"Go, this old man is handed over to my mother, dare to force my son for this purpose, my old lady will never finish with you today!"

Wang Ying suddenly shouted, her eyes filled with hostility.


Li Hengxuan trembled all over, it is difficult to understand this kind of mood without experiencing it.

Finally, finally, this battle is promising!

Although he could also hear the tiredness in the mother's voice that tried to conceal it, it proved that it was extremely difficult for her to come here.

But at least, Wang Ying is here!

This shows that, on the Saint Martial Emperor's side, the battlefield in the depths of the star field, the Li family was not completely crushed!

"Then Shenzhou, I am coming..."

Li Hengxuan smiled angrily, the origin of Kyushu trembling in his hand, the aura of the origin of chaos drifted freely, and Li Hengxuan's momentum continued to rise.

"I am here now, so the traitors in Kyushu, are you ready to bear my anger!"

The sun rises, the moon rises, the power of burning flames and extreme cold converge, the sky is floating, and the entire galaxy is trembling.

Li Hengxuan's figure keeps getting bigger, bigger and bigger!

It is as big as ten thousand feet, one hundred thousand feet, one hundred thousand li, standing in the sea of ​​stars. With the power of the Golden Immortal, the huge Chaos Taiji diagram was once again formed, and finally turned into a giant sword...

"That's... Li Hengxuan! Immortal Venerable Mingdao didn't actually block Li Hengxuan!"

"God, what is he going to do, is he going to break China!"

"No... Master Mingdao Immortal King, Master Dayan Immortal King..."

The warriors of Shenzhou were trembling. At this moment, even the strongest mountain lord of Shenzhou, the invincible existence under the Golden Immortal, was also trembling.

There are ants under the golden fairy!

Facing Li Hengxuan who possessed the power of the golden immortal, even if he was invincible under the golden immortal, there was no power to resist.

This change was too sudden for them. Before this, everyone thought that Ming Dao Immortal Venerable could stop Li Hengxuan.

So their mission is to kill all Daxia soldiers and all the creatures in the six states and one sea.

As long as the Great Xia Wanling is destroyed, the Kyushu Heavenly Dao will naturally be destroyed, and the Kyushu Origin will automatically be weakened! At that time, not only did Li Hengxuan no longer threaten, but it was also convenient for the King Dayan to integrate with the origin of Kyushu, without allowing the King Dayan to assume the cause and effect of the origin of Kyushu.

This is the perfect plan!

But no one thought that Immortal Venerable Ming Dao didn't have the courage to fight Li Hengxuan when he hit the back. What they didn't even expect was that Ming Dao Xianzun who had obviously ran away was beaten back by Wang Ying.

So that Li Hengxuan no longer has any worries and can deal with Shenzhou wholeheartedly.

At this moment, not only the Shenzhou warriors on the battlefield, but also the hundreds of millions of creatures on the land of Shenzhou are trembling, even if they did not participate in this battle, they all crawled down!

They felt Li Hengxuan's deep malice!

This is desperate and will not waver, just to destroy the malice of Shenzhou Wanling!

That incomparable giant sword is getting closer, getting closer and closer, and time has frozen at this moment.

The only thing that can be felt is that the breath of death is getting stronger and stronger!

"No! The immortals of Shenzhou listen to the order and use my blood to open the fairy gate! With my soul, please come to the fairy king!"

"With my blood, open the fairy gate! With my soul, please come to the fairy king!"

"With my blood, open the fairy gate! With my soul, please come to the fairy king!"


The Lord of the God Mountain roared, before the giant sword fell, he blew himself up!

One by one, the true immortals of Shenzhou followed the Shenshan Mountain Lord without hesitation, just like the brave and fearless soldiers of Daxia who chose to blew themselves!

Hundreds of true immortals blew themselves together, and their power made the entire Xinghai tremble, but this power did not kill a great Xia soldier!

Because their original intention was not to kill Daxia soldiers, but...

Blood fog and soul fragments, the blood fog and soul fragments produced by the self-detonation of the mountain lord of the gods and hundreds of true immortals of the gods, have fallen towards Kyushu!

It fell on the huge peak of Shenzhou below one hundred thousand meters high.

This is the sacred mountain...

Since ancient times, Kyushu's first mountain has claimed to be!

At this moment, a vision arose suddenly, and a light gate of ten thousand feet high opened suddenly on the sacred mountain...

A figure that Li Hengxuan was familiar with but hated deeply came out of the light gate-Immortal King Dayan!

"Finally, I came here personally!"

Immortal King Dayan sighed softly, he gently raised his hand, and his palm instantly became bigger, covering the entire sky in an instant.

It actually spread from the top of the sacred mountain to the sea of ​​stars!

