child's selection will surely lead an era!"

However, a magnificent voice rang out from the starry sky, the star sea burst at this moment, and a huge dharma image appeared in the turbulent flow of the void.

Non-human, non-animal, its head is as majestic as a dragon, its back resembles a tortoise, and its tail resembles a phoenix with colorful feathers.

Like a human body, with long arms and legs, holding a pot-shaped magic weapon in his hand, it emits a dazzling stream of light in the void.

"Holy Ancestor, haha, it is the Holy Ancestor who is here!"

Below, Bai Hu and Xuanwu suddenly shouted, extremely excited.

In this battle, the Thirteen Saints of the Demon Race came to help, and now only the two of them are left. The battle that was originally thought to be defeated, now finally has a turning point. At this moment, even Li Chengfeng was trembling. Strictly speaking, he was actually a force of the Great Desert.

Emperor Shengwu, and even the entire Starry Li family, including Li Hengxuan, finally breathed a sigh of relief.

This is the saint ancestor of the Demon Race of the Great Wilderness, the supreme power of the Demon Race who was driven from Kyushu to the Great Wilderness by the Dayan Immortal King in ancient times.

When this battle just started, he sent Li Chengfeng and the Thirteen Sages of the Demon Race to help out.

In the First Battle of Longzhou, Daxia was still weak, and there was not even a true immortal. Thanks to these foreign aids, Daxia would not be able to sustain it when he was in Longzhou.

And now, at this last moment.

The ancestor of the monster race finally came to help himself, and also brought a few powerhouses at the level of the gods of the Great Wilderness.

"Killing the sky! You, do you want to fight this battle too? Don't forget, the current Kyushu has nothing to do with your Great Wilderness! Are you going to put your Great Wilderness Monster Race's safety at risk?"

Immortal King Dayan drank fiercely, even his voice was trembling.

"Brother Li, I'll help you!"

The demon saint ancestor did not pay attention to the Immortal King Dayan, traveled through the endless void, came to Li Potian's side, and stood side by side with Li Potian!

All this was taken for granted. He and the Immortal King Dayan had long ago had a deep hatred that could not be solved. The reason why he did not help before was because he was concerned about the strength of the Immortal Kingdom Dayan.

And now that this battle is fought, Dayan Immortal Kingdom has long ceased to flourish!

Now Li Hengxuan hopes to integrate the origins of Kyushu, plus the starry Li family, why is he afraid of Dayan Immortal Kingdom?


Immortal King Dayan trembled angrily.

He never thought that at this most critical moment, the ancestor of the monster race would come to make trouble.


At this moment, Immortal King Dayan didn't care about anything.

He took out the million-year-old accumulation in an instant without any reservation, and wanted to kill the demon ancestor first. Compared to the emperor, the demon ancestor was more threatening, because he was a prosperous **** king! But Emperor Shengwu has run out of oil.

"Haha, Master, it looks like your end is here! Brother Killing, after this battle, my Li family and the entire Kyushu will definitely remember your kindness!"

Li Potian also laughed, and took another nine big stars from the other side of the starry sky and smashed them towards the Dayan Immortal King.


At this moment, the demon ancestor also moved.

That giant cauldron that could smash into the sea of ​​stars slammed into...

Li Potian caught off guard!

"Brother Killing Heaven!"

Li Potian looked back suspiciously, he never expected.

"Kyushu is no longer the original Kyushu. Today, the surname of Kyushu is Li. It is the world of the human race. It is no longer the paradise of my monster race. It is no longer worthy of our guardian..."

The demon ancestor looked indifferent, and at the same time, the world tripod exploded together with the nine big stars brought by the Emperor Shengwu.

"Haha, rebel, do you think Brother Killing is here to help you? He is here to help me!"

Immortal King Dayan laughed loudly, his offensive also killed Dao at this moment. In an instant, the endless torrent of cosmic disasters directly drowned Emperor Shengwu.


"Breaking the sky!"

"His Majesty!"

For a time, the entire starry sky was in chaos.

Countless voices sounded at the same time, Li Hengxuan was in chaos, and the whole Li family was in chaos.

