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In the era of extraordinary resurrection, Connor Ferguson, the black-robed wizard, just wants to change from a chess piece at his disposal to a big chess player, walking on the path of mastering his own destiny, who is blocking His way, who would he kill!

PS: The protagonist is cold, cunning, this article wizard chip flow, pseudo Cthulhu.

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Short Title:COW
Alternate Title:巫师伯爵
Author:Zhang Tongming
Weekly Rank:#6087
Monthly Rank:#6766
All Time Rank:#4450
Tags:Biochip, European Ambience, Evil Gods, Kingdoms, Knights, Magic, Male Protagonist, Romantic Subplot, Transmigration, Weak to Strong, Wizards,
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22 Comments on “Count of Wizards
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  1. The cultivation is to simple, not explained enought, feel groundless, there should be more details and more knowledge to ground the spells and cultivation if not it just came out of nothing. The chip calculate things without knowledge, there shoulb be more information collection for it to sound true, it just seems fake without base(the famous adding the database).This novel seems magic is more mystical and without reason and goes away from the famous wizard that seeks knowledge and truth.

  2. The story can be explained in two words: slow and cliché. The parameters of the world and the energy system are very basic, there is nothing exciting or revolutionary. We follow a ferryman who comes from the earth and who by "luck" takes a chip with him. The story is very long and the author tried to create something but failed very miserably. There is romance which is a pretty toxic point I mean the story focuses on the coldness of the mage and his endless quest for knowledge, unfettered, with no bottom line. It's a story to pass the time even though I'm sure the author has inflated his story by adding a lot of filter. 4/10

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