Then, with a seemingly random wave, Li Hengxuan's effort was condensed, ready to smash the great sword of China...

That's it!


Li Hengxuan was immediately stunned, just as he was about to break the Shenzhou before, making the Shenzhou warriors feel very abrupt.

The sudden appearance of Immortal King Dayan also stunned Li Hengxuan.

"Yes, the deity is here, and Longzhou is broken. The foundation of the deity in Kyushu is one of the three. Now it is impossible for this seat to watch you break Shenzhou and Tianzhou. At least, Shenzhou and Tianzhou can no longer be broken by you. Up!"

The Immortal King Dayan looked calm and whispered: "So, although I really don't want this, the deity still has to move the battlefield from the depths of the star field to the land of Kyushu..."

He then nodded slightly, and saw one, two, three...

A whole number of ten strong and unmatched auras exploded, and dozens of golden immortal powerhouses walked out of the light gate.


High in the starry sky, Wang Ying sighed deeply.

Li Hengxuan trembled all over, not scared, but that kind of despair rose again.

As if fate deliberately teased him...

In this war, every time he saw a glimmer of light, and only saw a glimmer of hope, his fate had to let him know...

All hope is just to make you feel deeper-despair!

At this moment, it was not only Li Hengxuan who felt this way, but also Daxia's soldiers, including Daxia Wanling.

This feeling is like, if you don't work hard, you will lose if you don't work hard!

But if you work hard and fight hard, you will still lose. It's just that you lose more thoroughly!


At this moment, the Great Kyushu Earthquake trembled.

This star, even if it used to be one of the strongest stars in the universe, with no more than one hand...

But now it is in decline after all, and now Kyushu can't even bear a golden fairy!

Not to mention that dozens of golden immortals appeared at once!

Earth fire, Tiangang, thunder sea, huge waves... all kinds of disasters are happening, and the big earthquake that can re-divide the stars and landforms also appeared...

China suffers first, and everything is overwhelmed!

All living creatures, whether they are human races or monster races, or alternative creatures evolved from plants, heaven, material and earth treasures, cannot survive such disasters.

Shenshan Mountain Lord, hundreds of true immortals in Shenzhou, they blew themselves up with their own lives and opened the immortal gate to attract the Dayan Immortal King, just wanting to fight for the chance to let the people live!

But I don't want to, when the Dayan Immortal King comes, the first one to suffer disaster is Shenzhou!

In just a few breaths, the prosperous and prosperous Shenzhou in the past was as fragmented as Longzhou was on the day, huge cities, small towns, Jedi, Wonderland...

None survived!

This is the end of the world, all souls fall!

But this is not the end...

Dozens of golden immortal powerhouses descended on the declining planet of Kyushu, and they didn't even use these golden immortals to do anything, but the breath of these golden immortals was enough to instantly smash the heavens of Kyushu.

The heavens collapsed, and the stars would naturally enter a new cycle.

Li Hengxuan had no way to stop it, he could only smile wryly. He said more than once earlier that he should die together and let Kyushu enter a new cycle!

Now, this new round is back ~www.mtlnovel.com~ but it is not because of him!

At this moment, he can only watch...

After Shenzhou is Tianzhou, the second largest state that should have been broken by Li Hengxuan to feed back to Kyushu has finally ushered in its own end...

The earthquakes continue, the floods are overwhelming, the heavens and the earth are in riots, choosing people to eat...

The crying, praying, cursing, and wailing of its inner beings have no effect at all.

Can't stop the world from disintegrating even for a second!

Wuzhou, the first state of Great Xia, which has collapsed once because of Li Hengxuan's unrestrained extraction of the power of the Kyushu world, collapsed again, truly collapsed, and torn apart...

Shengzhou, Huazhou...

The upper three states are all broken, and the middle three states are not immune to disaster.

The difference is that there are countless creatures in Shenzhou and Tianzhou, while the three states of Wuzhou, Shengzhou, and Huazhou no longer have the people of Daxia.

Before the war, Li Hengxuan moved all Daxia's citizens into New Kyushu.

Perhaps this is the only comfort!

The end is not over, and the big earthquake that spreads the entire star has not stopped.

The upper three states, the middle three states are over, and the six states after Kyushu, the state is not a state, it is divided into countless small pieces...

But this is not over, the end is still going on...

After dozens of breaths, Qingzhou was also broken, and the endless sea of ​​the vast sea poured into this prosperous land...

The end is still spreading, the earth is still cracking, huge cracks have spread to Liangzhou, from Bihua City to Tianyuan City...

To Tianyuan imperial city, to the golden statue of Emperor Shengwu!


Today is gone, continue tomorrow.

Then, these few days will come to an end. At this moment, my mood is extremely complicated.

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