If Li Hengxuan is now the heaven of Daxia and the belief of the entire Daxia, then Li Potian is the heaven of the Li family and the belief of the Li family!

Today's Daxia is based on Li Hengxuan. When Li Hengxuan is dead, Daxia is dead.

The Starry Li family existed based on Li Potian. When Li Potian died, the Li family died! These are undoubted things!

But under the full attack of a fairy king and a **** king, can Li Potian, who was originally at the end of the crossbow, survive? Can it work miracles?

"Holy Ancestor, how can you be like this!"

Li Chengfeng roared below, he couldn't believe it.

Didn't the ancestor of the monster race always stand on Daxia's side?

Not only did he send the Thirteen Sages of the Demon Race to help out, before the war, the Saint Ancestor of the Demon Race personally pointed out Bai Qi and waited for the Daxia generals to practice, so that Daxia had the strength to fight Longzhou!

Now, how can the Yaozu Saint Ancestor take action against the Saint Martial Emperor?

If so, what is the purpose of everything he did?

The Thirteen Sages of the Demon Race, after this battle, only Baihu and Xuanwu were left, and even the strongest Qinglong had fallen. If the ancestor of the demon clan has always been hostile to Daxia, then he sent the thirteen sages of the demon clan to participate in the war, and every one of them will die, what is the point?

Li Chengfeng couldn't figure it out, he roared!


At this moment, Baihu and Xuanwu actually shot at the same time, one left and the other right, and they killed Li Chengfeng.

"You are so cruel!"

Until he was submerged in the torrent of Xuan Jin, Li Chengfeng finally understood.

The Thirteen Saints of the Monster Race had always known the plan of the Saint Ancestor of the Monster Race, and they did not hesitate to use their own death to paralyze Daxia and Li Potian.

No wonder, during the first battle with Longzhou, there will be Longzhou true immortals entering Great Summer.

At that time, Li Chengfeng thought it was the negligence of the Thirteen Saints, but now it seems that it was deliberate at all!

And the ancestor of the monster race did so much to gain the trust of Li Potian in exchange for an opportunity for him to shoot behind Li Potian!

And he has become his pawn.

"Your Majesty, we must succeed in integrating the origins of Kyushu! We must defend Daxia and the Li Clan of Daxia!"

Li Chengfeng roared and exhausted his last strength...

He blew himself up and died together with Baihu and Xuanwu who were also at the end of the crossbow.

"Senior Li, go well!"

Li Hengxuan had a sense of sadness in his heart.

I originally thought that the turning point was just before my eyes, and the dawn of hope had already arrived, but I didn't want the so-called turning point to be a greater murderous opportunity!

Even in the end, Bai Hu and Xuanwu shot Li Chengfeng to shake their minds!

I can't concentrate on integrating Kyushu's origins.

They succeeded. At this moment, Li Hengxuan still has the slightest chance to integrate the origin of Kyushu, his heart is already confused!

He looked into the depths of the star sea.

In the torrent of cosmic disasters that could destroy a galaxy, miracles... After all, Li Potian did not create miracles again!

Emperor Shengwu has fallen!

From appearing, until now, the Emperor Shengwu, who has never been defeated, has been invincible, the heaven of the Li clan, he is finally defeated!

Was killed by a **** king and a fairy king!

If you lose, you fall!


The sky is falling!

The sky of the Li family has fallen!

Li Hengxuan trembled...

Wang Ying, Tianyoulian, Li Family Star Emperor, Li Family War Emperor, Formation Emperor, Qi Emperor, Qin Emperor, Xiao Emperor, Sword Emperor...

Li Hengxuan’s aunt, second, fifth...

Li Shenzhou, Li Wuzhou, Li Sizhou...

The sky is falling for everyone!

After the death of Emperor Shengwu, the Li clan has no hope at all!

"Li Potian is dead, and the Li family is destroyed today! Mingdao and Xuluan, Li Hengxuan will hand over to you two! The rest of the people, let me kill!"

The Immortal King Dayan looked up to the sky and smiled.

Towards the rest of the strong Li clan killed!

"Who dares to touch my son!"

At the same time, Wang Ying roared!

