"The answer is in my hands?"

Wang Ying also disappeared, leaving Li Hengxuan muttering to herself. He bowed his head, the Kyushu Origin in his hand was shaking crazily!

"in my possession?"

"But Kyushu Origin is at its weakest time at this time!"

"And now Daxia Wanling has no ability to offer me another sacrifice!"

Li Hengxuan was puzzled, and didn't understand what Wang Ying meant!

Don't say that Kyushu Origin is at its weakest time, that is, Kyushu Origin is in its heyday, even Li Hengxuan is also in its heyday, and even Daxia Wanling is also in its heyday.

In this situation, he can't help anymore.

Yes, after he unites the ways of summoning heroes, and then absorbs the power of the origin of Kyushu, extracts the power of the world from Kyushu, and accepts the sacrifice of Daxia Wanling at the cost of life, he can indeed fight against ordinary golden immortals.

Even kill the general golden immortal powerhouse.

But it was definitely not the opponent of the Dayan Immortal King, and even Mingdao Immortal Venerable might not have been able to fight.

So it will not play a key role in this battle at all!

Let alone the collapse of Kyushu now, Daxia Wanling is half dead, and the remaining half are also weak, even Li Hengxuan himself is on the verge of collapse.

And the most important thing is that now that the Heavenly Dao of Kyushu has fallen, Daxia Wanling has no place to sacrifice even if he wants to sacrifice to his death.

Kyushu origin is just the original source of the aura of Kyushu heaven and earth!

And it is the Kyushu Heavenly Way that really controls everything in Kyushu. It can be said that even the origin of Kyushu is controlled by the Heavenly Way.

But now that the way of heaven is gone, what are you still offering and praying for?


Li Hengxuan looked up, hoping to get more specific guidance from Wang Ying.

It's a pity that all he saw was the skyrocketing battle, the duel of a group of golden immortals, and Xinghai collapsed.

Even the undefeated Emperor Shengwu...

At this time, he was also forced to retreat steadily by the Dayan Immortal King and the other two peak Golden Immortals!

"Kill! The house is no longer there, so what's the use of the remains!"

"All relatives are dead, then you all go to die too!"

"Nothing, then what am I still doing?"

The battle above is getting more and more fierce, and below Li Hengxuan, in the starry sky above Kyushu, the battlefield where the Shenzhou Legion and the Great Xia soldiers are confronting each other, shouting and killing again, the battle begins again!

This time is different from the past. The Shenzhou Legion who lost their homes are all crazy, and they now have no retreat.

The Shenzhou collapsed, and its inner beings died, and none of them survived.

All the worries of the relatives, lovers, and friends of these Shenzhou warriors completely disappeared at this moment.

The Shenzhou Legion at this moment is just like the previous Daxia fighters. The difference is that the madness of the Daxia fighters is actually for protection.

And now the madness of the Shenzhou Army is pure madness.

They...have lost!

They were originally led by Shenzhou Zhenxian. They wanted to leave Kyushu, want to enter the Xinghai, and bring their cherished people into a better world.

This is the reason for the upper three states to betray their home stars.

But now, they are in a mess, and there is nothing left.

Those true immortal powerhouses who led them are also dead. Being forced by Li Hengxuan to open the immortal gate with his life, Immortal King Dayan was attracted, and he wanted to fight for the chance to survive.

However, the arrival of the King Dayan caused the collapse of Kyushu, and China was the first to suffer!

Now, their homeland is ruined, and no matter what the outcome of this battle, they have already been defeated, and it makes no sense to lose.

The still alive Shenzhou Army has lost its faith and everything!

This is their last madness!

"Kill Xia Gou!"

"Kill, kill all the creatures you see!"

"All of them are gone, then everyone will disappear together! Let the heavens and all things enter a new cycle!"

Hundreds of millions of people acted uncontrollably and unruly...

At this moment, the martial artist of Shenzhou even killed his own, just to kill all the creatures he saw in front of him!

Xuanmang is like a giant sea wave, wherever this giant wave rolls, there is hell!

