"My sister has a pair of nests on her chest, born like a small hillside. My brother touched down the **** and touched the bird's nest. My brother put the bird in the nest, and the flooded bird trembled. My sister didn't let the bird leave the nest. The anxious bird foams!"

   With dirty songs circulated on the Internet, Li Hengxuan was in a good mood when he looked at the Provincial Welfare Center across the road.

   The two-color ball draw last night, 05, 07, 08, 13, 14, 20 plus basketball 03, the grand prize is only one bet, and the prize money is tens of millions.

   is the number Li Hengxuan bought.

   "I can finally get out of this hard college career, Zhu Qinglan, see you still look down on Lao Tzu, and I want you to kneel down and beg me when you get the money. I want a dozen girls and sleep one a day."

   Li Hengxuan was obsessed with his heart, his eyes suddenly burst, and he shouted: "Oh, shit, kid, is the place in the middle of the road where you play?"

   I saw a five- or six-year-old kid suddenly dashed onto the road, and a large truck was coming frantically.

   Without even thinking about it, he rushed over and pushed the child away.

   Boom! boom……

   Li Hengxuan only felt severe pain throughout his body, and then his consciousness began to blur. After a while, he came to a dark space everywhere.

   A divine light suddenly lit up in front of her eyes. There was a fairy-like woman in the divine light. Li Hengxuan couldn't see her face clearly because of the divine light. I only think that she is as sacred as a fairy, with an indesectable temperament.

   Then a sacred and beautiful female voice rang in the ears.

   "Li Hengxuan, in view of your dying to save the child, you have a lot of merit, and I am very pleased to fulfill your wish."

Li Hengxuan said loudly, "Fuck, I'm dead? Is this the voice of a fairy? I said that good people don't live long, they're left for thousands of years, and good deeds can't be done. I still have 10 million yuan in bonuses. A glorious sacrifice! Fairy, I don’t want any other wishes. Just resurrect me. I’ll receive the ten million."

   The fairy said again: "The resurrection of the dead does not conform to the rules of the earth world. But if you want to be reborn, I can rebirth you into a body that has just died in another world. Please choose the identity you want."

   "You can't be resurrected, but you can only be reborn? Isn't that a journey, but you can also choose your identity? Can I be an emperor?"

   Li Hengxuan said with a smile, although this fairy is beautiful and has a nice voice, he doesn't believe it at all.

   Still resurrected, reborn, and crossed?

   He thought he had been hit by a car too badly. He was dreaming in a hospital bed and he had no scruples about talking.

   "Satisfy your wish, you will be the new emperor of the Kyushu world."

   The fairy finished speaking, and then the divine light in front of him disappeared. Li Hengxuan saw the fairy flying farther and farther, and his world returned to darkness again.


   "Your Majesty, your Majesty, wake up."

   In a daze, Li Hengxuan felt that someone was shaking his arm.

   slowly opened his eyes, and a bright golden light instantly blinded him. Seeing Li Hengxuan's head there was a golden five-clawed golden dragon, hovering on the beam of the room, flaring its teeth and claws at him.

   "My mother!"

   Li Hengxuan was so shocked that he was almost scared to death.

   Take a closer look, this five-clawed golden dragon dragon is not a living thing. But even so, his shock was not diminished, because the dragon was carved from pure gold.

   How much is this!

   Li Hengxuan looked at it again, not only this golden dragon, but the whole room was shining gold, decorated with a lot of gold, and it was more luxurious than the emperor's bedroom on the TV.

   "Your Majesty, do you want the queen mother again? Well, it has been three years since the queen mother was killed by Duke Liu."

   At this moment, a gentle and pleasant voice rang around. Li Hengxuan turned his head and looked, what a beautiful beauty, he swore that he had never seen such a beautiful woman.

   is only fifteen or sixteen years old. Wearing a white dress, she doesn't conceal her perfect figure. Her waist is thin and her chest is tall, and her cheeks are breathtakingly beautiful. Especially the pear flower rainy expression on her face, pure appearance, is even more pitiful for me.

   Even the big star on TV is no match for this girl!

   "Your Majesty? Queen Mother? Isn't that dream true? Am I really going to be the emperor?"

   Li Hengxuan was surprised!

   At this moment, a very strange voice rang in his mind.

   "Ding! Host Li Hengxuan, successfully activated the strongest Dragon Emperor system. Congratulations to the host for becoming the contemporary emperor of Xia Chao. The following is the host attribute panel."

  Host: Li Hengxuan

  Upgrade value: 0/100

   Dragon Qi: 0

   Level: Third-level warrior

  Gong Method: True Dragon Overlord (Holy Level)

   Skill: None

   Martial Soldiers: None

   Summoned Beast: None

   Main quest: Kill Duke Liu, complete the control of the palace, reward earth-level summoned beasts, and several others!

   Side Quest: Random (please find the trigger for the host)

   Achievement task: Immediately (please find the host to complete)

   "The strongest Dragon Emperor system, that dream is not fake, I really crossed into the emperor! Haha, cool! What does this mission mean, complete the control of the palace, am I already the emperor?"