She fell from the sky above the starry sky, with a disheveled hair, completely devoid of the temperament of a peerless female fairy in the past.

Looks like a wild shrew...

She is Li Hengxuan's mother, a shrew who has just died her husband, who will guard her only son to the death!


Li Hengxuan has no tears! Because the tears have been drained... He quickly lifted into the air, so fast that he stepped directly through the void to help Wang Ying!

It is impossible to integrate Kyushu's origins.

Under the protection of Emperor Shengwu, there is no interruption at all.

It is extremely difficult for Li Hengxuan to do this. His soul cannot be integrated with the origin of Kyushu, and cannot be transformed into a new way of heaven.

What's more, the Emperor Shengwu is dead now!

The sky is falling!

No one is guarding him, how can he succeed in fusion?

"Go back and continue fusion for my old lady! You are the only hope!"

Wang Ying turned around and scolded.

She fought against Ming Dao Xianzun and Xuluan Godzun alone, retreating steadily, and even the real body of the Faxiang was broken.

Immortal Venerable Ming Dao is okay, but God Venerable Xuluan is the strongest person among the foreign aid invited by Immortal King Dayan except for the Saint Ancestor of the Monster Race, and possesses a peak **** cultivation base.

Prior to this, he had been helping Immortal King Dayan and Emperor Shengwu to fight.

As long as he is alone, Wang Ying is not an opponent, let alone now that Wang Ying is one enemy and two!


Li Hengxuan roared.

He saw that Wang Ying was not only fragmented, but even the body began to collapse. She was covered in blood, but she was still unrestrainedly extracting the power of her fairy country.

As the Son of Man, how can he let his mother be in front while he hides behind him? Let the mother die!

"Stand there for my mother! Concentrate on integrating the Kyushu origin for my mother!"

"Did you not see? Your aunt, your second mother, your fifth mother, your three older brothers, your two previous emperors of Great Xia, and your father's emperor, all of them are ignoring life and death, their own immortal kingdom, and their gods. The collapse of the country is also fighting bloody, for what!"

"Didn't you see, below, countless people die in your army every moment, including your wife! Your dearest person!"

"Did you not see? In the new Kyushu, Daxia Wanling expects you! You are their **** and their faith. You lead them to create a new Kyushu, and you lead them to create a new Daxia! You are Their only hope!"

"Now, do you only see me? You are going to help me, you are just a pseudo-immortal without integrating the origin of Kyushu, why can you help me! During the battle, any aftermath can kill you!"

"Do you want your father to die? You want the Li clan and Daxia Wanling's sacrifices?"

"Yes, your father is dead, but you still have me! My old lady will protect you, and my old lady only needs you to integrate with the origins of Kyushu, and seek justice for Daxia and the Li clan!"

Wang Ying's voice kept coming into Li Hengxuan's mind.

It is a mother's last hope for her son, and a mother's determination to protect her son desperately!

Li Hengxuan stood there!

How can he not know these truths?

He was incomparably painful and hated his incompetence. He forced himself not to look at it, and put all his mind on the origin of Kyushu.

The soul becomes tentacle, reaching into the origin of Kyushu.

He wants to forcibly merge...

But how can it be done? This burden is too heavy, this pressure is too great, and Li Hengxuan can't breathe at all.

He has no way to start!


Suddenly a beautiful figure appeared in front of Li Hengxuan.

It was a wish, she had a calm look on her face, and she didn't have a drop of blood on her body. Even in such a battle, she could still maintain a beautiful temperament.

"Father said that Dadao is merciless! If you want to be supreme, you have to do this! Unfortunately, my father didn't do this in the first place, so he died! Just now, for a moment, I almost made it, I almost forgot. Your Majesty, the previous surrender was also a real surrender."

"But now I can't do it, I hope I can't see your majesty die! Now, I hope that your majesty can do it, otherwise, all our sacrifices will become meaningless!"

The wishing sound is as flat as ever...

She transformed into a huge Divine Phoenix, covering most of the starry sky.

Then the Divine Phoenix gradually dissipated, the feathers of the wish, the flesh of the wish, and even the spirit of the wish...

