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Counterattack of Infinite Supporting Characters

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Every story has a protagonist, they are all darlings of the world, good things are theirs, and good girls are also theirs… Each world has N supporting roles, and they all exist to support the protagonist, facing The protagonist’s strength, they can only forcefully send all their own for people to choose… Do you dare to overtake the protagonist’s things? Sorry, terminal illness is waiting for you, accidentally looking at you…

Facing the increasingly difficult future of supporting actors, Su Yi bravely stood up.

The great supporting role rescuer Su Yi, he inherited the fine tradition of the traverser, Murong Fu and Yang Kang were gloriously possessed at this moment, Su Yi alone represented the fine tradition and history of the traverser, at this moment he was not alone During the fight, remember! He is not alone! ! !

“Let’s resist! Take away the protagonist’s baby, take away the protagonist’s sister!!!” Su Yi held up the serf and turned the singing banner forward.

- Description from soxs


Short Title:CISC
Alternate Title:无限之配角的逆袭
Author:Falling Independence
Weekly Rank:#6170
Monthly Rank:#6834
All Time Rank:#5096
Tags:Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Martial arts,
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  1. Sigh Vol 4 chapter 146 wtf why the f*** he cant take revenge properly dont tell me he waits until his lovers die until he learns to cut weeds well he didnt need to cut the roots however they killed innocent people related to you and your master now he is so scruplous obviously he's so strong he needs to fear killing other party which is Mcs enemies what if the part of people their is innocent or a good guy they are enemies anyway if you are weak they wont have given you face now that youre strong you still need to care for others f*** you mc be a little cruel for f***s sake 😠

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