   Li Hengxuan, this is the real stunned look!

   There is already an extra memory in his mind that did not originally belong to him.

   Here is a different world called Kyushu.

   As the name suggests, the world is composed of Kyushu. Each state is unmeasurable, with a population of tens of billions, endless.

  The law of the world is not the legal system of the earth, but respects the strong.

   Everyone in Kyushu cultivates martial arts, from low to high, martial artist, martial artist, martial master, martial king, martial master, martial artist, martial emperor, martial sage, martial emperor, strength is more important than anything.

   Ten thousand years ago, the founding emperor of the dynasty, Emperor Wu Li Potian, unified Kyushu with supreme power, established the Xia Dynasty, and became the co-lord of the world.

   However, the Xia Dynasty has been passed down for thousands of years, and by the generation of Li Hengxuan, it is no longer a name.

   Today, Kyushu has long been occupied by the major sects, and the Xia Dynasty can only control the imperial city.

   It can be seen how far the Xia Dynasty has fallen.

   Dynasty is like this, the emperor is a real empty shell, let alone the imperial city, even the imperial palace cannot be controlled.

   Reading the memory in his mind to this point, Li Hengxuan realized that he was really not an emperor.

   Before Li Hengxuan crossed, the previous emperor was extremely cowardly. Since the empress dowager was killed by Liu Gong public three years ago, the emperor has become a real lonely and helpless person.

   In addition, the emperor was very young, now he is only fifteen years old, three years ago he was twelve years old.

   Not only is the cultivation talent weak, but the temperament is also very weak, and he does not dare to speak up when he is bullied.

   In this world where the power is respected, such a puppet emperor can be deceived by everyone.

   so that the entire Ouchi Palace was controlled by a group of eunuchs. Except for the maid named Xiaolian in front of him, no one in Ouchi Palace listened to the emperor and regarded him as the emperor.

   As for outside the palace! Chaotang!

   Ha ha, since the death of the queen mother, this emperor has not been to court, which is equivalent to being placed under house arrest in the palace.

   A week ago, this emperor was injured by a **** named Xiaoliuzi under Liu Gonggong. He lay on the bed for a week, but finally he didn't get through and died.

   Only then did Li Hengxuan's soul travel through to the original emperor.

   "The emperor is it. Don't worry, since I have taken over your body and your identity, I will avenge your mother and let the Li family regain the supremacy of Kyushu."

   There was a wave of pride in Li Hengxuan's heart.

   He doesn't care how weak the emperor before he crossed, but now that he has become an emperor, he must become a veritable emperor.

  The woman who sleeps most beautifully, kills the strongest man.

   Anyone who refuses to accept it will be trampled to death!

  ‘Hehe...Now I am about to fulfill my first wish! ’

   Li Hengxuan sat up suddenly, stretched out his hand to hook Xiao Lian's chin, lifted it slightly, and stared at her intently.

   Looking at it this way, Xiaolian is really a fairy.

   A weak oval face, which is different from those beautiful stars on the earth in the previous life, the whole face of a snake like an awl.

   This is pure and natural beauty, UU reading www.uukanshu. com has a different kind of purity.

   Xiaolian was seen by Li Hengxuan like this, her face turned red, and she was a little at a loss. The Jiao body trembled slightly, and Yufeng trembled in front of her chest.

   Li Hengxuan looked itchy and said, "Xiaolian, if I want you to dedicate yourself, would you like it?"

   "Your Majesty, your majesty can value slaves and maids, and the slaves and maids are fortunate for three lives. The slaves and maids are willing to..."

   Xiaolian trembled slightly, lowered her head, and blushed. Without a trace of reluctance, she truly regarded Li Hengxuan as the emperor. As a harem woman, her body and mind had already belonged to Li Hengxuan.

   In this scene, in fact, she was eager for it day and night.

   Xiaolian pulled the belt around her waist, shrugged slightly, and her long skirt suddenly slipped off.

   Her figure is more beautiful than the women in any small movies in the previous life, and she is as picturesque as an immortal. However, such a woman is still driven by herself and ravaged.

   The two jade rabbits on his chest trembled, let alone 36D, even 36F is more than enough.

   look down again, go down again, can't look anymore...


   Li Hengxuan was so excited that she recognized Zhu Qinglan as a goddess in her previous life. It's true that she was indeed a school girl in school, but compared with Xiaolian in front of her, she was totally different from the sky!

   Two nosebleeds shed inadvertently.

   "Ah! Your majesty, what's wrong with you? Your injury has recurred?" Seeing this, Xiao Lian immediately became anxious and knelt down immediately.

   "It's okay, it's okay, let's continue."

   Li Hengxuan laughed, grabbing Xiao Lian's delicate and weak hands, Xiao Lian could not help but snorted, breathing quickly.

   But her next sentence made Li Hengxuan breathe more rapidly.

   "Your Majesty, the servant will undress you."

   Xiaolian's cheeks flushed, she knelt down...

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