A little bit dissipated in the starry sky, like rippling stars...

At this moment, the wishing soldier was relieved, even if it was dead, it was so beautiful to the extreme.


Li Hengxuan was taken aback for a moment, he couldn't understand the act of making a wish, why he ran to him and said such a large number of inexplicable words, and then solved it with death.

But in the next moment, he understood, everyone understood!

A strong breath of weather rises in the starry sky! A larger Divine Phoenix appeared, with its wings spread out to almost cover the entire starry sky.

"Star Phoenix Divine King! You, you are not dead!"

Immortal King Dayan was trembling, and a long-lost fear rose in his heart!

He is really familiar with this breath, this is the father who made a wish, the vast sea god!

The strongest man who was called the Star Phoenix Divine King in the Desolate Ancient Era, the Star Phoenix Divine King was definitely the strongest among the Ten Great Divine Kings of the Nine Provinces even in the great era of Desolate Ancients. I don’t know how much stronger it is than the Dayan Immortal King. Among the top ten immortal kings in Kyushu, only Luo Tian can match it!

"No, you are not the Star Phoenix, the Star Phoenix is ​​already dead! Even the Immortal Phoenix body has turned into loess! You, you are just the Star Phoenix's mind!"

Immortal King Dayan yelled: "Brother Tian kills, a quick fight, and an extinction of the Li Clan, you and I will get Li Hengxuan together!"

"Death battle, with the Divine Phoenix as guard, this is my Li family's last chance! We must guard! Let my son completely integrate with the origins of Kyushu, become the true God of Kyushu, and kill the old man of Dayan!"

Emperor Shengwu’s queen, Li Hengxuan’s aunt shouted loudly!

The two sides of the battle no longer have any reservations, this is the final madness.

"The Avenue is merciless!"

Li Hengxuan smiled, he understood.

Wang Ying also told him at the beginning, the way of heaven is merciless!

Heaven has no mind, no self-awareness, and all acts according to the rules, so it can be called heaven.

The so-called world is not benevolent, and everything is a dog

Because it is ruthless, it is unkind, and because it is ruthless, it is fair!

He finally knew why Emperor Shengwu had done the Heavenly Dao of Kyushu for a period of time, but he had not completely integrated the origin of Kyushu.

The self-resistance of Kyushu Origin is of course a reason, but the most important thing is that Emperor Shengwu is alone! People have feelings, and people cannot be truly ruthless!

How can a sentient person achieve a ruthless heaven?

He understood, he understood where he was wrong, why he clearly closed his eyes and gathered his spiritual sense, but why he could still see the death of countless soldiers in Daxia.

Seeing Loli, seeing Lu Yin, and seeing Lan Jiao Niang die one by one, it was as if it had happened before his own eyes, making him unable to concentrate on integrating the origin of Kyushu.

Because this is simply a process of integration!

He has to be ruthless, ignorant, and then be able to concentrate, to become the Dao of Heaven, and to become the Dao in his body.

But how can this be done?

Not even Emperor Shengwu, even the father who made a wish, could not even make a wise wish! How does he do it?

Li Hengxuan closed his eyes again and gathered his spiritual consciousness, trying to eliminate all interference from the outside world.

But he couldn't do it. He saw that the formation emperor was dead and the Qi emperor was dead. The couple who had lived for 10,000 years, both went to death in order to prevent the strong from Dayan Immortal Kingdom from coming to kill themselves.

Li Hengxuan was touched, he couldn't take it as not happening.

A large part of his way was passed down to these two sages!

He saw that the woman who just yelled for a deadly battle, yelling for my son to successfully integrate with the origin of Kyushu, died.

This is the queen of Emperor Shengwu, his aunt!

Not a real mother, but he can't ignore this love either!

He saw that Li Wuzhou, who created the Golden Dragon Killing in the past, died.

He saw the female warrior Wudi Tianyoulian dead, the current Li family's strongest woman, was beaten into powder by the demon saint ancestor's blow!

"Is it ruthless, but why can't I ignore..."

At this moment, he wanted to put aside his last mission, he didn't want to care about the origin of Kyushu, he just wanted to go up and fight.


Turn upside down.