"Come on! I have been afraid of anyone in the Great Xia Longjun battle until now!" Bailixian shook his head and led a group of student corps roaring!

"Isn't it just a death? Today, death must be killed!"

Yuwenba was covered in blood, leading the few remaining Yuwen family disciples to boil again!

"The sky is gone, the stars will die, and my Zilong clan has become brilliant!"

The old purple dragon king roared, there are not many dragons in the starry sky...

Facing the crazy Shenzhou Legion, Daxia's only remaining true celestial powerhouses led the already exhausted Daxia soldiers to battle with the Shenzhou Legion.

At this moment, it is no exaggeration to describe it as purgatory!

In the battle of hundreds of millions of people, there are no tactics and no rules at all.

All the true immortals of Shenzhou blew themselves up, and there were fewer than fifteen true immortals left in Daxia, including Li Chengfeng and three foreign aids from the monster race in the great wilderness, as well as Wishing and three other goddesses and goddesses. The middle-level leaders of the two sides were killed and injured more than half!

Such a chaotic battle, although not as destructive as the group of true celestial beings fighting between the Li family and Dayan Immortal Kingdom in the depths of the stars, can destroy a star at will, but it is even more shocking.

Every minute, every second, countless soldiers die before your eyes!

"Kill it, kill it! The world is unkind, and everything is a dog."

Li Hengxuan smiled bitterly. He couldn't stop it. At this moment, he himself was exhausted.

Before gathering the last strength, he wanted to break the Shenzhou in one fell swoop, but was defeated by the Dayan Immortal King.

Now he can't afford any more power.

He couldn't do anything anymore, looking up into the depths of the starry sky, the Li clan was defeated by the Dayan Immortal Kingdom.

The number of gold immortals is not as good as that of the other party, and the background is even far worse.

Dayan Immortal Kingdom has existed for millions of years!

The Dayan Immortal King is a person who has survived from the ancient era, while the Li family has only risen for thousands of years.

Not to mention, Immortal King Dayan also invited many foreign aid.

It was actually a miracle that Emperor Shengwu was able to carry the support of the Li family until now.

"It's just that I'm not reconciled! Is this the end of Daxia? This is the mission I'm fighting for, the ending I'm ushering in? How unfair is the destiny!"

The country is gone, the home is gone, and his ideal that he has been fighting for every moment since he travels has finally been shattered.

Give so much...

Is the final result still the same?

Li Hengxuan was trembling all over, he was in pain, suffering from his powerlessness.

At the same time, the Kyushu Origin in Li Hengxuan's hands became more and more trembling, and the endless and infinite Qi of the Origin Origin ~www.mtlnovel.com~ continued to escape from it, drifting towards the land of Kyushu below.

"Hehe, are you unwilling to do so too?"

"Since I came into this world, you have been by my side, and you can even directly say that you directly made me!"

"But now are you blaming me? Blame me for not protecting you? Blame me for bringing this star to ruin!"

"Hehe, you don't have to work hard, it's useless, Kyushu has collapsed, and no amount of original energy can save this star..."

"The Nine Provinces of Heaven has fallen, and I can't even break it with you now! We have been completely defeated, defeated in a mess, and defeated with nothing!"

Li Hengxuan said softly.

He knew that Kyushu Origin could not hear and could not understand what he said.

Not to say that it is the origin of Kyushu, that is, Kyushu Tiandao is the product of unconscious rules. But he just couldn't help but say, the words in his heart and the sadness in his heart can only be said at this moment.

"If the Jiuzhou Heavenly Dao is still there, I will desperately die! I will also kill one or two golden immortals in the immortal kingdom... and then destroy you! Let the old man Dayan get nothing!"

"It's a pity...the way of heaven has fallen! I can't do anything now, ah, no! That's wrong... Mother originally meant this, the answer, the answer is really in my hands!"

Li Hengxuan suddenly had a meal, he seemed to understand, he understood everything!

He laughed and said, "Since the sky is dead, I will be the sky, and I will be the sky!"


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