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Novel Summary

Your meridians cannot be cultivated? It’s ok! There are Crazy Leveling System, do missions, kill monsters, swallow other people’s spiritual power, make pills or forge weapon, participate in big battle, you can gain experience!

EXP is too low? No worries! I have double EXP card, ten times EXP card! EXP bursts and level rises!

What genius, big family young master, empire emperor, and talent? In the face of this Crazy Leveling System, they are far behind!

Huh, did I level up again?Yi Tianyun woke up and found himself level up again.

– Description from Novelupdates

Main Characters

Below are some of the Crazy Leveling System main characters.

Yi Tianyun (17)

System features

  1. Drawing turntable (lottery system)
  2. System warning upon any danger
  3. Unlimited Storage space
  4. Fusion system (can fuse weapons etc to increase skilled point)


  1. Blacksmith /Forging Master (Advanced level)
  2. Alchemy (mid level)
  3. Divine Rune (Master Level)
  4. Array Technique(s)
  5. pet catches to grasp( Basic Level)


  1. Guardian
    • The Guardian title, strengthens twice of defensive powers.
    • Protects the nice sensitivity over a hundred companion five hundred individuals to get within the crisis moment.
  2. Savior
    • Increase ethical price by two hundred for good
  3. Admired by a Thousands people
    • increases commands the worth a hundred points!

Shi Xueyun

Shi Xueyun is Yi Tianyun‘s auntie. She became the Lord of Jade Palace at a really young age for the only real reason that her talent is wonderful. At the age of twenty, her cultivation has reached Core Condensation Realm! usually, at this age, folks solely reach Spirit Refinement Realm.


Here are the Crazy Leveling System Cultivation.

  1. Body Refinement Realm (1-10)
  2. Spirit Refinement Realm (1-10 )
  3. Core Condensation (1-10 )
  4. Core Spirit Realm (1-10 )
  5. Core Transformation Realm (1-10 )
  6. Void Spirit Realm (1-10 )
  7. Spirit King Realm (1-10 )
  8. Saint King Realm (1-10 )
  9. Divine King Realm (1-10 )
  10. Earth Monarch Realm (1-10)
  11. Heaven Monarch Realm (1-10)
  12. God Monarch Realm (1-10)
  13. Heavenly Venerable Realm (1-10)
  14. Heavenly God Realm (1-10)
  15. God Emperor Realm(1-10) *(called by another name in the star system ” Star Disciple ”
  16. Star Master (low, mid, upper)
  17. Star Great Master (low, mid, upper)
  18. Star Monarch (low, mid, upper)
  19. Star Venerable (low, mid, upper)
  20. Great Star Venerable (low, mid, upper)
  21. Divine Star Venerable (low, mid, upper)
  22. Heavenly Star Supreme (low, mid, upper)
  23. Nine Star Supreme (low, mid, upper)
  24. Ten Star Supreme (low, mid, upper)
  25. Star Emperor (low, mid, upper)
  26. Top Star Emperor (low, mid, upper)
  27. Celestial Emperor (low, mid, upper)
Cultivation Chapter Age Comments

Body Refinement Stage 1

2 17

Body Refinement Stage 2

2 17

Body Refinement Stage 3

2 17

Body Refinement Stage 4

2 17
Body Refinement Stage 5 2 17
Body Refinement Stage 6 5 17
Body Refinement Stage 7 5 17
Body Refinement Stage 8 5 17
Body Refinement Stage 9 6 17
Body Refinement Stage 10 12 17
Cultivation Chapter Age Comments
Spirit Refinement Realm 1 12 17
Spirit Refinement Realm 2 20 17
Spirit Refinement Realm 3 26 17
Spirit Refinement Realm 4 29 17
Spirit Refinement Realm 5 35 17
Spirit Refinement Realm 6 36 17
Spirit Refinement Realm 7 40 17
Spirit Refinement Realm 8 40 17
Spirit Refinement Realm 9 46 17
Spirit Refinement Realm 10

- Description from novelupdates


Short Title:CLS
Original Title:疯狂升级系统
Author:Crazy Meng Meng
Type:Web Novel
Genre:Action, Martial Arts, Xuanhuan
Weekly Rank:#119
Monthly Rank:#105
All Time Rank:#36
Tags:Arrogant Characters, Blacksmith, Cheats, Clever Protagonist, Cultivation, Cunning Protagonist, Game Elements, Handsome Male Lead, Late Romance, Level System, Male Protagonist, Overpowered Protagonist, Parody, Pill Concocting, Romantic Subplot, Skill Assimilation, System Administrator, Transmigration, Transported to Another World, Underestimated Protagonist, Weak to Strong,

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  1. C’est peut-être moi qu’est pas compris mains normalement ya pas 2 périodes de raffinage non sinon pour l’instant super histoire que je trouve bien traduite 👍🏾👍🏾

  2. Cara o romance é legal até o cap. 1800 da pra frente vai ficando muito chato porque o protagonista vai descobrindo outros mundos! E lá eles não passam de um lixo no fundo do posso Isso é muito chato eu pensando que ele já ia ser o mais apela-o do pedaço e chega um carinho de outro reino ou mundo e já começa àquela baboseira dele ter que descobrir outros níveis de poder dele aí eu pensando que ele já ia tar forte na hora que ele vira se imperador mais não vai lá e tem 8 imperadores pra ele luta pra ir para outro mundo que panos imperadores não são nada são lixo isso me dá uma raiva, por isso parei no cap 1800 não sei o que tem mais pra frente e não que erro saber fui. Fica a dica o romance é bom mais enrola demais e cada hora o MC tem que upar o poder dele de novo.

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