But he only had to close his eyes, and only gather his spiritual consciousness to concentrate on fusing the origin of Kyushu.

He knows that everyone's hope lies in him now, and he cannot abandon it or be willful.

In any case, information from the outside world continued to reach his mind.

He saw that Immortal King Dayan and Saint Ancestor of the Demon Race were coming towards him after killing Tian Youlian.

By the way, the immortal King Dayan hit Wang Ying, who had never retreated to the death... He turned into powder, with no bones and no more soul.

Then, Immortal King Dayan and the Saint Ancestor of the Demon Race joined forces with the wish that turned into the will of the Divine King of Star Phoenix, and fought together. He saw more and more powerhouses on the side of the Dayan Immortal King, and after killing the powerhouses of the Li Clan, they came in this direction.

The wish, or the will of the Divine King Star Phoenix, was almost unstoppable.

"Mom...I didn't say that, before your son successfully integrated the Kyushu origin, you and you are all alive! But why did you leave your son and leave first!"

Li Hengxuan clenched his fists and clenched them until the joints turned white!

"Is the Dao ruthless? Son understands!" Li Hengxuan smiled bitterly and burst into tears. He understood, really understood.

"Xiao Lian, Qing Er, Shan Er, General, Prime Minister... and father, mother..." Tears that had already drained well again, and a personal figure appeared in Li Hengxuan's mind.

At the beginning, in Tianwu City, the overlord who took the Daxia Ten Thousand Forbidden Army to die resolutely!

There is the queen who yelled that sentence for Daxia who gave up her life without regrets!

There is Zong Lingshan who took Daxia Wanling and sacrificed her life resolutely!

There is Ye Tian who blew himself up and died as a martyr with all the sons of the Ye family, including his own son!


One, one, came to his mind.

His friends, his lover, one by one are dead!

The undefeated Emperor Shengwu was defeated and died! My father is gone, and now my mother is gone!

When all the things a person cares about disappear little by little until they disappear, what else does the person have?

Li Hengxuan is in such a situation now, in this battle, all the things he cares about are almost gone!

The person who cares is almost dead.

Daxia, who cares, is about to collapse.

Nothing, naturally ruthless! Because there is nothing to care about. He closed his eyes completely, gathered his soul, and plunged into the origin of Kyushu.

His breath continued to grow, grow, and grow again...

"This...this is!"

"Hua, Hua Daojing, him!"

"How is it possible, he, he actually succeeded!"

"He is a pseudo-immortal, how could he ascend to the sky in one step and step into the path of chemistry!"

"It's impossible. Even if he becomes the Dao of Heaven, it is impossible to enter the Dao of Transformation!"

At this moment, whether it was the Dayan Immortal King or the Demon Race Saint Ancestor, each one was horrified and unbelievable, and their whole bodies were trembling.


One of them has been at the peak of Hedao for millions of years, and the other has been at the peak of Hedao for hundreds of thousands of years, but they still stay at the peak of Hedao!

They want Kyushu origin for what they do, for detachment! In order to take this step! And stepping into the Taoism, transforming into Taoism in one's body, is the first step to detachment!

But they stayed for this step for so long without success.

Even Emperor Shengwu had done the Heavenly Dao of Kyushu for a period of time, but he still couldn't reach Hua Dao, and he was just as close to Hua Dao infinitely as they were!

And now Li Hengxuan, a pseudo-immortal, has actually succeeded, reaching the sky in one step, turning the sky in one step!


In the entire star field, countless stars are trembling. The waves in the star sea are soaring, like a cosmic level of apocalypse appearing...

Li Hengxuan succeeded, at this moment he is the Tao, the Kyushu Heavenly Tao, the Universe Avenue!

His body is constantly rising, getting bigger, expressionless, and his huge eyes are also very hollow, without a trace of expression, just like two black holes lying in the middle of the star sea.


The Immortal King Dayan and the Saint Ancestor of the Demon Race coincided with each other, fleeing in two opposite directions. They burned the power of the world of the Immortal Kingdom and the Divine Kingdom, and directly stepped into the void.

Everyone is dumbfounded!

