"Do you think I will use the method of killing Li Baichuan to deal with you! Now I will let you see how terrifying the true power of this thing will be..."

Li Hengxuan took out the origin of Kyushu again, the aura of the origin of Hongmeng was floating, and his face was full of madness.

"You, what are you doing..."

Ming Dao Xianzun was taken aback, with a bad feeling in his heart.


At the same time, the land of Kyushu below began to tremble violently.

In the beginning, it was not noticeable, because Kyushu was shaking all the time during this war.

Until people are alert, the land of Wuzhou is still a scene of thunder and fire, as if the disaster is coming.

It was like the scene when Longzhou collapsed that day!

"You, are you crazy? You, are you going to destroy Jiuzhou!" Ming Dao Xianzun was shocked. Only then did he know what Li Hengxuan was going to do, and he was completely shocked.

"Since you are destined to lose, what's the use of keeping this Kyushu! Why not have a new reincarnation..."

Li Hengxuan laughed... laughed to tears...

He slammed a fist, and Wuzhou Li time ushered in the doomsday collapse, instantly torn apart, and everything within it was destroyed together with this world.

The Kyushu origin trembled even more severely, and the Qi of Hongmeng origin surged crazily.

Li Hengxuan's momentum suddenly soared more than ten times, his face was filled with a cruel smile...

"Crazy, crazy... Li Hengxuan is crazy, the old man is not participating in this battle!"

Ming Dao Xianzun really retreated.

Li Hengxuan directly and recklessly extracted the world power of the Kyushu Lord's world, instead of the new Kyushu world power, so that the collapse of Wuzhou would not hesitate.

The power gained at this moment, even Ming Dao Xianzun is also terrified!

This is the power that can really kill him...

He was finally scared, turning into a fairy light to reach the other side of the starry sky, and did not dare to stay in this place of right and wrong again. He would rather not get any benefits than fight with his life!

"Hehe, have you finally gone..."

Li Hengxuan smiled sorrowfully, blood oozing from all over his body.

In fact, he never thought about killing Ming Dao Immortal Venerable. With the strength of Ming Dao Immortal Venerable, let alone the collapse of Wuzhou, even if the six states and one sea were collapsed, the power in exchange could not kill him.

Because Li Hengxuan couldn't bear this power himself.

Fortunately, Immortal Venerable Ming Dao was scared, and finally retreated... He didn't dare to try whether Li Hengxuan died first, or he died first!

But even so, Li Hengxuan himself was about to fail.

Using this power far beyond his own capacity for a long time, even if Da Xia Wanling is constantly offering sacrifices to him, he will almost be unable to support it.

Now he desperately needs to stop and rest, and he even feels that he is about to die in the next second!

"But I must not die!"

Li Hengxuan insisted on not letting himself fall.

He looked at the battlefield below, Shenzhou was forced to retreat by Da Xia for a short time, and now he has controlled the situation.

The balance of war, the unfavorable side is leaning towards Daxia.

Although due to the collapse of Wuzhou, the Daxia fighters were even more reluctant to die, and there was another big outbreak to repel Shenzhou.

But in the same way, Daxia's casualties were even faster.

And the most important thing is that Shenzhou has too many people after all, and the strength of a single warrior is much stronger than Daxia. Not to mention high-end combat power, Daxia God General was already dead in the battle between Li Hengxuan and Li Baichuan!

Under such circumstances, it was a miracle that Daxia could retreat Shenzhou for a short time.

This is the miracle of life cast by flesh and blood!

"Daxia Wannian, Longdi Wushuang!"

"God will come to this world, and shake my rivers and mountains!"

"As a summer person, die as a Xia ghost, don't be a Xia dog!"

The battle song flutters and echoes, and the slogan is loud and flying, which means that Daxia's battle spirit is getting higher and higher.

But Li Hengxuan also knew that even a Daxia warrior could kill 1.2 Shenzhou warriors on average, reaching this impossible ratio of battle damage.

But until the end of the battle, Daxia will still lose!

This non-stop war song will eventually stop because of the continuous death of the Great Xia warrior, and this immortal war soul will also be extinguished!

He closed his eyes and seized some time to adjust his body.

On the battlefield below, Tianyue's skin was cracked, and his body was bloody, his sword was also broken, and his profound energy was exhausted.

But there is still madness in his eyes...

He bit the neck of a true immortal in Shenzhou, hugged his waist tightly, squeezing the last trace of Kunlun battle body's blood.

It was like the day Li Hengxuan first saw him. In order to protect his mother, even the warrior was not Tianyue, he used his most primitive weapon-teeth, and the biting Ye Shaojun retreated!

At that time Tianyue was only ten years old, without any profound energy, and without any martial arts.

Today, Tianyue, true immortal cultivation base, the first genius of Daxia!

Even if he doesn't have profound energy now, he can't use martial arts, but his teeth are still there, the neck of his deadly Yaozu, the true immortal of God.

Even if it was his chest and his belly that were punched out with transparent holes by the enemy, he didn't let go.

He clung to the enemy tightly, exhausted his last strength, and flew into the Shenzhou army with the enemy...

Choose to blew up without hesitation.

In another corner of the battlefield, Ye Shaoqing's sword was also broken. The Huofeng who had been with her for so many years was already exhausted, but the Ligong in his eyes was not reduced by half.

Just like its owner-Ye Shaoqing!

Ye Concubine, Ye Shaoqing, did not seem to have the slightest pampering concubine, on the contrary, the hostility developed by fighting on the battlefield all the year round turned into Ye Shaoqing's last madness.

This is also her pride!

Proud, the Ye family supported Li Hengxuan from the very beginning.

Proud, she is one of the earliest imperial concubines of Li Hengxuan.

Pride, in this battle, her father, her brother, and all the soldiers of her family were martyred.

Her army ~www.mtlnovel.com~ At the moment, she is the only one left!

"The last person in the battle, the last drop of blood, will also protect Daxia. Father, brother, you are all gone, now it is up to Qing'er to fulfill this last promise..."

"It's a pity, father, I still couldn't fulfill your last wish. I couldn't survive in the end and continue the glory of the Ye Family for you..."

"Unfortunately, I finally..."

Ye Shaoqing raised her head and looked at the top of the starry sky. She knew that Li Hengxuan was there at the moment, but the distance was too far, she couldn't see...

"In the end, I still can't see your Majesty again!"

"Feng'er, let's go, this is our final mission and glory!"

Without hesitation, she leaped onto Huofeng's shoulders and flew towards the Shenzhou Army formation. In the blazing flames, there was no rebirth from the ashes, only the heroic heroine of Daxia!

"I can't die yet, I, I have to go down again and kill me!"

Li Hengxuan didn't notice Ye Shaoqing's fall. The battlefield was too big for him to take care of. In fact, even if he noticed, he couldn't change much.

He himself is only one step away from death...

At this moment, Li Hengxuan reluctantly emphasized his breath, and finally recovered a little bit of energy, he gathered this last strength and flew onto the battlefield!


At this moment, he saw the other side of the starry sky, a spot of light was shining, and Immortal Venerable Ming Dao, who had just escaped, flew back.

He didn't fly back by himself... but was beaten back!

A stunning woman broke the starry sky with one blow, crossed thousands of miles of galaxies, and returned to the battlefield.


Seeing this familiar figure, Li Hengxuan trembled all over, and cried again in despair!

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