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Yi Tianyun flew directly to the Imperial Palace in front of everyone, and began to look up.


Other people look at each other and feel incredible. They know that Yi Tianyun's combat power is not weak. Is it also against the destruction of the star pattern? Or, do you want to break the violence?



Others have fallen down and wondered at the side: "Adult, do you want to be violently broken? This door is not so violently broken, even if it is an attack of the Emperor level, it can withstand it..."


Compared with the star pattern, they feel that Yi Tianyun will be broken by violence. Although Yi Tianyun's combat power is very strong, they do not think that there will be high accomplishments on the star pattern.


"I am also violent to break this..."


Said, Yi Tianyun immediately found out the weaknesses, and reached out and continued to point on the door, breaking the star pattern at a very fast speed. Not a moment, the star pattern above is easily disintegrated, quite easy.


This scene saw everyone stunned, they did not expect Yi Tianyun will be so bad, really can break the star pattern above!


"After gaining the inheritance of the Emperor of Heaven, the understanding of these stars is much higher than before..." Yi Tianyun blinked, and he had to say that he was very happy.



Originally, he broke the star pattern, which was combined with his own star-striker level, and the Emperor-level exploration of the gods to break it. Under the double combination, nothing can be broken. Unless the difficulty is too high, it will be easy for him to break.


It is different nowadays. After he gained the inheritance of the Enlightened Emperor, the understanding of the star pattern was greatly improved. Compared to the average eight-level star pattern, you must have a big cut!


In this case, it will be very simple to break.


Immediately after his madness was broken, the door was completely broken in less than a moment. He slammed the door open and “banged” and the door was pushed away.


Everyone is looking dumbfounded on the side, is there such a rebellious existence in the upper bounds? It is obvious that it seems to be the level of the Star Emperor, but it can also erupt the power of the late Star Emperor! Even if this is the case, can you break away such a strong star pattern, is it a super strong person who suppresses it?


To this end, they all respected Yi Tianyun's attitude and did not dare to have any dissatisfaction. For the treasures inside, I don’t even dare to touch it. Even if I want the treasure inside, I don’t dare to come.



In the face of the powerful presence of Yi Tianyun, who dares to move? Even if you want the treasures inside, you can't just mess around, unless you can easily play Tianyun.


Immediately, Yi Tianyun went straight into the search and scraped it up. Others did not dare to go in, and they stayed outside the gate waiting for Yi Tianyun to return.


It didn't take long for Yi Tianyun to come out from the inside with a smile, and it must have been searched, and it looks very satisfactory. Others can only envy, can the things in the Imperial Palace be worse?


"Congratulations to the adults to get the emperor treasure..." Someone hurriedly smacked and tried to get Yi Tianyun's good feelings.


Yi Tianyun said with a smile: "Although I really want to get the emperor treasure, I have to say that there is basically no treasure in this imperial palace. What you worry about is not necessary at all... he has no What is left inside is left with some broken copper."



Speaking of the back, his face began to darken. This is not what he said, but it is. After he entered, he found that there was nothing in it. The remaining treasures were all about the level of the Star Emperor, but they were much worse than the Emperor's treasures. They were not a level.


The contrast between the two is really a bit like a broken iron.


Other people are stupid, is it really like Yi Tianyun said? For other people, maybe they don't believe it. Yi Tianyun is so strong, there is no need to lie?


"You don't believe this letter. There is really no treasure in it. It is definitely the poorest emperor I have ever seen." Yi Tianyun shrugged. He remembered this emperor. If he met it later, it must be good. Give him a meal.


There is no treasure, but what is sealed inside and done, so that he is busy with a day, but there is nothing.


Others looked at each other and believed half of his words and did not dare to believe in it.


Yi Tianyun did not explain too much, and the letter did not believe it.



"Now, you will go back to the upper bounds. When you go there, report to my name Tianyun Temple, and they will know how to arrange it." Yi Tianyun said with a smile: "I have other things." To do, that is to continue to find you in these old times hidden powers, continue to strengthen the strength of our upper realm!"


"This time, we have an advantage and will not be passive as before!"


After they heard it, the light in the eyes flashed, and it really needs to be the case, then they can really take revenge.


"Adult, I know there is a hidden area..."


"Adult, I also know that there is a hidden area..."


They have come over to explain the situation and report the hidden places. Yi Tianyun wrote down one by one, some overlap with the information provided before, but some did not find it.


Sure enough, only the old era strong people know each other, and they know where the other side is hiding. They can't talk about the usual exchanges, so they will know each other's situation.


"Thank you for the news you provided, then I..."



"I am going to go with you and persuade them to return to the upper realm!"


"We are also, I plan to go with you! They have a lot of injuries, but the wounds in their hearts have not been filled back. We, the old comrades in the past, persuaded, will be much better!"


"After this battle, we know that there is no point in the hidden world here. The foreign domain practitioners simply do not give us the opportunity to rest. Now that you say that the upper bounds are perfect, it is better to return to the upper bounds!"


I stood up one by one and wanted to persuade those old friends with Yi Tianyun.


Yi Tianyun’s eyes brightened. It seems that this battle has helped him save a lot of things.


"Thank you all!" Yi Tianyun has been able to foresee, behind those old-time powerhouses, can easily join their own side, do not need a bitter heart, or one by one.


Sometimes the foreign domain practitioners really help him a lot, similar to this God's assists, you can easily get a lot.


"After all, I will take it back. When the time is stronger, I will definitely get more protection, and the protection will be difficult to be broken!" Yi Tianyun's eyes flickered, it seems that everything is very smooth, and some of his expectations are beyond his expectations.