This change came too suddenly, and no one thought that the Dayan Immortal King and the Demon Race Saint Ancestor, who had been so confident just now, escaped so simply that they didn't even have the courage to reluctantly fight.

"Success is at hand, how can we give up now! Dayan and Killing Heaven are gone, and now the origin of Kyushu is ours! Let's go together, I don’t believe it anymore. We have so many strongest people, but we can’t beat one just now. Pseudo fairy of the fusion of Kyushu origin!"

The **** Xuluan roared, he didn't believe in evil.

For this battle, not only Daxia, but their side also paid too much. How can you give up easily?

But the next moment, he was stunned.

Everyone saw that the great sky giant had his hands directly extended into the void.

Then, it was as simple as grabbing two chickens from the chicken coop, and grabbing out the Immortal King Dayan and the saint ancestor of the demon race, who had been hiding in the turbulent flow of the void without knowing how deep and how far.

Squeeze it gently!


Ten years later.

New Kyushu, outside the corridor of the palace hall.

A little girl who was only two or three years old, was screaming and running towards a tall figure not far away.

"Father, Father..."

Laughing shouted loudly and rushed into the man's arms.

"What's the matter, who made my family laugh and angry?" Li Hengxuan picked up her eldest princess, his solemn face couldn't help but show a smile.

"Father, father, they said that ten years ago, you became a **** and killed the villain who invaded Daxia. But they said that the **** is ruthless, father, are you not good to Xiaoxiao and mother concubine from now on? ?"

Xiaoxiao hugged Li Hengxuan's arm tightly, her innocent face could not help showing a sad expression.

"How could it be? At the beginning, the father only divided a ray of soul to inherit the Nine Provinces of Heaven. If the father is really ruthless, there will still be you!"

Li Hengxuan shaved off the eldest princess's little nose, looked angry and funny, and continued: "In the heart of the father, laughter is the most important thing, so the father will never want you. The father will be like me. The father and the concubine guard the same way as the mother and the father to protect Xiaoxiao."

"Grandpa and grandma, they said that grandpa and grandma died in that battle."

Smiled and asked with a puzzled face, she still didn't understand the meaning of death at this size, let alone the weight of the battle.

She only knew that she would never see her after she died.

Li Hengxuan smiled and said with a firm expression: "Yes, grandparents are dead. But one day, the father will resurrect it. And all those who died in that war, grandparents, uncles and uncles, one day, The father will bring them back to life."

"His Majesty."

In the distance, Long Zijun came over again.

"Ah, mother concubine, you are here, I asked the father, and the father said that he just inherited the way of heaven, so the father would not want us."

Xiaoxiao jumped out of Li Hengxuan's arms and jumped into Long Zijun's arms.

"Mother concubine told you a long time ago, you don't believe it yourself!"

Long Zijun also had a speechless expression, there is no way to take this daughter.

"Smiles have to ask yourself, you can be sure by asking yourself." Xiaoxiao shook his head, her mouth pouted.

"Okay, let's go and play with a smile, the father and your mother have something to discuss."

Li Hengxuan lovingly kissed the princess on the forehead and invited a court lady to take the princess away.

After that, his expression returned to solemnity, and he said to Long Zijun: "Ten years, the strongest people in the depths of Xinghai will soon be found!"

"Yes, it was ten years in a blink of an eye. Fortunately, after ten years of recuperation, Daxia has almost recovered. Your Majesty has fully integrated the Kyushu origin into the new Kyushu."

Long Zijun also sighed, she still remembered the battle ten years ago still fresh.

"Go and prepare, Daxia will never be able to withstand a tragic blow like that one, give up Kyushu, take the new Kyushu, let's leave."

Li Hengxuan looked up, his gaze seemed to look through the entire star field, looking at the other four strongest stars in the deepest part of the star sea.

"Kyushu hasn't fully recovered yet. I don't know how many tens of thousands of years it will take to rise to its peak state. To resurrect the father and queen, mother and concubine, and to resurrect everyone who sacrificed in that battle, the only way to go to the real strongest star. Only possible!"

Li Hengxuan sighed slightly: "The time has come. Only by giving up what is in front of you can you start a new journey!"

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