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"Hey, succeeded in killing the mad fly star emperor, gaining 50 trillion points of star value, 20,000 points of killing value. Get the mad fly token, the gate of the sky (super rare)!"


"And it is the door of the sky, give me a burst?"



Yi Tianyun felt that there was some speechlessness. This thing can't be said to be bad, but for him, the number is enough, and now there are many places to master. I am afraid that I don’t need that much? I would rather explode something like a flying token.


This is similar to the wood **** order, can be turned into the virtual shadow of the polar star emperor to attack. Although it is not very high, it can be said that it is the power of the extremely star level, and it can easily hit the opponent!


Especially after the number is increased, it goes without saying that it is enough to form a strong team. Therefore, this thing is definitely more good.


Although it can be purchased with star energy, the price is really high, basically equal to the price of the ancient stone level. This stuff is not super rare, but how to say it is a good combat power, the price will be improved is normal.


"Enemy attack, enemy attack!"


The maddening star was detonated, and they were scared to move back quickly. This is the mad fly star emperor, the strongest existence between them!


But this is the strongest existence, but it was a second kill, which scared them.



Yi Tianyun can continue to sweep across the side regardless of their call, and head straight to another polar star! Another polar star emperor, when I saw Yi Tianyun rushing to his side, said coldly: "The sneak attack is only a sneak attack, but it is inferior..."




Yi Tianyun was in a rush with the polar star of the firepower, and the prince was directly smashed into slag! Even if the fighting power is fully open, under the force of Yi Tianyun against the sky, it is still a slag! In particular, it is only in the mid-term revision of the Emperor of the Great Star. In the face of the existence of Yi Tianyun, which is close to the power of the Emperor, it is nothing.


Not to mention the resistance, just touched, his attack was completely destroyed!


"Hey, succeeded in killing Mu Feng's star emperor, gaining 20 trillion stars, killing 8,000 points. Mu Feng token (rare), the gate of the sky (super rare)!"


A pleasant sound rang in his ear. Once again, kill a polar star emperor, let him get a star value, and then the door of the canopy that popped up again, let him have a big head.



Immediately, he did not stop and continued to sweep over to the side, where he could easily kill a large number of people.


The scene scared people around to evacuate, and the two leaders were killed. What they could do, they could only escape.


"Fast, quick withdrawal! This guy is too strong, it is not a level of existence!"


"What kind of combat power is this, is it the late stage of the Polar Star Emperor? But it is not right, why can it only be from him, it is the star-level power?"


"This, this is the Emperor! Help!"


They were so scared that they ran into their urine, and they fled outside to escape. They did not dare to stop.


Can face the powerful strength of Yi Tianyun, can they escape?


All the way crazy sweeping, less than a little effort, originally still alive, and now all fallen, no one lived here.


"It's over." Yi Tianyun sighed and it was not difficult to kill these people. Fortunately, there is no Heavenly Emperor, otherwise it is really difficult to deal with.



Immediately, he looked into the palace and said: "The enemies outside have been killed by me, you are safe!"


In the palace, everyone, a group of people stunned, watching Yi Tianyun do not know what to say.


"This, it seems to be our own people?"


"We ourselves are so strong? I have never seen it before!"


"I mean, this seems to be the person in the upper bound..."


"The people in the upper bounds...just right, I almost forgot. The upper bounds of the world have now become so powerful. It seems that the Emperor of the Stars has repaired it. How can I kill the Emperor of the Stars and make a joke? ”


They soon recognized the people in the upper bounds. The foreign domain practitioners recognized it very well, and then they killed so many strong people. Even if it is a bitterness, there is no need to do this. In other words, isn't this an idiot? There are so many losses, just to get them out, think about it is not possible.


Immediately they looked at each other, and then they flew out of the palace. They saw Yi Tianyun in the sky and didn’t know what to say.



Yi Tianyun fell with a smile, watching them smile: "What is the situation now, are there any serious injuries, or is it a shortage of remedies?"


His attitude towards them must be better, plus the help of the foreign cultivators. He saved the people, and it is easy to join himself. In this case, the attitude must be better.


"No, no, we are still okay... You, are you from the upper bounds?" They are stuttering, mainly because Yi Tianyun is too strong, obviously a star emperor, but has such a strong fighting power. They all doubt whether they intentionally hide their strength.


"Yes, I am on behalf of the upper bounds, to pick you up. Today's situation is very stable, and it is dominant. I want to use the strength of you, I wonder if you are willing to go back with me?" The cloud smiled gently.


"This... I am willing to go back with you!"


"I am willing to go back with you. My palace has been damaged. I don't feel at ease here. If we don't kill the foreigners, we can't be reassured!"



"Yes! I wanted to hide in the world, take a break for a while. Now it’s hidden, it’s not safe!"


"Outside field practitioners don't die, we don't stop!"


Originally, they still wanted to take a good rest and didn't want to participate in any big fight. Now the foreign domain practitioners came to find their own troubles and were forced to fight again. In this case, how can they not be annoyed?


Therefore, these foreign domain practitioners have made things simple and easy to recover.


"But before leaving, this imperial palace must be broken and the treasures inside should be taken away. Otherwise, if the foreign practitioners come over, they will take away the treasures inside."


"Yes, so adults... you need to find an Emperor of Heaven to break the palace here and take the treasure away, so as not to be taken by foreign cultivators."


They feel that the Emperor will not come back. Whether they come back or not, if they leave, no one will guard this palace. It means that it is entirely a matter of time to let the foreign cultivators destroy it.


In this case, they would rather Yi Tianyun find someone to break it out, and the fertilizer will not flow outside the field.


"No, I can break it myself." Yi Tianyun's eyes lit up, so a good opportunity, how could it be missed?