"Rebel! Are you finally here?"

At the moment when the huge statue of Emperor Shengwu in Liangzhou collapsed, Immortal King Dayan spoke, his gaze seemed to travel through hundreds of millions of miles of space, and he could see the situation there.

A golden light flashed...

This statue is alive, no, it should not be said that the statue is alive.

Instead, the living Emperor Shengwu appeared, with a majesty of ten thousand meters tall, and his body dazzling with gold, shining more dazzlingly than the statue, shining on the land of Kyushu.

At this moment, under this golden light, even the doomsday paused.

"Master is here, do you dare not come?"

With the heroic laughter of the Emperor Shengwu, one after another the most powerful and unmatched aura appeared one after another in Tianyuan City, Liangzhou.

The female warrior Wudi Tianyoulian, Qidi Huangyang, the former Shiliu, Dandi, Qindi, Xiaodi, Sword Emperor!

The eleven heavenly emperors under the command of Emperor Shengwu, all the seven who are still alive today have come.

The Star Emperor of the Li Clan, the War Emperor of the Li Clan... After the Shengwu Emperor, six powerful emperors from the past dynasties of Daxia also appeared...

Li Shenzhou, Li Wuzhou, Li Sizhou, and Li Hengxuan's three golden elder brothers were also present. Among them, the golden dragon killed by Li Wuzhou has become Li Hengxuan's main treasure for a long time.

There are also Li Hengxuan's aunt, second and fifth...

With the addition of Emperor Shengwu and Wang Ying who came here first, all the twenty-one golden immortals of the Li family in the starry sky are still alive.

Although compared with the more than 30 golden immortals on the Dayan Immortal King's side, Daxia's side appears to be very weak.

But even if the Golden Immortal is only one, it is the absolute ruler of ten thousand living stars with a star coefficient, and this also shows the status of the starry Li family in this large star field.

Immortal King Dayan sighed: "Actually, you shouldn't have come. If you don't come, you can still live. Not only has you become a teacher, you have also saved yourself and the Li family."

"It is possible to survive, but the country is broken, how will the home be? What is the point of surviving the country? Master, please." Shengwu Emperor just smiled, he looked up at the sky, and looked at the top of Kyushu. The depths of the star sea.

"Oh, I knew that, I shouldn't have accepted you as a rebellious disciple! The deity was really blind, and the disciples who accepted him betrayed one by one. The only one who was obedient died in the hands of your son."

"Master does not have a bad vision, but the picture is too big, so my brothers betrayed one by one. In fact, if Master is willing to give up at this time, Tu'er will immediately integrate the Starry Li Clan into the Dayan Immortal Kingdom, and follow the teacher in the future. Zun dispatched."

"Never mind, see you in the stars."

Immortal King Dayan also laughed. Except for a mouthful of rebellious disciples, there was no resentment in the voices of the master and disciple, as if they were talking homely.

But everyone knows that under this seemingly peaceful conversation, countless creatures are perishing.

All the golden immortals disappeared from Kyushu, and when they reappeared, everyone had reached the depths of the starry sky above Kyushu.

Immediately, in the depths of the starry sky, there was an explosion of Broken Galaxy.

A large piece of starry sky connected with a large piece of billions of miles bounced and shattered, this is destined to be a battle that will last forever. No matter who wins or loses, in the coming ages, the depths of the starry sky will be a forbidden place that ordinary people can't set foot on.

At the same time, because of Emperor Shengwu's departure, the calamity of Kyushu began again.

When Emperor Shengwu came to Kyushu just now, this doomsday catastrophe paused briefly. This is because Emperor Shengwu once did the way of heaven in Kyushu for a period of time. And now the calamity in Kyushu came about because the current way of heaven was washed away by Immortal King Dayan and others.

Therefore, the entry of Emperor Shengwu can prevent the disaster from continuing.

Now that Emperor Shengwu has left again, no one can stop it.

Li Hengxuan couldn't do it either. Even though he had Kyushu Origin in his hand, he could only watch it, nothing could be done.

At this moment, Li Hengxuan was silent.

His heart is ashamed. The end of this war is no longer in his control, and even he can't participate in any degree.

Kyushu has collapsed, the vast sea water has poured into the earth, and this star has entered a new cycle.

The strength of Kyushu origin is also the weakest time in history.

In addition, Daxia Wanling has sacrificed to him twice now, so that the number is now less than half of the previous amount, and those who are still alive are really tired. It is impossible to sacrifice to him again and support him to fight with any golden immortal again.

So now, Li Hengxuan is the same as the ordinary sergeants of Daxia below...

Can only wait!

Waiting for Emperor Shengwu and Immortal King Dayan to decide the outcome!

If Emperor Shengwu wins, Daxia still has hope!

If you lose...

If Emperor Shengwu was defeated, it would be a complete defeat.

Kyushu has collapsed and was destroyed by the Immortal King Dayan, so now even if he wants to break Kyushu and destroy the origin of Kyushu, he can't do it.

In other words, he is no longer qualified to die.

Once defeated, all sacrifices will become meaningless!

"Your father can't win, this battle will be defeated, he will undoubtedly die!"

At this moment, Wang Ying suddenly fell by Li Hengxuan's side and took Li Hengxuan's hand.

Her tone was extremely calm, but Li Hengxuan could hear the sadness in the deepest emotions she hid under the calm.


Li Hengxuan trembled, and involuntarily grasped Wang Ying tightly, fearing that she would also rush to the battlefield in the next second.

"Although the Starry Sky Li family is known as the Starry Sky Wave Clan, they actually have 29 galaxies under them, and the strength of the Dayan Immortal Kingdom, which has 32 galaxies, is almost the same. They are the most powerful forces in this star field. .

But your master used the Kyushu origin as a bait to bring in some foreign aid like Mingdao. And you know, this is impossible for your father to do. Therefore, eight of the twenty-nine gold immortals of the Li family have fallen from this battle. Your father is already at the end of the battle..."

"Mother...you, don't go!"

Li Hengxuan didn't know how to do it, this sentence was almost instinctively blurted out~www.mtlnovel.com~ Now Kyushu Origin is in the weakest state, Daxia Wanling no longer has the power to sacrifice for him.

As for the realm, he is just a pseudo-immortal now, not even a real immortal!

This feeling of powerlessness made Li Hengxuan burn with fire. It was clear that the situation was imminent, but he couldn't do anything.

Daxia can't keep it, the country will be broken!

Father will also fall, mother will go to die, and the family will no longer be there!

"Stupid boy, my feelings for your father are like those of my stupid daughter-in-laws for you."

Wang Ying just smiled.

It is impossible for her not to go to the war, watching Li Potian die, she survived alone, she couldn't do it.

"Me, what should I do! Mother, tell me, what should I do?"

Li Hengxuan burst into tears, he knew he couldn't stop it.

Just as he couldn't prevent Xiao Lian from burning her life's essence and blood to die, just as he couldn't prevent Zong Lingshan from offering sacrifices with death. Just as he couldn't stop it, Daxia billions of soldiers went to explode and kill the enemy!

At this moment, Li Hengxuan felt very useless!

He can't stop anything, can't stop the country from falling apart, can't stop Kyushu from jumping to pieces, can't help his father fight, can't, and has no reason to let his mother stay.

"Finally, Mom can look at you again and hold you again. It's already very satisfying."

Wang Ying did not answer Li Hengxuan, but took him deeply into her arms.

She smiled very happily, a deep nostalgia in her eyes, but slowly changed to determination.

She whispered: "Silly boy, the answer is in your hands! Remember, God is merciless!"


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I will carefully consider how to write the ending.

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